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20+ features. Lightweight. Thoughtful design. Work in cafes, planes, and anywhere you want without compromise.
20+ features. Inbuilt laptop stand. Work in cafes, planes, and anywhere you want without compromise.
Now available for pre-order on Indiegogo Indemand
20+ features. Inbuilt laptop stand. Work in cafes, planes, and anywhere you want without compromise. Now available for pre-order on Indiegogo Indemand
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    1. Missing avatar

      JK 1 day ago

      First international trip w this.. like to travel v light. Thinking an external pouch/elastic might be handy. Was concerned re quick access for laptop through security but not a problem. Thinking I should have got a size larger to handle all my other stuff but windows pro fits perfectly. Though I need some strategy for cable management (currently using rubber bands to stop birds nest and wires everywhere).

      Far better quality than I expected. Keeping an eye out for more products from rovingwork.

    2. Leon_le Beau
      1 day ago

      Got the 3 beauties last week. Rock solid and super convinient while travelling. Thanks guys! Hope to see the Aussie team to win the world cup :-) ( no way !)

    3. nick.does.bags
      4 days ago

      Thanks Kieran but to be honest as some others have mentioned even when the slider is at it's minimum position there's still a large gap for laptops like mine as the depth is only 250mm and when upside down the laptop would still slide about. I think a longer slider with some sort of rubberized texture could easily fix this issue. Even with the EVA foam I still wouldn't want my laptop moving around inside the case. Is there a solution for users with slim line 15" laptops?

    4. Kieran Collaborator 4 days ago

      MOBICASE has been designed to suit as many laptop makes and sizes as possible. This means that some laptops will have more space around them than others as is common with many laptop bags.
      The Support Slider limits laptop devices and we've also used high density EVA foam rubber construction which offers superior impact protection to standard laptop bag materials.

    5. Kieran Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Superz Su
      Your order has not been dispatched as you have not completed your fulfillment survey. We've emailed you 10 times requesting that you complete your survey so that we can ship your order. I've just resent it again to your yahoo email address. Once complete we will dispatch your order.

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin Prest 4 days ago

      Got the case today. It’s amazing. The only problem is that it looks like the cases were designed with an older version of the MacBook Pro. My 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar slides around a lot. The 15” MacBook Pro fits perfectly in the 13” case. This is kind of disappointing, as I already gave the 13” model away as a gift. On the other hand, the 13” model can’t fit my iPad Pro 12.9”. So I’m torn. I just wish there was a way to better secure my laptop. Otherwise it’s a great bag. The solution I’ve found is to put my laptop in the tablet sleeve and my tablet in the laptop area when packing up. My iPad has an Otterbox case and a Smart Cover, so the friction lessens the mobility while moving around. Finally, it also looks like the support brackets on both cases were kind of crooked and the raising straps were both a bit long and useless for securing the laptop compartment tightly. Not a big deal, but thought I’d point it out for your next production run. I’m just providing areas for improvement and am still happy I backed the project.

      I’m still impressed.

    7. Superz Su 4 days ago

      Dear sir.
      I'm the MOBICASE backer number 731 from Taiwan.
      I did NOT receive my MOBICASE.
      And also I did NOT receive any Email form you, so I can't track the package my track number.
      I have sent you a PM 3 days ago, still waiting for a response.
      Please HELP.

    8. Matthew Boyens 4 days ago

      Just received my Mobicase this week and have loved using it! Best laptop case I’ve used so far for sure! I love how you thought of everything and the overall quality of the product as a whole! Thanks for all your efforts, I’ll be recommending this to my friends for sure (I’m from Melbourne too!).

    9. nick.does.bags
      4 days ago

      Any idea what I can do to stop my Gigabyte Aero 15 moving around inside the mobicase? I've adjusted the slider to go as far back as it possible can but it can still move side to side. I might have to keep the laptop in a thin sleeve within the mobicase otherwise.

    10. Philip Tong
      5 days ago

      I'm Backer #291.

      Super happy to receive my 13" MOBICASE.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hank Darren Hatakenaka
      5 days ago

      Hi Tim,
      I just received both sizes. All I can say is WOW! Thank you very much for creating such a high quality product. The look, the structure, and the insides are amazing! Even the zipper opens so smoothly! I'm an avid kickstarter supporter and I can honestly say that the quality of your cases truly stands out from all other projects I've received. Thanks for your attention to detail in producing these cases. I'm very impressed!!! Best of luck!

    12. Missing avatar

      e 5 days ago

      Just got mine. Very impressed with ease of use. Have tried it in cafes, on the couch at home and it is very good. Looks snappy and is easy to carry using both the shoulder strap and handles. My only comment for improvement is that it could have a zipped inner compartment for documents cables etc, so you don't have to unpack them when you want to use the computer

    13. Geoffrey Hurd 5 days ago

      Thanks, I see the asymmetry now. Unfortunately still not wide enough to fit over the handle of my Travelpro. Oh well - I'll survive 👍

    14. nick.does.bags
      5 days ago

      Got mine yesterday looking forward to putting it to use and giving feedback! Very well made and the presentation in the box was well done! Only comment is my 15.6" Aero 15 seems to have a lot of space on the sides is this intentional? What prevents the laptop sliding around.

    15. Rovingwork Creator 5 days ago

      @joseph wainer @Jessica Viven-Wilksch @Grace @James Allen - Thank you so much for your positive comments. We are so happy to hear you love your new MOBICASE!

    16. Rovingwork Creator 5 days ago

      @ Geoffrey Hurd
      One of the handles of the MOBICASE is designed to attach over the handle of your luggage pull trolley . You will notice one handle of the MOBICASE is longer than the other.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Allen 5 days ago

      Got my bag , also very happy great value...and very practical

      Just had to buy a new Bluetooth keyboard though as mine was too big

    18. Grace 6 days ago

      just wanted to update you guys. I got my bag :-). super happy !!! great quality. job wel done

    19. Geoffrey Hurd 6 days ago

      So far so good, but one weird thing I wanted to ask about - is there a strap to dock/attach to a rolling suitcase? It seems like it just "sits" on the top of the luggage resting on the handle. Unfortunately with my luggage, the top handle prevents the Mobicase from resting securely, so wasn't sure if there was a strap or feature I'd missed to more cleanly attach it to the luggage. Otherwise great bag, very pleased!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jessica Viven-Wilksch 7 days ago

      Got my bag! So happy with it. It is very well made and looks very sturdy but also elegant! The perfect combination. I cannot wait to add my things and start using it as my go away work station. Great work!!

    21. joseph wainer on

      Wow! I just got my bag yesterday. Amazing quality. Performs better than I could imagine. I worked on my computer in multiple environments (sitting on a bench, on the floor, at a table) and it simply works. Brilliant concept, design, and product.

    22. Kieran Collaborator on

      @b Clark
      Sorry to hear that.

      Please take photos of the packaging and send them to us at so we can assist.

    23. Missing avatar

      B Clark

      Did anyone else get one that is soaking wet?

    24. Mark Gray

      @James Allen as @nick.does.bags says, that's only for import duty. VAT applies to anything over £15, and if you get charged either, then you always get whacked with an admin charge, which is dependent upon the courier delivering your item (£11.25 per shipment for ParcelForce).

    25. Missing avatar

      Dante N on

      @Kiran, @Tim, thank you for support via email. It seems that the mistake was on my side and I completed the survey incorrectly. Apologies for the mishap on my end and thank you for the great case.

    26. nick.does.bags

      @James - Unfortunately it's import VAT @20% + Stupid admin charge. The breakdown doesn't show any other fees.

    27. Missing avatar

      James Allen on

      For those the UK why are we being charged a customs charge anything under £135 should not incur any charge as shown below on the gov website

    28. nick.does.bags

      Gah £31.19 customs to pay. Will get mine on Monday.

    29. Missing avatar

      Andy Atkinson on

      @Mark Gray - Thanks for the info, my shipping status has just updated to “Awaiting payment of customs charges” and showing at local delivery depo so expecting a letter next. Just took a while to get past customs.

    30. Mark Gray

      UK folks, expect a letter from ParcelForce. If you've ordered more than one bag, you'll get one for each.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex McBain on

      @Andrew Ross. Thanks Andrew, much appreciated.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ross on

      @Alex McBain - I have exactly the same tracking info as you. Also in the UK. No email yet either.

    33. Missing avatar

      Megan Worley on

      Hi guys, I received mine this morning and am very excited! Your setup guide video gave me all the clues I needed and I can't wait to fill my bag with all my bits and bobs and head to my client. Awesome product!

    34. Missing avatar

      Dante N on

      @Kieran, please check our private messages. There you will find the trail on the MobiCase 15.
      I will send a message to the email you indicated.
      Thanks, Dante

    35. Missing avatar

      Alex McBain on


      Thanks, yes the status has moved on to “Customs Charges Raised” but no emails. I was just curious for other British customers’ experience. I’d prefer to pay online but DHL and DPD have demanded cash at the door previously. Bit frustrating when it landed on the 8th. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Best Wishes.

    36. David Celis on

      Hey folks, not sure what's up, but something's wrong with the sizing of my bag. I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro (the newer model, with a Touch Bar) and ordered the 15 inch laptop bag. I think that's what I got, but I'm not able to move the Laptop Support Slider far enough forward for it to actually secure my laptop. It has a good inch when my laptop is pressed up against the back of the bag like the video shows.

    37. Missing avatar

      hibakaori on

      Hi i received the bag but unfortunately i got the wrong size to use it (i’m using a macbook 13inch) but ordered a 15 inch. is there any way i can exchange for a smaller size?

    38. Kieran Collaborator on

      Thanks all for the great feedback. It is fantastic to hear that you are all loving your MOBICASE. Keep the feedback coming and happy mobile working!

    39. Kieran Collaborator on

      @Kwek Chih Siang

      We'd be interested to see what you are referring to and also to know what laptop make/model you are using. Please email us at

    40. Kieran Collaborator on

      @Alex McBain

      If duties are payable you should receive an email from the shipping carrier requesting payment of customs duties. Please check your Junk Mail to ensure it has not landed there.

    41. Kieran Collaborator on

      @Dante N,

      Our records indicate that you were sent the MOBICASE 13 as ordered. Have you viewed the Quick Setup Guide in our most recent update that shows how to adjust the Laptop Support Slider to suit your laptop size? If not please view it at the following link:

      If you still have concerns then please email us at and advise your laptop make/model so that we can assist further.

    42. Kieran Collaborator on


      Great to hear you like the bag. Our records indicate that you were sent the MOBICASE 13 as ordered. Have you viewed the Quick Setup Guide in our most recent update that shows how to adjust the Laptop Support Slider to suit your laptop size? If not please view it at the following link:

      If you still have concerns then please email us at and advise your laptop make/model so that we can assist further.

    43. MaryAnn Tierney on

      Hi. Great bag. I’m pretty sure I got the wrong size. I ordered the 13 but my laptop just slides around. No way to secure it. I can take a picture and send if needed.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dante N on

      Hi Guys,
      I received the wrong size. I did send a couple of messages without a response.
      Any chance you could get back to me, please.


    45. Missing avatar

      Alex McBain on

      Hi Guys, just wondering if any UK backers have got their Mobicase yet? I’ve been showing as awaiting Customs Clearance for 5 days now. Not sure if it will be an email invoice ahead of dispatch or a cash on delivery charge. My tracking number had gone to “junk” and I just want to make sure that I don’t miss an email invoice from DHL, etc. Thanks very much.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Connolly on

      bag received, looks good so far well done

    47. Missing avatar

      Kwek Chih Siang on

      Hi, received my case and loving it. 1 issue i faced, the charging port of my laptop is at the BACK of the laptop (lending towards the LEFT side) and it's blocking the straps that's holding up the laptop, causing a lot of stress on the power connector plugged into the laptop, I have taken some pictures but can't post them here though. Reach out to me if you want to see how it looks like.

    48. Lorenz Schirmer on

      Received the bag. Using it right now. Love the concept. But the bag smells strong of softeners for plastics. Its the only thing I do not like so far. the Setup and use is easy. Like everything but the smell ....

    49. Missing avatar

      Chua Hong Wu on

      Thanks, I have received my bag, look great yet to use. Looking forward, great job for the hard work, it pay off.

    50. SiuMan on

      Yes ! This project is the most active and responsible for their campaign !
      Replay comment and follow up very quick !
      Worth to wait and nice product !
      I have already start using the case to work ! Looks professional.

      Please keep on going ! If you have more and any other project ! I will be sure follow it and back again !

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