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I'm building a hovercraft based on the blueprints of a popular kit hovercraft, modified to look like a Delorean. I need funding to finish the project.
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Matthew Riese

150 backers pledged $5,644 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Jamica Mamou on March 16, 2014

      i love that you got pulled over by the marine police, LOL! that makes getting pulled over by the street police pale in comparison. congratulations on all the progress you've made so far and thank you for keeping us all in the loop.

    2. Creator John Cattaneo on August 29, 2010

      Is there any way to get the CD since this is finished?

    3. Creator back2future on August 26, 2010

      I just saw this news announcement: "Nike's Plans For "Back To The Future" Self-Lacing Sneakers." You will need a pair of these if they start making them soon enough: [url][/url]

    4. Creator Boris on July 20, 2010

      I am looking forward to the completed project. Congratulations on the successful funding - you deserve it :)

    5. Creator Cara Textoris on July 20, 2010

      wowww!!!!! awesome!!! way to go :)

    6. Creator Crystal Wild on July 20, 2010

      Way to go Matt! I'm so happy/proud for/of you. You really had a vision and went for it and that takes some serious cojones. Mad props and love to you. Can't wait to see what comes from all of this. Miss you!

    7. Creator Dana Textoris on July 20, 2010


    8. Creator Bill Donohue on July 20, 2010

      I tried to get Mike to buy me a ride to put you over the top, but you made it anyway. Good for you, but drats for me.

    9. Creator Cindy Au on July 20, 2010

      You made it! Hurray!

    10. Creator Jamica Mamou on July 19, 2010

      Hey Matt. Just gave my pledge an upgrade. When you make your goal we will have to get together and share a bag of chips. I can't remember the last time I had orange-stained fingers.

    11. Creator Tyler James Aka T.J on July 18, 2010

      Dude ... you're an inspiration! Got wind of your project via Matt Kowalski. I'll probably be out in SF in Nov. We'll have to connect

    12. Creator Andrew Gleasman on July 16, 2010

      I just re-upped to from $10 to $25 good luck!

    13. Creator Ronald Gannon on July 16, 2010

      I love your story it's great. Stay on track.

    14. Creator Matthew Riese on July 11, 2010

      Thank you for all of the wonderful comments! I'm so flattered by the response I've been getting!

    15. Creator Matthew Riese on July 11, 2010

      Thank you for all of the wonderful comments! I'm so flattered my the response I've been getting!

    16. Creator Alexander on July 5, 2010

      correction. I decided I want this glorious moment captured in a 5x7 photo, so I switched to 8

    17. Creator Alexander on July 5, 2010

      just donated 4 bucks. And trust me, I'm a poor post-grad art director, that could've been taco bell money. I believe in you MAN! make those photos good!

    18. Creator Trey Lawrence (deleted) on July 4, 2010

      gave you 25$ hope you make it man =]

    19. Creator Tommy Papas on July 4, 2010

      I found a typo after the list of materials, "breaks" should be "brakes". Good luck with your project, looks great!

    20. Creator Dana Textoris on July 4, 2010

      Let's talk about an event! That could get you the $3k more you need.

    21. Creator Lea Hammonds on July 2, 2010

      Assuming this works on water, it's great to see that the Hover DeLorean will make up for all the short comings of the Hoverboard!

    22. Creator jim magill on July 1, 2010

      Gave you a few buck all the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland.... Well, it's the Delorean's ancestral home!
      Best of luck


    23. Creator Reverend Smilies on July 1, 2010

      One of the more worthy donations I've made for a bit - hope you make it!

    24. Creator Byron Young on July 1, 2010

      This is great! Good luck with the project and I'm looking forward to listening to that CD. Just don't go over 1.21 gigawatts.

    25. Creator Thomas Misciagna on July 1, 2010

      keep up the good work man! hope your impossible wish comes true soon!

    26. Creator Cara Textoris on June 7, 2010

      i want a drawing and not a photo. i want me and you flying in the hovercraft in the drawing. and a flux capacitor.