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The LittleRP is an affordable, flexible, and open 3D resin printer that is makerspace friendly and easy to self-source.
The LittleRP is an affordable, flexible, and open 3D resin printer that is makerspace friendly and easy to self-source.
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    1. Kai Laborenz on

      Are there any German / Berlin based LittleRPs whon want to order the flexvat kit? Shippig from US is $ 26 :-( maybe we can share costs...

    2. LittleRP Creator on

      @all - I wanted to shine some light on an awesome project by a LittleRP user, HTL has produced and released a great flexvat kit for the LittleRP that is available now:

    3. LittleRP Creator on

      @ pedro - The mechanical and electrical instructions are located on the bottom of the technical support section on the website. The main reason to use the tilting mechanism is to allow the printing of larger / more solid models. If you are printing small items such as rings or single figure it likely wouldn't have a benefit. Without tilt larger models will stick / pop on separation which will cause a mess, put stress on the print, and decrease PDMS life more rapidly. Hope this helps!

    4. Missing avatar

      Pedro Jonathan Vargas on

      By the way, why I should use the tilting mechanism? that improves quality or the longevity of the vat maybe?

    5. Missing avatar

      Pedro Jonathan Vargas on

      Hi, can you post the link for the tilting kit assembly instructions?

    6. LittleRP Creator on

      @ Mauricio - Still working on those instructions for those that need them, but It can be done in CW I believe, it is easiest and more straightforward to do it in a terminal app or pronterface. Basically you connect to the COM port of the controller at 9600 baud, it will display a welcome message. You can type $ and hit enter to see a list of values. You can then type $1 = 415 and hit enter, then verify the setting change took place by typing $ again. The controller is a standard GRBL controller so any instructions for changing GRBL settings will apply to us.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Martin on

      Regardind Tilt Kit, how can I do the step 2) change the steps per mm Y to what is listed on the support page; Is this on CW Software? tks,

    8. LittleRP Creator on

      I have uploaded a new version of the controller assembly instructions, this one has better photos / descriptions and covers both single and dual stepper assembly.

    9. Jim Slade on

      @LittleRP, I suspected it was the same layout as the Z axis components. But didn't want to find out that such and such component should be in a mirrored location for example.

      Appreciate the response :) and will probably have at it later in the week.

    10. LittleRP Creator on

      I will be working on the electronics / usage portion of the instructions starting tonight. For the adventurous: 1) solder the shield components for the Y axis the same way as the Z axis 2) change the steps per mm Y to what is listed on the support page 3) download the creation workshop configured for tilt on the technical support... viola

    11. Jim Slade on

      @LittleRP, A shiny new tilt kit Arrived today :)

      Now Apologies in advance if Its staring me in the face :/ but where can I find the technical Guide for this bag of electronic components that come with the kit ?

      The mechanical assembly guide was nice and clear BTW, so that's a thumbs up from me :)

      Also I quite like the "metal" thumbscrews that hold down the Petri dish on the main kit and fancy replacing all the ones in the tilt kit as well. Do you have a source for the supplier (again sorry if that's another obvious one :) )


    12. LittleRP Creator on

      @Bert McMahan - Waiting on some extra fasteners, I expect everything to be packed up and shipped out by the end of next week :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Bert McMahan on

      Any news on the tilt kits?

    14. Missing avatar

      MH Kao on

      Ok, thanks. I'll do that. I was a bit worried I might damage the vat itself.
      By the way, I've put the first tests with black FTD on the LittleRP here:…

    15. Missing avatar

      Bert McMahan on

      You can remove the vat coating by picking at it with something (screwdriver, pliers, fingernail, whatever). Once it starts coming off you can peel the entire coating off in one go. It doesn't stick very hard to the plate.

    16. Missing avatar

      MH Kao on

      I was in touch with FTD (Netherlands HQ) about pigments and they do not (yet) supply them. I've only just found time to get my LittleRP installed and am not testing the black FTD industrial blend which is very pigmented. Trying to figure out the best exposure times, etc. When I have some results I'll post them over at

      @LittleRP, can you tell me what the best way is to remove the coating from the vat? One of mine got damaged and I need to recoat it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Bond on

      @Kai - at the last count, FTD weren't doing pigment separately; Spot-A do, however. As soon as I have some time (!) I'll run some tests with the Spot-A pigment & FTD & get a baseline.
      Mind you, I still need to get some more work done on the Spot-A resin too...

    18. Missing avatar

      Bert McMahan on

      Any updates on the tilt kits? Just curious :)

      Also, would you be able to point me to a source for some melamine panels? I really like the black ones that came on my kit, and I'd like to order more to cut on my laser at home. I'm making some fixtures for work and regular MDF is OK, but the black would really look nice :)

    19. Kai Laborenz on

      @LittleRP Thanks, but as you had to send the pigments from US also (I guess) it wouldn't help reducing the costs. But I am looking forward to June to get supplies from 2engineers (fingers crossed).

    20. Missing avatar

      M. K. on

      Thank you very much!!

    21. LittleRP Creator on

      @ m.k. - Yes there will be a pictoral guide and howto video online before the tilt kits arrive.

      @ m.k. - You would need to double the steps per mm in GRBL for the Z axis.
      $2 = 200.00 (steps/mm z) would need to change to:
      $2 = 400.00 (steps/mm z)

      If you connect to the com port @ 9600 baud, you can type $2=400 to make the change.

    22. LittleRP Creator on

      @dipta imanto - Sure a replacement would be $5 plus packing and shipping. Probably $15 or less international. Send me a message with your current shipping address.

    23. Missing avatar

      M. K. on

      when I tried microsteps 1/16 , The height of the output product will become the half.
      How would it be possible to make the same height as at 1/8 microstep?

    24. Missing avatar

      M. K. on

      Do you have any plans to post Tilt kit assembly guide on your web site Technical Support?

    25. Missing avatar

      Dipta Imanto on

      Hi, I recently got my kit and while in the process of building I accidentally broke the mirror. Is it possible to order an extra mirror from you guys? And can I use regular mirror to replace it?
      And also, It seems like I am can't assemble the anti-backlash nut together. am I doing anything wrong?

    26. LittleRP Creator on

      I should also add, deluxe kits are available currently at

    27. LittleRP Creator on

      @MH Kao - Panucatt stepper drivers have the chip on the bottom with makes it more efficient to mount a heatsink to (these are the blue stepper drivers included with the kit). The purple ones you see are pololu and they put the chip on the top. We aren't demanding much from the chips so they don't really need heatsinks so either mounting is fine. So short story is, I had different versions on hand :D

    28. Missing avatar

      MH Kao on

      In itself the soldering looks pretty basic but I can imagine it being a problem if you have no experience at assembling electronics. About electronics, I noticed that the stepper drive I got is kind of upside down. That is, all electronics aside from the adjustment screw are on the bottom. Is that on purpose? I also notice you having different type on the picture. Is there a technical reason for that? Or just what you could get?

    29. LittleRP Creator on

      @ Pedro - The extra components get soldered onto the board that was included in the the original LittleRP kit. The LittleRP arduino shield and powersupply were designed / sourced with this upgrade in mind. You are basically just adding extra parts to the board you already have.

    30. Missing avatar

      Pedro Jonathan Vargas on

      Hi, can you offer in the store a tilt kit with the arduino components already soldered?

    31. LittleRP Creator on

      @ Terrence Henry - Yes, I messages you tracking information, looks like customs has had it for a couple weeks.

    32. Terrence Henry on

      Hi Brad,
      Has my printer shipped yet? (batch 3)
      If so, please send a tracking number.

      Thank you.

    33. LittleRP Creator on

      Here is a preview of the LittleRP store, I will post an update on it tonight.

      Everything but the full kits are available for order / pre-order. I will announce a time when the full kits will go live to give everyone an equal chance.

      @MH Kao - The petris I have shipped so far are all pre-coated.

    34. Missing avatar

      MH Kao on

      Thanks for the offer but for now I'm going to see how far i can get with the funtodo resin. I already saw somebody use them on the littleRP and it looks promising. And for me it's easier to obtain since it's a Dutch brand and they will supply me with pigment as well.

      By the way, just to make sure. Are the petri dishes you shipped precoated? Or do I still need to do that?

    35. LittleRP Creator on

      @ Pedro - I use Sylgard 184, sells a similar product for cheaper as well.

    36. Missing avatar

      Pedro Jonathan Vargas on

      Hi, I want to re-coat old petris, what the encapsulant are you using?

    37. LittleRP Creator on

      Leftover kit update, there will be 2 batches of kits each about 20 units, to give everyone an equal chance I will post an availability time / date through the mailing list and the kickstarter page, I want to give people a number of days to see the update so likely I will make the announcement in the next day or two with them being available for purchase friday / saturday of this week. The kits will have approx a 4 week leadtime before shipping.

      The tilt kit and other accessories will be available there as well.

    38. LittleRP Creator on

      @ Kai / MH - I could make / ship some supplemental pigment packs. This would be a monomer mixed with enough pigment to double the concentration of regular SubSF, it will cure quicker than SubSF for LittleRP but should perform the same with smaller items. For really large prints such as with tilt the quicker cure will damage the PDMS faster.

    39. LittleRP Creator on

      @Steve - I sent a direct link to the shipping / accessories invoice. Your unit is boxed and ready to ship after that.

      There are 7 people in a similar boat, I have sent everyone the direct paypal invoice link.

      I am back from a bit of a vacation and looking forward to getting headlong into some new LittleRP projects. I will have have the tilt kit and 20 extra LittleRP's for sale in about a week. There will be another batch fo 20 LittleRP's beyond this. The delay was partly due to running low on petri's but the good news is that 1000 new petris should be here in about 2 weeks :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Kari on

      Hi Brad, We are hoping to get our LRP soon. Can you check on shipping status for us? We appreciate the wonderful communication and professionalism you have offered on Kickstarter. Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to recieve soon. Have a Blessed day.

    41. Kai Laborenz on

      I would definitely take some...

    42. Missing avatar

      MH Kao on

      I just got news that 2Engineers expect to restock Makerjuice in Juni. It is possible to also order "MakerJuice SF for LittleRP" then. How many European users are there of the LittleRP? I think we should drop them a note so they have an idea about how much interest there is. I did not have the impression they are going to stock it as they offered to order a bottle for me.

    43. alberto on

      Arrived here in italy a couple of days ago, build in 2 hour everythink was in the box, so no surprise.
      Happy to start now with all the projector setup and with the chemical ....
      I put on the table other 140 euro for vat and customs tax!!!
      For the italian backers woul like to know how many we are and start a subforum in italian language, if possible.

    44. Missing avatar

      MH Kao on

      The LittleRP has arrived in the Netherlands too. I also got the magnets for the magnets and just need to print a few things and collect some M3 bolts and nuts to complete the kit. For the Europeans, I paid about €105 for the VAT so make sure you have the money ready for that.

      @Kai: I'll contact 2Engineers to check on the resins.

    45. Jim Slade on

      Received My LittleRP Today here in sunny England :)
      Now just need to pick up my projector and it will be all systems Go !!

    46. Kai Laborenz on

      @MH Kao Unfortunately the SF for Form1 is out of stock for some time. I already asked them when it will be back.

      @LittleRP If you talking daily with 2engineers maybe you can suggest them to stock up some of the Makerjuice SF for LittleRP - or at least the SF for Form1. I can see already two happy customers here :-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      Great thanks for the fast update. I'm really looking forward to getting this.

    48. LittleRP Creator on

      @Phunky Phantom - Yessir, sent you a KS message with tracking information. For some reason shipstation says your email is bouncing so you didn't get the shipment notification.

    49. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      I did not see the invoice email right away and paid it on 3/30. I was wondering if my order was sent. I am very anxiously awaiting this and am just very excited to try some printing out.

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