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Disentangle from the cumbersome earbud cord; add new functionality to your digital lifestyle. New from Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt.
1,543 backers pledged $144,463 to help bring this project to life.

Blasted through our $100K stretch goal!

Posted by Elroy Project (Creator)

Many thanks to all our backers!  It's a great feeling to know that all our work to pull together a compelling product is striking a chord with customers.  

I know everyone is waiting to see what our custom Elroy earbuds are going to look like.  (I am too.)  The designer I'm working with, Joe Urich, has been flat out with the flu for nearly two weeks.  That's put us a bit behind on this work.  I'm sure he's going to get over his bug in the next couple of days and we'll have some images to share with everyone soon.

It's been great getting everyone's thoughts and questions throughout this Kickstarter campaign so far.  Yesterday I spent a good part of the day tracking down battery suppliers.  I've taken particular note how important it is to so many people that Elroy have great battery life.  Based on our original funding goals I was going to have to locate an existing battery pack that would fit inside Elroy.  Now we're getting into numbers where I'm going to tool up our own custom battery.  That means we can fully utilize the interior space inside the case.  I don't have final numbers yet but it's looking like we're going to be able to squeeze a few more milliamp hours into Elroy, so we can extend battery life to the max.  Will keep everyone updated on this as we know more.

Now we're moving on to our second stretch goal of $150K.  For this stretch goal reward we're going to make a high quality molded EVA hard shell travel case for Elroy.  I've handed my sketches for the design over to Brook at Middlecott Design.  Brook's a busy designer, so once he has a little breathing room, he'll come back with some sexy concept sketches for everyone to feast their eyes on.

Once again, thanks to everyone for all your kind support!

Rob Honeycutt


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    1. Missing avatar

      Khai Dao on

      Make one with a lightning connector! Hahaha just kidding! Looking forward to receiving this!

    2. Vikash on

      I agree with Ron, MicoUSB is far more common, and I have at least 4 to 5 devices with MicroUSB, and various car chargers, wall chargers, PC data cables (used to charge devices) around various places. I am sure there are others like me :S

    3. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      You're totally right, Ron. I live in a sheltered world of all Mac devices. ;-)

    4. Ron Katzir on

      I think the microUSB (B) is the standard connector for Android phones, hence should be more common than the miniUSB (B) found in DSLRs ... see

    5. Missing avatar

      mike zimmer on

      Great, micro works! Thanks for reply!

    6. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Mike... That's a really good thought on the miniUSB. The challenge there is available space. I'm choosing the microUSB because it will give us more room inside for the battery. The miniUSB is surely more common (I believe) but the microUSB is still fairly common. I know our DSLR camera came with a microUSB cord and I've already got at least three hanging around our house.

      I hear ya, though. No custom, or even non-standard, charging port is going to get used on Elroy! I'm all about reducing waste in this industry where ever possible.

    7. Missing avatar

      mike zimmer on

      Good news in battery project. A comment here would be to suggest the charger adapter be the mini USB found on many phones. Sony used their own and it gets misplaced so unit unusable. Hence backing yours. Thank you!!

    8. King Pi on

      Really happy with the battery news! It is really a big concern for me.

    9. Taylor Davis on

      Sounds good to me!!

    10. Jessica Moss on

      Excellent news about the battery!!!!!!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Correa on

      Totally awesome !!! :D