pledged of $200,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 2 2013 12:00 AM UTC +00:00
Aaron McGruderBy Aaron McGruder
First created
Aaron McGruderBy Aaron McGruder
First created
pledged of $200,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 2 2013 12:00 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Tony Carr on

      I wish Adult Swim could have helped promote this you would have gotten the money in no time.

    2. Calvin Robinson on

      So close!

      Cheer us all up with some Season 4 news, maybe? :)

    3. Calvin W. on

      Sucks that it wasn't funded, but how about restarting it and making it a uncle ruckus animated short or webisodes. Not sure if this will be less expensive or more, but I think there's fans out there...for me personally I signed up last minute...It was a cool idea but live action didn't really excite me too much.

    4. Joseph Label on

      Brandon Zarzyczny, careful, buddy. Your sense of entitlement is showing.

      Sorry about the project, Aaron, Gary, and others. Whatever comes from this, I happily anticipate! Thanks for calling me, Uncle Ruckus.

    5. Kamin Johnson on

      Man I really wanted this. Sorry it didn't work out

    6. Kamar Al-zaman Ombu on

      No matter what, I am still looking forward to the project to get off the ground. Please keep me updated. I am thankful that I was able to make the effort in contributing but I wish I would've given more. Still keeping the eyes on the prize.

    7. Kamar Al-zaman Ombu on

      Still looking forward to the project off the ground no matter what. Looking forward to more updates soon. But I am thankful that I made the effort in making a contribution I wish it would've been more...

    8. Brandon Zarzyczny on

      I only donated 1 dollar, mainly because none of the rewards were interesting, which is why I think you failed, along with the fact that your fans are fans of your cartoons, not anything live action. You really should have had a digital download tier for 10 or 15 dollars, instead of all of the music downloads which didn't make any sense, I mean are you making a movie or an album? Also you probably should have had a longer campaign, and a shorter goal, unless you really think you need 200,000 dollars to do a live action indie comedy movie.

    9. Missing avatar

      saad on

      I am happy for all the effort you guys made ... getting a $130K pledge is still no joke.

      best of luck on your next project ...

    10. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      I will cast thy first brick

    11. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Why dont we start a riot? Ya know? Like the rodney king? Make the news. More exposure... Get more funding.

    12. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Id shed blood.... For a pledge.. Id shiver me timbers... For a pledge

    13. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Catroinia i am! Id pledge again! Yes backers would you all pledge again?

    14. Kouture Crochet on

      you should have done it for 60 days and you would have gotten the funding.

      plus if you had asked for $100,000 to do a live action "documentary" a day in the life of uncle rukus you would have gotten the funding.

    15. Missing avatar

      Catriona Guthrie on

      sorry, that should be who's

    16. Missing avatar

      Catriona Guthrie on

      If this project is relaunched, I would pledge again - whose with me?

    17. the devil's tree on


    18. Missing avatar

      adam on

      Fuck, I really wanted that ep!

    19. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Alright ruckus time to go on a killing spree

    20. Steven Serrato on

      60 seconds left!

    21. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Yes duckman I agree…yes….its has been a pleasure.
      To Aaron n Ruckus Just do a 60 day deal..recook it..like cocaine.that white girl. cuz you know what they say… “you cook me once shame on you..cook me twice.. shame on wooo-cociiianeeeeeee”…
      Aaron, know that you got a brotha on the eastside 99’ ,toonin’ doing his thang turning sh*t upside down with a bunch of skitzo/murder minded alienz…with afros of course. To see you do what you did..from the newspapers to Adult Swim…inspired me to do my thang and im a lot happier in life cuz of it.so in a way im giving back…not really tho………….just kidding.
      Alight backers enjoyed your comments (not really) n im out !over n under ..zippadee do da..breaker breaker …take dem pillz…..peace

    22. Steven Serrato on

      Best kickstarter I've ever backed. Sad to see it end this way.

    23. Wolfkiller on

      White Jesus, we need a miracle!

    24. truckman1 on

      Gentlemen, it has been a privilege pledging with you tonight.

    25. James K. Holder II on

      I'm a starving artist but I pledged the little I could because I believe in Aaron's talent and creative judgement and wanted to do something to help out. It's bothering me to read these 11th hour suggestions (no matter how true they may be). To the team I want to congratulate you on putting on a valiant effort in pursuit of this goal. It seems like much has been gained in terms of awareness and knowledge about the project. This is just the beginning. Take what you've learned and the impact you've made and keep going. Good luck and I'll be looking for a relaunch if it comes to that to again lend my support.

    26. Missing avatar

      strongspank on

      Chris Olson understands. I love the idea of an Uncle Ruckus movie, but even though I know that it won't interfere with season 4 of the Boondocks, I still get a weird pit in my stomach when it comes to this kick starter. I think it is resentment. I would totally be throwing money at this if it included some sweet posters of Huey and/or Riley action shots. I am a sucker for posters.

    27. Missing avatar

      Trevor Low on

      I hope they relaunch this!

    28. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      or sell D n da hood...the money would be used for this fundraiser of course! or not idfn

    29. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      n thats the final verdict cuz stone cold said so!!......, now lets go take those s-pills

    30. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      “IM THE JUDGE JUDY IN THIS MUTHAF**KER!!!” ok being serious for once…I’ve got to agree with
      Chris, Kai ,and many other backers that this project prob needs at least a 2 month window. I’ve got a lot more I could say but I’d just be repeating what other people already said.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      To Aaron McGruder/Project Manager:

      I'm assuming that this project won't get funded with the time remaining. That said, I think it's fairly clear why, which can be summed up primarily as "give the people what they want." Note: the following is solely my opinion and should be taken as such.

      - Facebook is useful in some aspects, but shouldn't be used as a primary communication tool with backers (potential or otherwise). Same goes for Google+.

      - One month timeline (especially when two months is possible) is too short for some people to pledge, especially around tax return season.

      - Regardless of the goals of this project, people (fans) still want to know about other work, particularly Season 4.

      - Given modern technology, pledge tiers (at reasonable prices) for Blu-ray, DVD, HD download, etc would get more backers than just DVD.

      - Some form of hand-drawn art or one-of-a-kind/Kickstarter-only Boondocks collectibles would likely bring in a fairly high price for pledge tier.

      - If you're able to work it out with your publishing house, I'd suggest including previous Boondocks book collections in pledge tiers as well. It may not directly relate to your movie, but it may help you gain a wider fanbase.

      That said, for a first attempt at a project I think you did fairly well, especially considering the limited timeframe.

      - The pledge tiers that you did offer were in a reasonable price range, and the partial digital downloads (e.g. music) was a good idea.

      - The phone call from Uncle Ruckus concept is brilliant, and should be included in a future version of this project, should you care to relaunch it.

      In closing: Don't hate the playa, hate the game. I hope to see this project relaunched in the near future.

    32. Kai Alexis Price on

      If this project doesn't go through on the first attempt, I encourage you to try to figure out what went wrong and then try again. Personally, I think that to quiet the haters, you should make it much more clear from the beginning that the success of the project is good/bad/indifferent to The Boondocks season 4, including details of where that season is at in terms of funding, writing, studio time, air time, etc. You probably also should give this project a longer ramp up time as well. And I still think you would have more success if you offered a range of rare Boondocks collectibles as alternative donations to your bags o' Ruckus. Can you get an on-air promotion of any sort on Adult Swim? Even in the text comments before and after shows? Lots of potential funders don't do Facebook and have never heard about Kickstarter. Plus, you already have a bunch of great video to use in addition to whatever you come up with next. In any case, you are my very favorite (newspaper) comic artist--please keep being so very awesome!

    33. Missing avatar

      Garett Young on

      Man, if only we had like one more month. I'm sad.

    34. Reginald Nelson on

      Come on ya'll we got this!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Guyanese Apatou on

      According to mathematics, 2$ a view of the GGN episode (which is an awesome trailer) would do it, seems most people just saw the russian chick doe, how ironic?

    36. Missing avatar

      DRE on

      I think AAron needs to stop being nice to these people on facebook. There are so many haters there, only talking about a season 4 and saying this movie does not need to be made. So I think Aaron should make a announcement. Telling everyone on facebook "If you Nyuggs want a season 4 you better donate a dollar. So this movie gets made. No movie no season 4. If being nice does not work then be mean,

    37. Missing avatar

      Ken Shipps on

      It's looking grim, the prospects of this movie's success. It's such a shame, too. If only the backers had more time to donate, this movie would've been possible. Just one more month, and we would've seen Uncle Ruckus offending whole theaters across the nation. In the words of an inmate from episode 9 of season 3 of The Boondocks, "I would've given anything in the mother******* world, for things to be different...."

    38. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      n coffee n red bull to wash it down

    39. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      ................If we dont reach our goal i got 2,305 suicide pills

    40. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Ok backers were entering the last dayz of this auction.. we are entering the.. omega zone........thank you

    41. Latest Pursuit on

      I hope Uncle Ruckus is backed. Lets do this people!

    42. Missing avatar

      Guyanese Apatou on

      I'm trying to spread the word over here in France individually, so hoping days, months or years will be added so that your goal will be reached and your project funded. Cordially

    43. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      Daniel i checked out that. Omfg it looks soo good!!

      I was thinking epic meal time was some new aqua teen hunger force dvd coming out lol

    44. Daniel Cooper on

      Epic Meal Time made a Luther Burger Lasagna today, anyway to jump on that fan base?

    45. Samuel Trujillo on

      Can you at least give a week extension? I really want to see this made.

    46. Michael John Walters on

      When I originall pledged 45.00, I was suppose to get a call from Uncle Ruckus, and that never happened. Just wanted to hang out with Uncle Ruckus, so I bumped up my pledge, the invite did not show up under Google+, tried emailing contact about it, no response. Uncle Ruckus, PLEASE CONTACT ME!

    47. Michael John Walters on

      I'm guessing you guys are still having issues?

    48. Joseph James Gilbert on

      Im ready for the hangout. I sent you my email.

    49. Alienz Wit' Afros on

      People do not giv up, do not loose faith, anything could happen at the last minute...we might get that 3 pointer shot across the court to win the game

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