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Aerial Bold is the first map and typeface of the earth. We will find earth's alphabet shapes and make a new font and dataset for you!
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Update #7: Letterhunt highlights!

Posted by Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Creator)

To all the friends of Aerial Bold,

It has just been one week since we launched the Letter Finder App but we've already gone from ~500 features to >4390! That's about 549 features a day!

As a "thank you" to all of our special helpers, we added some data viz feedback so you all can see what our current letterform training database is starting to look like. Our "Letterforms in Numbers" visualization shows us in real-time all of the features people are finding throughout the world. It sure looks like we have a plethora of L's, C's, and O's! But how about all those R's, K's, and N's? We've color coded the graph to show the more abundant features in green (>=30 features) and the more "rare" features in orange (<30). With all this growing letterfinding momentum, we're hopeful we can even the score and eventually have sufficient training data for our machine learning magic!

If you're not so into bar graphs, check out our "Latest Found Letters Stream" which shows the images of the newest contributions to the Letterform Database. We sure are great at reading between the lines! 

We give a special shout out to our top 10 contributors to date -  Marco Berends, Spencer J Rothfuss, marc simon, Cflorcik, Jenni Malt, Johan van Dam, Wendy E Rowe, Sabrina Groß, and Sarah J Jackson, for their supreme Letterhunting skills. 

To EVERYONE who is supporting us in all the ways friends do:



Thanks a bunch!


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