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Disentangle from the cumbersome earbud cord; add new functionality to your digital lifestyle. New from Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt.
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Monday Update

Posted by Elroy Project (Creator)

As promised, here is our first Monday update.  I'll be putting out an update every Monday until we ship our Kickstarter rewards.  

Earbud design work start 

With only $15k until we meet our stretch goal of $100k, we're already embarking on our own custom earbud design.  We wanted to start this last week but my design cohort, Joe Urich, was flat out with the flu all week.  He's just now getting back up to speed and we're meeting up tomorrow to start the process.  

Our goals are going to be to create a nice, clean and very simple, low profile design.  We want to create something that will aesthetically fit with the variety of faceplate designs we have now and might introduce in the future.  And we also want to rearrange the docking points on the earbuds so as to pull the earbuds down away from the buttons on the Elroy.

We'll share concepts that everyone can comment on later in the week once we hit the $100k level.

Moving forward on product development

Now that we know we have our basic funding in the bag, we're moving forward with product development this week.  It's especially nice to have met the funding goal early on.  That gives us a nice jump on development so that we can make sure to get finished product to funders in our scheduled time frame.  

Second stretch goal -  $150,000

Another suggestion came in this past week to offer a nice hard case for a second stretch goal reward.  I'm very familiar with cases like this, having worked with factories that produce these.  One of my pet peeves in manufacturing is companies who design products that are awful to produce.  Very few designers have any notion of what pain they are causing production workers with some designs.  The small hard shell earbud cases I've seen are just one such case.  They're insanely hard to sew and cause repetitive stress damage to sewing workers' hands and wrists.

BUT I have a design that will change that.  It's still a hard shell case, but it will be almost effortless to produce, and I believe will be more attractive than other cases I've seen.  I hope that by putting this design out into the market place all the earbud manufacturers who sell hard cases will adopt this design format and we can relieve the stress on many 10's of thousands of sewing workers around the world.

So, this will not only be a nice reward level for backers who help us get to $150k, it'll also be doing something to improve the lives of workers around the world.

We'll have some illustrations to share on this one, also, later in the week.  

Elroy with earbuds + T-shirt reward adjustment - DOH!!

Someone kindly brought to my attention that the $120 reward level cost more than the Elroy and t-shirt separately. We were originally going to launch Elroy at $99 and priced the Elroy+tshirt accordingly. Then when we felt comfortable that $89 was a better price point, I forgot to adjust the $120 reward level. (Too many balls in the air.)

I've created a new reward level at $110 for Elroy+tshirt. Anyone who pledged at the $120 level should feel free to change their pledge over to the $110 level. In the meantime, I'll go back and take a short remedial math course.

Kickstarter reward emblem on products

We had another great suggestion from a backer to add something that identifies the rewards from this Kickstarter project.  I have a design I've submitted to Kickstarter and am waiting on their reply.  I think this is a great idea.  One way or another we'll do something to indicate that the Elroy's people receive from this Kickstarter project are unique.

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    1. Kuyper Hoffman on

      As for design of the buds: something that has a low profile to allow for wearing under a helmet would also be great. I've tried wearing the Etymonic style but can barely wear them at all; I've switched to Shure which are phenomenal. One extra cable you may wish to ship is a Shure-compatible detachable cable to allow me to use my existing buds ( modulo legal issues of course :)

    2. Derek Berger on

      It would be really nice to see the earbuds come with flat anti-tangle ribbon cable. Even though they're short, I'm sure I'll manage to tangle them up somehow...