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What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to play retro 2D action games.
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Episode 2 Update & new Wallpaper


Hello all!

An update for episode 2--it's coming along well! The episode is very close to being finished, we're adding music and balancing levels and it's starting to really come together, it's time to test and refine! Here's a few screens:

 Here's a scene in the jungle ruins. Jeff was running through this area and felt it could use some beams of light coming in through the broken roof. I felt the same way but up until that moment had lazily figured it was unnecessary. Well, now it's there!

 This here shows one of the new "gimmicks" for episode 2--swingin' on vines. They are pretty old school, with a rigid, pre-set swing, but if you jump off with the right timing momentum will help you get to those hard-to-reach areas. (By the way, did you notice that moving platforms in ep. 1 can give a little vertical boost to your jump as well?)

It's your old friend, Mr. Vulture! And what's that below him? It's your new friend, Mr. Bottomless Chasm! You couldn't really expect to climb up a mountain without encountering a few of those, right? I avoided putting any bottomless pits into the first episode but it just made too much sense to include them in episode 2. Be careful!

Finally, we have a new wallpaper image for episode 2, in the same style as the previous one:

Direct Link (Black Background version)

Direct Link (White Background version)

Thanks for staying tuned and there'll be more to come!

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    1. Creator Richard on February 21, 2014

      Looks fantastic! Episode 1 was one of the funnest things I've played in a while so I can't freaking wait for this :D. Keep it up!