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This film is a short documentary about water, it's relationship to "Fracking" and the whistle blowers efforts to raise awareness. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 14, 2012.

This film is a short documentary about water, it's relationship to "Fracking" and the whistle blowers efforts to raise awareness.

About this project

Please help us raise our goal of $8,000 dollars in 30 days.  If we don't raise it ALL then we don't get ANY.  $8,000 is just enough for our production team to create this compelling and important story.  If you would like your contribution to be tax deductible then please contact us directly,

Natural Gas extraction is one of the most disputed topics in America right now. There are so many different ways to approach and cover this issue. The natural gas topic has ecological, geological, economic and health relevance. The story is just too big to cover everything and still do it justice.  So we have decided to focus on the whistle blowing insiders who are speaking out and the ultimate insider who cant speak out, water. 

Help keep Colorado and the American West flowing with clean, safe water, before it's too late. Bringing awareness to this dire situation will help influence LOCAL policy change. HELP US PROTECT OUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.   

The Project

The Water Handler will be a 26-50 minute documentary film about the ground and water contamination that occurs when the fracking method for Natural Gas extraction is used in and around our communities. Our style will allow room to expand into a series. The Water Handler will tell the story of a woman redefining her relationship with water after a near death experience, and several real life individuals who's lives have been dramatically effected by the gas industry. 

When you talk about water in the west you have to mention the Colorado river. This river is the life blood to the american southwest. Fracking is one of the many reasons why the Colorado River won't ever make it to the ocean. One to eight million gallons of fresh clean water can be used for each “Frac.”  Five thousand wells are dug each year in Colorado alone. Is this what our most precious resource should be used for?

Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing.  Fresh water from the Colorado River is mixed with gelling agents, acids, friction reducers, surfactants and many other toxic chemicals then pumped into the ground under high pressure. This breaks up rock formations, releasing trapped natural gas, allowing it to travel more easily to the surface.

The water that returns to the surface is then placed in evaporation ponds where the water and toxic chemicals are dispersed into the air. After most of the water is evaporated there is a toxic sludge left over. At this point the process of Land farming begins. Land Farming is a process that involves leasing farmers land and mixing frac mud into the soil, then they mix more soil into that to dilute it. After repeating this process many times the parts per million eventually reach expectable EPA levels. all other fracing waste water is dumped into injection wells where it is stored underground. Fracking water leeches into the ground and eventually ends up in our aquifers, making it very dangerous to drink tap water, take showers, or water your garden.

Not only is the water at risk but the safety of the people working on the gas pads is in jeopardy. The regulations in place to protect the employees are cleverly side-stepped. The upkeep of equipment and the efforts made to protect the soil and water quality are minimal at best.  The ecological impact is immense and difficult to comprehend. There is a huge effort to keep birds away from the gas pads because of the toxicity of the air. Yet the Employees don't wear special air filters. A flock of geese once landed in an evaporation pond, and they all died. In our communities there are countless numbers of people who have been directly affected by the poor practices and the major impact that gas drilling has on our health and quality of life.  

Big oil and gas companies do their own geological and environmental studies but they don't have to share that info with the public.  Why not?   


We need to make this movie now so that local governments, schools and our communities understand the risks involved with this dangerous method of extraction before we are over run by gas pads.  There is another movie here on kickstarter that is pro-fracking and has been funded. It could be argued that energy is one of our hottest topics right now and natural gas is at the forefront of domestic energy production. Currently there are many campaigns in the works to develop and grow this industry. We should at least have a good understanding of what it is, how it can potentially affect us, and what other extraction options might exist. Millions of people depend on the Colorado river for drinking water, they deserve the right to know what is happening to their water source.

We need YOUR help now to fight this invasion of gas companies and tell the real stories that are happening to our friends and neighbors. Western USA communities are fighting this invasion of gas companies hungry for profit. Big gas will continue to capitalize on death, displacement and ecological disaster. Bringing awareness to this dire situation will help influence policy change.  

PRODUCERS (Faux Reel Films) Hamilton Pevec and (Bujin Productions) Austin Lottimer are both award-winning filmmakers who believe in this and understand the importance and urgency of this issue. There is a lot of misinformation about what is going on, we want to share what we learn, by telling the real life stories of the people who worked for big gas and showing everyone what is actually going on upstream.

The Production Budget: The Money that we raise for this project is needed for travel expenses while traveling to remote regions across rural Colorado, production equipment rental, post-production cost, Animations, marketing, distribution and film festival fees. 


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