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What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to play retro 2D action games.
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to play retro 2D action games.
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    1. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Hey, thank you for the good questions. :) I'd also at least add that publishers aren't all bad. The real reason for their involvement is that they made a really generous contribution to help me get the game finished. I had actually approached GOG before the game was finished but being incomplete was not one of the reasons they told me they rejected it. One reason was that it wasn't performing well, and that hurt to hear but it was true, and the proof was in that I would need more outside money to complete it. So I'm certainly not saying everything is great with a publisher or everyone should get one, or even that they're the only way I can could have kept going. I just want to be clear (to others who might be reading, not assuming you didn't know) that there are reasons to bring in a publisher that consumers do benefit from, like in this case episode 4, extra dev time on 3, 2p mode, and professional debugging. There's pros and cons to everything.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Michael Stearns
      Thanks again for the information.
      This sadly confirms that once again publishers ruin it for everybody when they enter the game (drm, above average prices, ect.). I hope for the future for a drm-free version but I won't hold my breath.
      About GOG, I don't know what to say. It is not the first times I hear a full completed game is not accepted on their platform and I honestly don't understand their reasons.

    3. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Michele, in this case yes, it was the publisher's decision. I'd like to be able to release a DRM free version in the future, but for now we agreed to go with their preference. As for GOG, I applied to them with TB a couple times but they didn't accept it. (They were very firm about it the second time, ha ha.) If Nicalis wants to try to get it on there then that's great but there's no plans for it that I'm aware of.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Michael Stearns
      Hi, thank you for your reply.
      It's a bit disappointing though. While it was never explicitly stated that the game would be drm-free, in was never mentioned that the game would have drm and in many occasion it was hinted it wouldn't be the case as the first chapter was released drm-free.
      I don't mean to pry, but what are the reasons for abandoning the drm-free version? Given the type of game I don't think it's something related to the technology used, so could it may be something related to publisher's decisions?
      Don't you have plan to port the game on stores like GOG for instance (that would be a nice place to sell the game give its throwback to the arcade games of the past)?

    5. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Hey Michele -- unfortunately the DRM free version is not being updated for the time being. If you own the game, via the Kickstarter or Humble Bundle, you can still access the DRM-free version but it's only the first two episodes. For the complete game, your Humble account should have a Steam key attached, so please see the directions at or send us a private message if you need help getting that set up. For what it's worth, the Steam-based DRM used is pretty minimal and runs without an internet connection after installation.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      What about the drm-free version?

    7. Tobias Fleischer // PYLON.FM Productions

      Has Episode 3 been released already now?

    8. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Hey Imban! Episode 2 was released already (I assume you got it, but if not, or for anyone who didn't, please see this update: and episode 3 is in the works. A KS update is overdue for ep3's progress (it's come a long way!) but if you'd like to follow smaller updates, the TinyBarbarian facebook ( page and Starquail twitter ( are where I drop a little image preview now and then.

    9. Imban

      What's the word on any further episodes, anyway?

    10. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Hey Leonardo! Really sorry it has taken so long for the Mac version! It is nearly ready to go with just a little bit of installation trouble that didn't apply to the PC version. Once that's taken care of it will be up on your Humble download account and via Steam simultaneously. Thanks for your patience!

    11. Leonardo Jorge on

      Hey there, any news on the Mac version?? On Octber you said it was close...

    12. Dieithrio on

      Can you please add Trading Cards in the Steam edition? :)

    13. Dieithrio on

      Holy shit! Tiny Barbarian is greenlit!

    14. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Hey Imban! It's coming along bit by bit. I don't have a time frame for sure yet but I'll have more updates along soon.

    15. Imban

      How's Episode 2 coming?

    16. Eric Leslie on

      Finally got through the first installment. I had a great time, but good Lord the final sections were just brutal. Even with the per-room checkpointing it became a real struggle to get through the last parts, and the final boss was a beast.

      All of which I respect and appreciate, and I'll look forward to playing the next part, but I'm not gonna be going for high scores with this guy. One win is enough.

    17. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Hey Elliote! Our controller support turns out to have been unexpectedly weak (really strange, because 360 pads were one of the things we tested for!), so a new input system is being built in. In the meantime a utility like Joy2Key or Xpadder works great for mapping keystrokes to gamepad functions will let your play with just about any pad. I hope that helps and you don't mind the inconvenience!

    18. Missing avatar

      Elliotte Bagg on

      Great game! I just wish I could use my wired Xbox 360 controller to play it, when I switch the control scheme to gamepad, nothing happens when I push buttons on the controller. It has the proper drivers installed... will it be supported soon?

    19. Missing avatar

      Bryan Pope

      This game really, really, REALLY needs some way to save your progress. Having to do the same parts over and over again gets old real fast. :(

    20. Nicholas Day on

      absolutely dude, that makes sense.

    21. David Pettitt on

      About 40 minutes in, got frustrated at the rising platform section after the bomb&whip boss, decided to take a break. Came back, discovered there was no autosave. I guess I should have expected that, given the old-school feel of the game, but still. A game that doesn't respect my time is a game I have no time for. Too bad, as I was mostly enjoying myself thus far. If you implement some form of save system for episodes 2-4, I may give them a try.

      Also, two issues: Sound and music were defaulted to 0%. Hall of Heroes appears to be broken, it's just a black screen with music.

    22. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Yikes that was a wall of text! Comments need a preview mode I guess, I coulda trimmed that down. :)

    23. Michael Stearns Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, both good and bad, guys.

      The reason I chose "Up" and not "forward" at all was because of the thin platforms you can grab, where pressing forward definitely wouldn't be appropriate, I felt it was better to be consistent in that area for easy learning, even if it's a little less convenient. You'll all be pleased to know that I didn't go with my initial plan, where it was activated by pressing the jump button a second time, like a double jump that only works when in the right place. Changing that, at least, was an easy decision. :)

      Not-So-Saint has correctly described the block, if you hit an enemy attack rather than the enemy, there's a clash that pushes you back.(sometimes you hit them both) I could have made it so certain enemies could only hurt you with their weapons and attacks, but with such small characters, and that stubborn old-school mentality, I felt it was better if everything hurt you all the time. The area that is a little arbitrary is what projectile attacks can be deflected, there's a certain visual logic to it (a "wet" spit projectile or a "heavy" spear can't, but light stuff like arrows can, even though in real life an arrow would be much harder because it moves so fast!) but it's up to the player to figure it out--a bit of in-game knowledge that comes via experience.

      Nicholas, I definitely appreciate your thoughts on the combat, but I'm a little confused what you mean about the vertical attacking range, so forgive me if I assume you aren't using all the attacks. The regular jump attack does require you be very close, if you're striking an enemy from above. It's great for speed because it does a bit of extra damage and can queue up a power hit, but with good aim, the elbow drop allows you to slam most enemies quite safely as long as you aim carefully. Nearly all sword attacks are meant for forward attacks. When enemies attack from different heights, you will have to respond differently. (The shapes and effects of the various "power hits" are all different, as well) The game is meant to provide a variety of situations that need different responses, which includes managing groups of enemies or figuring out how to engage them safely with the tools you have. Not just the delay in the regular sword strikes, but using those to "charge" a delayed power hit is also deliberate and a great way to overcome groups of enemies.

      I hope that isn't a cop-out, I gave your post a lot of thought and I don't want to just say "well I like it this way" or "it's good because it's like this," your thoughts absolutely matter and I don't intend to just disregard them, I just can't resist diving in and explaining why things are a certain way because this sort of talk is really interesting to me. You too, I imagine. :)

    24. not-so-saint on

      Okay, so I beat entire episode. Took me 1h16m and 38 deaths =]
      I guess if it was old-style life-based game I won't be so lucky, lol.

      Anyways, I really like the game so far. Notion of mastering the levels and becoming better is really pleasant! Also I like bossfight in dungeon, it's really well done and satisfying when you learn what to do. Great job all around, Michael! Can't wait to see more! =O

      @Nicholas Day holding up was irritating for me too at first. You have a point actually - sometimes I was missing the ledge grab when hold R instead of UR. As of now, you just have to learn to hold that U most of the time since it also affect holding onto the horizontal lianas/chains and such.

      As of block, I think it's more of a clash instead of block. So when you hit enemy's weapon and not his body it'll result in a clash. Surprisingly mashing works pretty good in many occasions. Lancers are harder then that though, you gotta figure out tactic against them.

      I'm not sure if it's personal perception, but I found platforming parts later in the game much more challenging then battles. Don't forget that hero has at least 8 different attacks some of which can be done both in air and on the ground. Many of them has their own situational uses, try different tactics.

      Hope it will help somewhat =]

    25. Nicholas Day on

      So I've played for about an hour, and I'm in love with the art and music, but I have some game play notes if you'd care to read them:

      1) I dont like having to press up to grab a ledge. I think it would make the game less frustrating if you just grabbed the ledge by pressing left or right. for an example play spelunky.

      2) I dont understand the block mechanics. There's no visual indicator why my strikes are bouncing off and not doing anything. this is compounded by the fact that touching enemies damages you, instead of just attacks. a lot of the combat is horde based in your game, and it makes it really difficult to know what to do. for instance, instead of hurting you when you touch a lancer, make the lancers spears be the only thing that does damage, it would really help the pacing of the combat by giving openings to attack. this leads me to my third note.

      3) Battle complexity; TB seems to lean more on the action side of action platformer, so the battle system needs to be finely tuned to hold up the rest of the game. I'm not sure how you could go about doing this but I think the easiest way would be to give the player a little more leeway on the sword hitbox, especially vertically. right now it hits a very specific area in front of the player and you need to be practically on top of the baddie to hit it. I understand the appeal to having a delay on the swing, but because there are so many enemies on screen at once it quickly overwhelms the player, so either removing some enemies or removing the delay from the sword swings could help.

      other than that, I love the general enemy design, especially the rolling snakes. what I've suggested isn't the only way you could go, and it may be too late or expensive for you to implement any changes anyway, I just thought some feedback might help.

    26. Missing avatar

      James Cameron on

      After some play, wow, I don't think platformers with keyboard controls are my best genre! Tough game! But the production values, the art, music, and little homages to the great REH -- all are fantastic. I just love the opening scene of Con--I mean, the Tiny Barbarian -- fighting off a horde of attackers, a la the famous Frazetta painting. Amazing stuff! Almost makes me wish this was an adventure game instead of a platformer...

    27. Imban

      @Michael Stearns> Having just played it, episode 1 was a ton of fun... except for the moving platforms with chains dangling from the bottom. The physics on those is really awkward and you have to do some kind of weird maneuver where you hold up to grab on to the chain if that's what you're catching but not if you're trying to get onto the platform or else it'll move down so fast you won't make any headway.

    28. Michael Stearns Creator on

      @Jonathan--you're not the only person to request this and I'll be considering it. That said I expect it'll go a lot faster next time, let me know how it goes!

    29. Jonathan Barrett on

      played for 2 hours... I'm sorry, but the chain jumps.... the chain jumps... Why? WHY??? Can we have points where we can continue from within episodes, as I do Not look forward to going through that all over again, and again...

    30. lordkosc on

      Thank you good sir for the speedy reply! :) Time to crush my tiny enemies!

    31. Michael Stearns Creator on

      LordKosc, that's right, there are four episodes planned and you will receive all of them as they're completed.

    32. lordkosc on

      Cool I will go download now, question though.... I see its labeled episode 1, how many episodes are planned? and did kickstarting the game give us access to all the episodes? I kickstart so much stuff I forget the smaller details...

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark Falvo on

      Love it!! Great work...

    34. Ashley Finney on

      Oooohhhhhh, love the Preview Build!

      Found my name in the Hall of Fame, took me over 5 minutes though LOL.

      Had a problem with Sticky Keys as well when using Ctrl and Shift for Attack / Jump but i guess that's because of Windows?

    35. Michael Stearns Creator on

      I'll post an update soon!

    36. Mark Vargas on

      Any updates on the game's status?

    37. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Yes, waiting for the game is painful. :D

    38. Dieithrio on

      No problem Michael, I just wanted to know. ;) Also... can't wait too for the game coming out!

    39. Chris Ellis on

      I am so excited for this game and can't wait to play it. It is so close it hurts! :)

    40. Michael Stearns Creator on

      I've been putting it off, Sovnd! Unfortunately I can only send out one survey for each reward tier, but no time like the present! Thanks for giving me a little push. ;)

    41. Dieithrio on

      Don't you ask for our name that should be put in the Hall of Heroes?

    42. Michael Stearns Creator on

      No worries. :) Microsoft has been making moves to drop XNA for some time, so we've been making a jump over to Monogame, which we were going to do anyway for multiplatform support. Monogame is still in development but for our purposes (ie, no 3D) pretty much all the functionality is already there.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ryan Serbet on

      Considering the recent drop of XNA by Microsoft, is there any reason to worry about the state of the game?

    44. Gabriel Conlledo

      When do you plan to release the game?

    45. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Congratulations again Michael! Well done sir!

    46. Spellforger on

      Yeah, a Linux port would be fantastic!

    47. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Over $15k and 900+ backers - can we hit over a thousand backers for this is out? I hope so! :D

    48. zacH on

      Finally backed! I was a huge fan of the original, so I'm excited to see how this new experience turns out. :) I know it's not even a stretch goal right now, but I'm heartened to see that you have a possible linux port on your mind for the future. We linux lovers really appreciate the thought!

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Benrad on

      Backed it ... a little too late, but still full of excitement for the final game! Good luck and happy developing!

    50. Brandon Strader on

      I backed this! Looking forward to Jeff Ball's music, and of course, the game! Hopefully on Steam?

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