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Update #6

Our Movie flows like water


Dear Contributors!

Austin and I drove over to Paonia this weekend to interview Craig Childs and attend the Citizens for a Healthy Community meeting on the BLM/oil and gas land leases in and around Paonia. There was another big turn out showing that there is a strong opposition to drilling in the Paonia Hotchkiss community.   WE MUST CONTINUE TO STICK TOGETHER BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT MAKES US STRONG.

Speaking with Craig Childs was really enlightening, he cast light on the nature of water and its life in our high alpine desert.  That is partially why the Colorado river is so unique and precious, such a big river is such a dry place.

Next week we have another full power line up: Randy Udall, Pete McBride, Lisa Bracken and Judy Jordan.  Im keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Kirby Wynn, the new Garfield County oil and gas liaison will speak with us.  

We were invited to speak and present  at the Woody Creek Community Center in Woody Creek Colorado. We will present on what we have uncovered during this production, this is your chance to get a sneak peak at what we have shot and how our story is unfolding. Also an opportunity to meet your filmmakers (Hamilton and Austin) and pick our brains.... PLEASE COME AND JOIN US ON APRIL 9TH 630PM. 

Thanks for staying tuned in and supporting OUR movie. 

much love

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