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Our endeavor is to spread the glories of the residents and culture of Braja, and of our beloved Guru through these beautiful songs.

Dearest Friends,

We have begun recording our first Kirtan album!

Our desire is to serve our beloved Guru’s mission by spreading the spirit of Braja culture. What is Braja? It is a rural place in sacred India where the land itself is infused with divine love. What is Kirtan? Kirtan is music performed with love. Whether you know what you are hearing, or what you are listening to, the power of Kirtan is that it will change your life. Our Guru, or spiritual teacher, sweetly and lovingly shared this with us. That is what we want to share with you.

The response so far has been phenomenal and truly heartwarming. Your support, encouragement and blessings are the real gift of this experience. It is because of this that we are able to stay enlivened in our goal. This idea has reverberated through us like the song of a flute – in a way we can’t help but think of as mystical. Let us tell you our journey began. 

Getting started? Funding?

A couple of months ago we embarked on the first steps of our Kirtan CD journey. On a car ride to Los Angeles I expressed my desire to Acyuta Krsna Prabhu to make a simple Braja Kirtan CD with Jahnava as an offering to my spiritual master. Coincidentally, Acyuta was the perfect person to talk to as he is an accomplished musician and musical producer. I had little idea of how I would be able to fund such a project let alone how to get started. It turns out our Gurudeva had much bigger plans in store then I had originally imagined. The very next day Janardan Prabhu from Miami randomly approached me and expressed his desire to help sponsor a Kirtan CD. I hadn't spoken of my previous conversation with Acyuta to anyone yet. Srila Gurudeva had heard my prayers and started making his mystical arrangements. That was the beginning. 

Acyuta was in contact with a very reputable studio in Mount Shasta called "Radio Star". Within two weeks the four of us – Jahnava, myself, Madhumangal, who is playing mrdanga, and Acyuta, who is producing the CD – were in Mount Shasta recording at one of the most prestigious and quality studios in California. So many Vaisnavas gave us their blessings and so many devotees stepped forward to offer their loving support and cover the initial studio costs. We recorded all 11 songs within a few days.

Next steps: 

Now it’s time for our next steps. Our hope and dream is to complete this CD to offer to our wonderful Srila Gurudeva for his appearance day. That will be January 23rd, 2012.

Your donations will cover: 

  • Studio time for editing
  • Mixing/Mastering the final product
  • Printing costs of the CD

We pray to render a drop of service from our hearts. Thank you, thank you for the time you took to learn about Braja Mahotsava. You may have been wondering, “So what does that mean??” Braja Mahotsava means CELEBRATION OF BRAJA! 



Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Radhika and Jahnava


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