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Disentangle from the cumbersome earbud cord; add new functionality to your digital lifestyle. New from Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt.
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Early retail packaging concepts

Posted by Elroy Project (Creator)

As we head off into the Easter weekend I wanted to share some early concepts for our retail packaging with everyone.  Brook Banham from Middlecott Design is hammering on some ideas for us and should have more concepts on the way.

I thought it would be fun to get these in front of you, our backers, to get some feedback.

It helps a ton to get your thoughts and ideas as we move along.  If you have time to review and comment please add your thoughts below.  

Enjoy the weekend!



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    1. Missing avatar

      M on

      I like the round one, less packaging and compact. however if its going to be surrounded by that very difficult to open plastic seal, that you need a scissors for and can never put the packaging back together, then the last one.

      they are all nice packaging, but I like the simplest and less materials (cartoon and plastic as possible)

    2. Christina Stilwell on

      After studying the pictures a little closer. I'm liking the round case better & better. Like one backer suggested make it fit all together not separate. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see it in action in my hands.

    3. Christina Stilwell on

      I'm with a lot of the other backers. No bubble things. Nothing like Apple like one other backer said. I like the ideal of a HARD REUSABLE CASE so it doesn't get broke if you drop it, step on it, or drop it out of your pocket & a car runs over it. True story. Something unique & it stands out & other people ask us "What is that u have there? That is so cool where can I get one at."I really like the round one or the square one. Just as long as it doubles into a reusable case. And please not white or black. People needs colors in there lifes.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Greenberg on

      Please utilize a packaging design that cradles the Elroy in its magnetic docking form as opposed to displaying each element separately. A compact and reusable travel case would be amazing! Can't wait for August! Thanks for the opportunity to back a project this cool! Crossing my fingers for reaching your $100K goal!

    5. Reggie Clark on

      A polycarbonate clear case for display and storage would be cool

    6. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Like first one. Like other said no blister pack, reusable and recyclable

    7. Kuyper Hoffman on

      As long as the case is anything but black :) Everything in my backpack is black, as is the inside of the backpack! I've started considering spray painting things in alternate shades of luminous green, orange, yellow etc just to be able to find things! Pick some nice bold colours for the cases; maybe even a few choices (good future accessory market) or at least with large splashes of colour to help locate amongst the plethora of other black items

    8. Missing avatar

      AudiGuy on

      I would prefer if the inner pack can be used as a travel or storage container and the outer be made of a material that can easily be recycled.

    9. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Marie-Andree and Jessica... Not sure but you may just have to wait a little longer for the images to download. Here are direct links if you want to try that:

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott Largent on

      Third option....just copy what apple does and you win.

    11. Missing avatar

      A B on

      I like the first a lot. Something portable to protect during transport is definitely a plus. And most importantly please remember to use recycled or biodegradable packaging!

    12. King Pi on

      The first design is very cool IMO. If it can be used as protective/carrier case, it will be prefect.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joshua Leonard on

      I support anything that is reusable as a travel case. That means it should be easy to remove/replace Elroy and buds and also be easy to slip into a backpack , purse or pocket. The oval "cylinder" or puck both look like promising shapes.
      If the packaging is intended to be discarded then any one of these would be fine. I agree that blister packing should be out.

    14. Missing avatar

      mari uchishiba on

      Tiny little squares as well :)

    15. Michael Lang on

      Minimal raw materials, recyclable. Agree with previous commenter...please, no plastic blister packaging

    16. Craig Caldwell on

      I like the first. It also would be great if it could be designed to double as storage/protective case ,of sorts, when not in use. Can't wait

    17. Eric Ishikawa on

      I would embrace the packaging with the least amount of material in the packaging. What packaging is there, should be highly reuseable and/or recyclable.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Aldridge on

      I like the first one. It looks like some sort of spacecraft to me. I also like that it is small so if I wanted to use it as a case it would go nice in any pocket.

      P.S. Thanks for the cool product.

    19. Jessica Moss on

      I'm having the same issue as Marie-Andree.

    20. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Curious, I only have the first option on my iPad / iPhone. The other twos are unclickable little squares!!

    21. Matthew Voshell on

      My vote is for the second one (round hockey puck) i think it was be a nice juxtaposition of the square elroy against a round package; it could also serve as a marke shift case. I think it also shows the earbuds better.

    22. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Correa on

      I am so excited about this product that I have not stopped speaking of it ! Elated here that I made it just in the nick of time :)
      I like the 4th design, only because rectangular is one of my favorite shapes :)
      Happy Easter :D

    23. Aleksandr on

      And I like the third option. The main thing that has been made of quality materials. This package with classical, strictly and beautiful.

    24. Robert Feng on

      Let your product shine and keep the footprint as minimal as possible. The curved surfaces in some of your drawings just feel like you are trying to hide something.

    25. Matthew Fiori on

      Effective Lovely Rectangular Object Yes

      The last one does the trick.

    26. Michael Yin on

      Whatever you do, please please please, don't choose a clamshell/blister pack design. Especially one that requires scissors to open. The simpler it is to uncase, the better. Those plastic packs always ends up cutting people's hands open. My preference is toward's Amazon's style of frustration free packaging, but I also understand the need to showcase the product while it's sitting on the store shelf.

    27. Yamil Melendez on

      I think that the second package is more attractive to see the product inside and may be it can be use as a carrier case... (package and case in the same concept...)


    28. Ted Slater on

      I'm looking for 1) recyclable, 2) minimal, and 3) beautiful. Not sure the last design fits those criteria, but the others do and they look great. Nice work! :-)