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Disentangle from the cumbersome earbud cord; add new functionality to your digital lifestyle. New from Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt.
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Monday Update

Posted by Elroy Project (Creator)

First $1000 backer!

I want to send a shout out to Remy Lee for becoming our first $1000 backer.  Remy says she's very excited about designing her own Elroy faceplate and she's especially excited about our product launch party later in the summer.  Remy, you've definitely earned a special place in the Elroy history books.  Thanks!

$150k stretch goal reward

Well, I know everyone has been waiting to see what this little ditty is going to look like.  So, here it is.  Brook did up some sketches and then I started working on the spec package illustrations for the factory.  This is going to be a hard shell case, sturdy enough to really protect your Elroy.  It's small and should easily fit in your travel bag without being a big, annoying lump.  Yet there will be plenty of space inside for your earbuds, extra ear tips and what-have-you.  The zipper is set inside the outer rim in order to keep the look as clean as possible.  I've keep the inside simple.  It's just two elastic mesh pockets.  This way we keep it more of an all purpose case.  If you don't need it for your Elroy, it will still be useful for all sort of other small trinkets.  The Elroy logo will be embossed into the top of the case.  And the zipper puller will be a very simple logo embossed overmolded string puller.

How to help make our $150k stretch goal

We're down to the last week (essentially) of our Kickstarter campaign.  This is our last all-out push to see how far we can make this go.  We've certainly already raised enough money to bring Elroy to market.  Every extra dollar we bring in makes it just a little easier to get that job done.  Be sure to share the Elroy Kickstarter with Facebook and Twitter friends.  And, if you haven't been to our Facebook page yet, be sure to wander over there and check it out.  We're having some fun coming up with an Elroy tagline.  There are lots of great suggestions up already.  Be sure to add yours to the fray!

Earbud design update

My buddy Joe is now back in the real world after his extended bout of the flu.  He's now busy working on modeling the earbud design up.  We should have something to show everyone later in the week.  (Pins and needles!)

It's going to be a good week this week.  I can feel it in my bones!  

Happy Monday to everyone!

Rob Honeycutt


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    1. Remy Lee on

      hehe Yay! Glad to be a part of this! =]

    2. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Simon... Inductive charging? Hm, I think we're talking Elroy 3 or 4 on that issue. :-)

      Markus... I'll have to check with the engineer on that one. I have a meeting with him today.

    3. Markus Reimer

      Will the Elroy be able to play at the same time as it is charging?
      This is a huge drawback on the MW600. As soon as you plug in the charger the device turns off.
      Sure, it reduces the charge-time, but that also gives you all or nothing when you are at your desk and really would like to carry on the conversation or listen to your music while charging.

    4. Simon Kwan on

      Nice ID sketching :-) Looks like the case will be worthy of showing off. Hope you guys go with a lightly textured fabric to mold on top of the EVA so that the curvaceous case is easier to grip.

      Nice to know there will be a mini charging cable and that it'll fit in the case as well. In a moment of wishful thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if Elroy had inductive charging and that the case had a battery that could inductively keep Elroy topped off while it was in storage? Ah, to dream...

    5. Suzanne Schiller on

      Fabulous! I wish more portable device cases took this into consideration.

    6. Christina Stilwell on

      The design looks great. Keep up the great work.

    7. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Suzanne... Yes, we're going to be including a short USB to microUSB charging cord with every Elroy. That cord will also easily fit inside the travel case. That cord will allow you to charge through any standard USB port on any computer or standard USB equipped wall charger.

    8. Suzanne Schiller on

      I like the case a lot and have one question -- will I be able to fit a short USB charging cable into the "other" side (that is, the side not holding the Elroy)? I understand that this is intended for the Elroy and the earbuds, but sometimes it is very handy to have a charging cord (like, when you haven't been paying attention and find yourself away from home and office with a dead device).