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Aerial Bold is the first map and typeface of the earth. We will find earth's alphabet shapes and make a new font and dataset for you!
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Update #9: It just gets bolder

Posted by Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Creator)

 Dear Backers and Friends, 

 It has been a couple months since our last update, but rest assured Aerial Bold is more alive than ever! We've spent the last months working closely with our collaborators exploring unexpected questions and finding delightful solutions to all things Aerial Bold. Feast your eyes on on latest news!



Aerial Bold was borne out of our love of aerial imagery and the countless hours we spent pouring over the images of Los Angeles and its tens of thousands of swimming pools in our Big Atlas of LA Pools. In a recent episode of the Data Podcast, Benedikt explains how projects like Aerial Bold and the Big Atlas of LA Pools came to be. Join us on this data safari! 


Font(s) in the making...

In close collaboration with our ever-so-talented communication and information designer, Marco Berends, and with lots of great feedback from renowned typographer Daniel Utz, we've experimented with dozens of ways of translating the raw qualities our aerial imagery into the Aerial Bold font. 

All the letters in LA!
All the letters in LA!

With thousands of letters to choose from, we started first by rating all of the imagery by "readability" and "beauty". In order to do this, we built the handy "Aerial Bold Review App" (not the most creative name, we admit) to help us filter our growing letterform database. Having these ratings for our letters not only helped us to find the most interesting letterform geometries, but it also is being used to help our letterform image detection and classification algorithm by enabling us to feed in only the most readable training data.

Our cleverly named, "Aerial Bold Review App"
Our cleverly named, "Aerial Bold Review App"

 The next step was to select the best, most exciting, most wonderful, and representative letter from the letterform database to translate into the Aerial Bold font. With so many to choose from, it was important for us to put together a catalog to help us see all of the letters side-by-side. Yes, that's right, 163 pages (and growing) of Aerial Bold in the making!

samples from the 163 page letterform catalog
samples from the 163 page letterform catalog

 One thing in particular became clear after seeing the entirety of the imagery together: Aerial Bold must be more than just 1 font - it must be font family! As such, we've decided to expand the Aerial Bold font to include:

Aerial Bold Buildings

Aerial Bold Suburbs

* Aerial Bold Nature coming soon!

As always, many many thanks for your support and patience. The adventure continues!

Stay tuned!


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