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The result of your shared efforts, DEAR CO-CONSPIRATORS, will be a BOOK! A collaborative, mysterious ARTIFACT of PAINTER and POET.
125 backers pledged $7,570 to help bring this project to life.

Let the Games Begin!

At last.

The books, in all their SWIRLING ALLURE of ink scent and tactile heft, have arrived. By the freight load. All the way from Hong Kong. The SubWOb vessel evaded an attack by a John Pony sub along the way. If you had been following @QuothDKM on twitter these last few weeks, you would already know this. Ahem... But since there are currently only 5 followers, I'm reasonably certain YOU are NOT one of them. Yet. THIS IS A SITUATION, however, THAT MIGHT STILL BE REMEDIED! The choice is yours.

The GREETING CARDS are in our possession now as well, already seeming to have POWER TO AFFECT LIVES in unexpected ways. 

The ART PRINTS are en route to Nashville from SNOWIER, MORE NORTHERN CLIMES where wind WHISTLES THROUGH ICE CRYSTALS and YETI CAVORT in their play. 

And the METAL PLATES for the original paintings are due to arrive within the next few days.

What does all of this, you ask, mean to ME, a funder? 

It means, DEAR FRIEND, that FULFILLMENT HAS BEGUN! Packages are already, even now, mysteriously being delivered. If you ordered BOOK(s) and/or CARDS, they should be on their way SOON. Perhaps even VERY SOON! Perhaps even now. 

Signed & Numbered Art Prints and Originals will begin TRACING THEIR UNTRACEABLE PATHWAYS to your doors within days. 

Furthermore, the "Soak Up the Atmosphere" SubWOb LiVE event is scheduled for next Tuesday evening. If you funded at that level, you should have already received your e-mail invitation. If you have not, but hold the firm conviction that you should, please CONTACT US AT ONCE! We would sorely miss you if you were not PRESENT & ACCOUNTED FOR!

FINALLY, the E-BOOK version of SUBJECTS with OBJECTS, Vol I that is due many of you, once thought by science to be the easiest of the reward levels to fulfill, has proved in the end to be the trickiest IN ITS DESIGN CODING. HOWEVER, do not despair, for we have not! Our people are now at work on the de-bugging, as we are MINDFUL that the digital version be as pleasing and seamless (on Kindle & iPad platforms) as the print copies, and we will settle for nothing less. At A MOMENT WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, your e-book WILL ARRIVE! In the meantime, WE CELEBRATE YOUR PATIENCE WITH US! HUZZAH for YOU! HUZZAH!

2nd (or ADDITIONAL) FINALLY, if your mailing address has changed in the last 3 months or so, PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY. OR SOONER. WITHIN MINUTES. OR LESS. 



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    1. Creator Brad Guilford on June 15, 2013

      Have the books actually shipped yet? I have not received mine, and I double-checked the mailing address I supplied in answer to the survey back in March is accurate. Also, has the digital e-book been sent out, because if it has, I have not received that either (and I checked my spam folder). Thanks for your help.