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In this mobile app, spiritual Shamans return to Puma Punku to battle for balance and harmony on earth. A great game for everyone!!
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Doodle Ink LLC

80 backers pledged $10,352 to help bring this project to life.

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A new Update!! With the great success of “Puma Punku Totems” we wanted to give back to our fans. So we created three new Shamans for the game just in time for Xmas.These Shamans, the Grizzly Bear, the Bold Eagle, and the Bull were inspired by the works of Graham Hancock, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos an Erich von Däniken. The update is available now!



Happy holidays to all our backers for making PUMA PUNKU TOTEMS a reality!

We are live!

We were approved by iTunes and are live! Thank you for your support through this year long journey. It's a wonderful and beautiful game that you made possible. We will get you copies soon. 

Here is the latest trailer:

and here is our iTunes link:

For those in the $50 and up tier, I will be getting to the video of my process & tutorials soon.

Thank you again,

Jackie & El

We have submitted to iTunes!!!!!!

We are so excited. We thought it would come sooner, but we are so proud of the game! The animation is exciting, the Shamans are amazing, the totems cute as can be! iTunes estimates a 5 business day turnaround, so we'll keep you posted! Thank you all for your support and feedback along the way.

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The world of Puma Punku Totems....


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