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Spintires is an Intel® award winning game that promises to be one of the best off-roading experiences available for PC.
Spintires is an Intel® award winning game that promises to be one of the best off-roading experiences available for PC.
1,847 backers pledged £60,935 to help bring this project to life.

Moddable Demo

Looking back at when our Kickstarter page started it is amazing to think how far we have come. We are delighted with the response we have had from everyone and it is great to think that Spintires can now be developed into a fully-fledged PC game with all of the bells and whistles.

A huge thanks to all of you, we know you all have good intentions whether you could afford to pledge or not.

We have #3 days left on the Kickstarter campaign and we would like to offer you a reward if we reach £65,000 before it finishes.

Unfortunately(?) we couldn't offer rewards for the £30k & £40k because the pledges came in so quickly we couldn't possibly keep up, our resources were drained to the maximum and our servers took a massive hit too which you all experienced first hand.

The best solution we could come up with is to offer you the following ultimate reward:

The reward for reaching £65,000 will be a complete decode of the “tech-demo” so that everyone can make their own modifications and share them online. It would be great to increase our modding community so that when the full game of Spintires is released, everyone will be ready to jump on it and start making modifications for that version.

With the extra cash, we can expand our asset library and include more vehicles in the full game bringing the total to a hopeful seven vehicles!

Keep on pledging!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Emil Novák on June 11, 2013

      So, if i get it right, if we wont reach £65,000 (and i doubt we will), there wont be even any of promised rewards for 30k and 40k?
      I dont mean to sound greedy or something, but im afraid this doesnt create a good image about your company...

      or i have missed something :)

    2. Missing avatar

      George Medvedev on June 11, 2013

      7 vehicles is really not enough!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Diggens on June 10, 2013

      Can't wait for game, been following it for a year or so now. I initially pledged £20, I just increased my pledge to £40. It's worth it, and I really would love to get my hands on the modding tools for the tech demo!

      PanterA ... Forever Stronger Than All

    4. HiLuckyB on June 10, 2013

      I hope we can make it to £65,000, But I think you are to late to add this :(

    5. Mahlon Osterhout on June 10, 2013

      I'm with Zdeněk on that! A map editor would be awesome! ;D

    6. Zdeněk Zidon Vacek on June 10, 2013

      Hi - thanks :) But please WE NEED MORE MAPS OR MAP MAKER to release! ;)

    7. chris38 on June 10, 2013

      and remember people....if we reach 65.000....or else??

    8. chris38 on June 10, 2013

      ohhhh thank you so much ;')

    9. Missing avatar

      Abstraction on June 10, 2013

      > Too bad you didn't reach 80k, I really wanted cockpit view...

      Hey, it's not too late. Son of Nor project got 1/3 of its goal in last 48 hours (and barely mage it).

    10. Missing avatar

      Z80Fan on June 10, 2013

      Too bad you didn't reach 80k, I really wanted cockpit view...
      Maybe we can see that in the future, along with a Mac/Linux port?

    11. AP Väisänen on June 10, 2013

      I just discovered the project this weekend and have spent a couple of hours trying out the tech demo. So far I've been very impressed. This game really has potential!
      I'm just wondering about a few details about the finished product.
      Are you going to implement visual damage modelling to the cars? Banging the car on rocks and trees would be so much more realistic if the car showed physical damage, like broken windows and dented doors.
      Also, I assume your intention to "capture more new sounds for vehicles / environment / effects" means that you will implement terrains other than tarmac, grass, mud and water? I'd like to try cruising around on ice and snow! The possibility of driving in a desert sounds very interesting too.

      Keep up the good work!

    12. Guest on June 10, 2013

      Nice one...
      It's quite too late, but... Maybe you can also offer some higher-tier pledges, like £250- £1000? I think there is enough people who can afford it, but just too lazy to adjust pledge amount higher than £100

    13. Akbalder on June 10, 2013

      Great :D

      I have a few questions:
      What will be the seven vehicles in the full game?
      How big will be the map (or the maps)?

    14. Missing avatar

      Denis on June 10, 2013

      7 машин конечно маловато. а сколько планируется сделать локаций если не секрет ?

    15. Ben Holleran on June 10, 2013

      First: Absolutely love the game! Wish I could afford the Beta. Showed it to my dad who used to be a logger and he said "Yep, that's about right."

      Second: Please stop the tires of the trucks being "Cemented" while not in use so you can push one truck out with the other.

      Third: If possible, could you add a simple chain so you can pull one truck out with one another?

    16. Matthew Farmery on June 10, 2013

      I think this would be extremely cool, and I can see this happening if people really want it badly, plus it would be good practice for modders, so yeah I hope this goal will be reached, really do, as it would help a lot until the full game is out, here's hoping we reach this goal

    17. Missing avatar

      Eduard Ermakov on June 10, 2013

      It's not the good offer.
      The plot trial route would be the best gift.