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A universal vehicle accessory turning your smartphone into a head-up display (HUD) for any car
A universal vehicle accessory turning your smartphone into a head-up display (HUD) for any car
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Shipping status update

Posted by HUDWAY (Creator)

When planning our campaign we expected to ship the accessories this March. However, our main accessory part, the combiner, would remain the bottleneck and throw the production back. Even though some backers would tell us that it’s OK for them to get the accessory equipped with a flawed combiner, we took the risk disappointing you all with the delay news, — and took weeks to send the tooling to maintenance, improve QA control, test hundreds of samples, until we were satisfied with the product quality.

To tell you guys briefly about the shipping status we have prepared a special 1-minute video:

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We’re so much happy that we’re finally starting shipping — at last all the problems that made us delay shipping by three months are resolved, and production capacity allows us to ship all Kickstarter orders within July — we plan to ship batches weekly. The first shipments naturally go to our Kickstarter backers. After we’ve shipped to all backers, we go on to website pre-orders.

A week ago we posted a short update in the public comments section telling that we’re sending the first batch to our HongKong warehouse. About thousand accessories are already there and in a day or two they’ll start dispatching them to you, the backers.

The first batch goes to the US. It covers all US backers in $34 and $64 reward tiers, and most backers in $39 reward tier. In order to prevent complications with duties for our EU backers, we’re sending a separate large batch to our EU office, clear it, and then ship across EU. 

Each package comes with a promo code allowing free upgrade to Premium mode in HUDWAY Trip app and HUDWAY Glass app. Sorry for the confusion — the promo code cards feature our existing HUDWAY app, but you should apply the code in HUDWAY Trip app: This happened because the cards were printed before we made the final decision of releasing a separate app instead of just upgrading the existing one.

Each promo code will be valid for both iOS and Android which is why when we release HUDWAY Trip on Android (presumably, this fall), you’ll have no problem upgrading and migrating.

Your attention, please. A price change is coming soon — as we’ve started the full-scale production, pre-orders turn into regular orders with shipping. Once we start shipping our website pre-orders, we’ll raise the price. We’re still deciding on the best price, but it will definitely be higher than the current one.

You can still order your HUDWAY Glass at an existing price of $49 at our website pre-order form.

Our team thanks everybody who backed our campaign — and we made a Thank You page to remember it. Try to find you among 9,000+ backers and see you personal thank-you card. Oh, and be sure share this good news with your friends!

With love, HUDWAY.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Hi, when will the people from the United States be receiving our Hudway? I think I'm in the $59 Tier but I haven't gotten my package yet. I believe I made my pledge in March 2015. Did I miss something?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I have not gotten a tracking number yet, in the U.S.

    3. Wayne Swindlehurst

      AK I'm with you, I would like a real update from the real creators not Someone that just repeats bits and pieces of the latest report. I would hazard a guess that most all of the backers can read themselves. I haven't seen any reports from individuals that have received their reward other than the original 300. In the beginning our so called I interpreter served a purpose because not everyone had the time to read every post but now we're all sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the product that we backed months ago. At this point in the campaign an update at least every other week is needed.

    4. Adam Morris

      @AK I am not sure what vague updates you are thinking of. Most of them were pretty explicit when they had problems. They didn't say what the order will be, but the impression I got was that they don't know yet.

    5. AK on

      If you expect to ship ALL Kickstarter orders this month, but this past week's batch only included the tiers you mentioned, which tiers are now being prepped, and shipping this week? Please provide us all with a respectful response because I am sure I'm not alone in feeling a loss of patience due to vague updates.

    6. Adam Morris

      @Wayne Swindlehurst, They omitted many tiers, and many locations. They have said that they will have a better idea when other tiers will be shipped once this batch has gone out. That includes the US backers at the $49 tier.

    7. Wayne Swindlehurst

      I was asking about a tier that they omitted, #49 in the update.

    8. Adam Morris

      @Wayne Swindlehurst, I wasn't exactly guessing... here is an explicit comment that I was basing my answer on.

      "New batches will be shipped weekly — and we plan to ship all Kickstarter orders within July — this means that most of them will also be delivered within July. The next batches will cover more regions and tiers (non-EU backers) — we'll be able to tell it exactly once we get the batch in the end of the week."

    9. Wayne Swindlehurst

      Adam I can guess just as well as you can, I had a reason that I asked. In the update they listed some tiers but left out the $49, I was hoping for an answer from the people that know.

    10. Adam Morris

      @Wayne Swindlehurst They plan to send them all in July, exactly when each tier and region will ship is still to be determined. Presumably they will update us with a schedule when they have one. It sounds like they want to get one batch shipped so they have data to estimate subsequent batches from.

    11. Wayne Swindlehurst

      How about U.S. $49.00 backers?

    12. HUDWAY 3-time creator on

      @Martin Hohmuth: Yes, you will. EU batch will be shipped with tracking numbers, too.

    13. Martin Hohmuth on

      do i get a notification email (Tracking number) when my HUDWAY Glass get shipped?

    14. HUDWAY 3-time creator on

      @everybody: New batches will be shipped weekly — and we plan to ship all Kickstarter orders within July — this means that most of them will also be delivered within July. The next batches will cover more regions and tiers (non-EU backers) — we'll be able to tell it exactly once we get the batch in the end of the week.

      If you need to update your shipping details — just write us a personal message, we'll update them right in the order file we're sending to the shipping patner. No problems with that.

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      is Canada being shipped to is backers at the same time as the US?

    16. Missing avatar

      Steven Hutchings on

      The date for this is pushed out again. IS this the new Kick Starter way like the Coolest Cooler?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dean Cottle on

      Should I expect my HUDWAY Glass to be *delivered in July, I mean. To New Zealand.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dean Cottle on

      Im a backer from New Zealand, Should I expect my HUDWAY Glass to be derived in July or will it be shipped later?

    19. Adam Morris

      @Bentosgirl They expect to ship all rewards within July. Unless you are planning on moving during July you should be OK. If you are really worried then I would suggest emailing them at

      @Simon, Kickstarter only allows a single survey. Some add on fulfillment and management companies provide multiple surveys. As above I would suggest emailing

      @Marc Nevin and Robert, there is also no mention of most of the rest of the world. US and Europe are the only bits mentioned. It is possible that they are including US and Canada as one unit and calling out Europe because of the specific extra shipping step that they will be employing there.

      @Andres Pinto, As I said above most of the world is not explicitly mentioned. Either you will be folded into the main delivery or will be specifically sorted out later. Looking at the community page about half of backers are from the US with Canada being about 1/10 of that figure. Europe as a whole amounts to a significant number with over 1,000 backers.

      @Michael Mariano. I am not sure what you mean?

    20. Bentosgirl

      When are higher tiers for the US expected to be posted (Duo)? I'm moving shortly, so I need to change my shipping address as well.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Will you be re-sending the survey so I can update my address as I have moved house since the last survey was sent in March?

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I see from today's email you have decided to start shipping to backers in the US first. but what about us backers in Canada? when will mine ship as there is no mention of Canada at all.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Nevin on

      "The first batch goes to the US." What about your friendly neighbours to the North ... Canada ?

    24. qingyunke on

      I want a clearly official answer of shipping plan for Asian backers, I don't want to guess any more, thx

    25. Missing avatar

      Andres Pinto on

      What happen with the backers from South America?

    26. Michael Mariano on

      If you are proprietary shipping no one will ever see their hudway! :(

    27. Adam Morris

      @qingyunke presumably Asian backers won't have to worry about duty so they will be dispatched individually.

    28. qingyunke on

      why cannot c any plans for Asian backers?

    29. Corin Moorman on

      *sitting at the door until package comes*