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Aerial Bold is the first map and typeface of the earth. We will find earth's alphabet shapes and make a new font and dataset for you!
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Update #6: Join the Letter Hunt!

Posted by Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Creator)

Calling all supporters of Aerial Bold, type nerds, and keeners, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

As we continue to develop our letterform detection and classification algorithm, we need to find more real-world letter features to "feed" into the algorithm, thus training it to better differentiate between "A's" and "R's" and "B's" and "8's" and so on.

To do this, we have developed The Letter Finder App - a web based tool that will allow you to start your own manual "planetary search" for letterforms. All of the contributions made from your efforts will go in to helping make the letterform detection and classification algorithm more accurate and robust. Whether you contribute a couple or dozens, all of your work will of course be acknowledged - if you're keen, you'll even make it on our high score board of "Top Letter Hunters" for all the world to see ;)

The task is simple: Fire up your browser, add your name (if you'd like to be acknowledged), look for features shaped like a letter, create a bounding box around each feature, and submit the task. Simple! 

Visit The Letter Finder App to see the latest contributions from all the friends of Aerial Bold who have added to our growing database! Let the letter hunt begin!

Many Many thanks!



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    1. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Spencer: Thanks for looking into this and thanks so much for being AWESOME. You're our #1 Letter hunter! It does seem that every once in a while things can get a bit buggy, but the nice thing is that all of the work is always being saved even without pressing the "submit" button, so have no fear!

    2. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Nathaniel: Thanks for the nice comment! Your project looks very cool. It seems we're not alone in our fascination with those nice coincidences ;) Best of luck with your project - seems you're nearly there!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Badder on

      This is really cool, guys, and as you say, could be very addicting. Good luck with the letter hunt and the project.

      I have a tangentially related project - I photograph objects (from earth) to look like letters and numbers and frame them together to spell out words and phrases - and recently launched my own Kickstarter campaign to help get it going. Check out

      To all letter-philes out there, please take a look. Thanks for considering your support!

    4. Spencer J Rothfuss on

      @Benedikt & Joey - I've run into the same problem Dianne is talking about when returning to an already viewed "area", I've just been submitting anyway and they usually look fine in the live feed so I think it's just a display issue but the location is already saved. Hope that helps. (-:

    5. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Wendy: Thanks for your suggestion. We will keep this in mind while when try and fix some of the bugs in the app. Have no fear, your work won't be lost into the ether! Thanks for all your contributions!

    6. Missing avatar

      Wendy Rowe

      I'm wishing there were a "save my work" button because I'm afraid my computer might crash (you never know ...) and I'll lose everything I've done before I finish looking in all the quadrants of the assignment. I'm running Chrome under Ubuntu so it probably won't crash, but I'm paranoid. If there is a "save but don't submit" button, or even an "update my submission" button, I'd love to hear about it.

    7. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Dianne: We've tested all the latest "modern" browsers - including Safari and we can't seem to reproduce the issue you've raised. If you've got Chrome, perhaps try that out?

      Sorry about the bug! We'll do our best to keep our eyes out for that. Thanks!

    8. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Dianne: We will look into this asap and ping you back! Thanks for pointing this out. Stay tuned!

    9. Missing avatar

      Dianne on

      Just wondering if this is a problem: I find a letter and put the orange bounding box around it. I move to another rectangle/portion of the picture. I go back to the letter I found earlier but the orange box is moved so that it is no longer over the letter. I haven't submitted anything because I didn't want to skew the results. I'm on a mid-2011 iMac, running Safari 7.1.3 to use the Letter Finding App.

    10. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Spencer J Rothfuss: Thanks a bunch for your nice comment and for your contributions!

    11. Spencer J Rothfuss on

      Epic idea! I've been finding letters every time I use Maps and not know what to do with them. This is great! Thanks!