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Smarthistory - An Open & Free Art History Textbook
Smarthistory - An Open & Free Art History Textbook
268 backers pledged $11,513 to help bring this project to life.

This Project Update Is About You!

You've already contributed to the Smarthistory Kickstarter drive (and we hope you know how enormously appreciative we are). You've spent time on the site, reading, watching, exploring. You are our ideal viewer—thoughtful, curious, and committed. Now we want to ask one more thing of you. Tell us about your Smarthistory experience. We want to learn what you found on the site that made you a supporter. Has it changed the way you think about art in some way? Has it helped enrich your experience? Did it prompt a conversation? Please tell us what Smarthistory means to you in the comments area below. We are so interested, please take a moment and let us learn from you.

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    1. Suzan on

      I'm just an art lover and a teacher at the same time. I consider art as one of the most important aspects of humanity. I congratulate you and hope that the whole world can have access to your works.
      Only the best to you all!!!

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      Tania Odessa on

      Smarthistory helps me to keep learning, imperative at the age of 73.
      Thank you Beth, Steven & Juliana.

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      Kelsey on

      I am an art history instructor and I can't tell you how many times I've used smarthistory in the classroom--I even have students write and record their own conversation about works of art modeled after the discussions on your site! My students really respond to the unpretentiousness of the discussions and are inspired to have more conversations about art. We learn so much by watching and discussing videos and reading articles on your site--I can't thank you enough for this wonderful, open resource!

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      Anne-Marie Armstrong on

      I am a museum fan and have a certificate in museum studies, did my internships at the Smithsonian. Right now I teach in an emerging media program for Colorado Technical University. So I use your site both personally and professionally. I love the eclectic nature of the site and I enjoy the course material and exhibits for my personal growth. I also use it during classes as an example for interface interaction and design.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Alice Clark on

      I actually had never heard of you before I read about you on Kickstarter. But I wished I had! We went on a trip to Italy, Greece, Slovenia, and Austria in 2009, and I would have loved to have known more about some of the paintings we saw before we viewed them. I love the idea of accessibility to information about art, and it's like having a private tour to watch your videos. Understanding art in new ways leads to new ways of looking at the world. A new perspective is always valuable.

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      Margaret Kimball on

      I found Smarthistory somehow on Twitter (possibly via BrainPickings) and was immediately interested in the idea of making art historical concepts accessible (I have a degree in studio art, am an illustrator, am a teacher). Having taken a good ten art history courses, I was familiar with much of the content, but can always use a refresher (particularly in such readable media as podcasts, videos or written overviews). I also plan to use Smarthistory in my future trips abroad and hope its content continues to expand. One direction I see the site (the content) moving in is incorporating more theoretical concepts into its purview. Discussions of colonialism, queer theory, gender theory, feminism, politics of display (and more) all play an interesting and important role in how we view what we view, what we view, how we ask questions, who has access to the artifacts, etc. (as you know) I wonder if it would, in the future, be possible to somehow add this dimension to your site's contents. Either way, I'm enjoying the site currently as a resource and tool, especially one to share with my students.

    8. crossmd on

      I donated because maybe more than anything else as an art historian, I believe in the value of cultural education. Especially in America, this is shamefully overlooked. The process by which you have gone about tackling what is traditionally seen as an archiaclly dry discipline is very well thought out, and reflects an aesthetic imperative that should pervade everything that we do as art historians. Carry on, please, you are doing more good than maybe you know.