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Aerial Bold is the first map and typeface of the earth. We will find earth's alphabet shapes and make a new font and dataset for you!
Aerial Bold is the first map and typeface of the earth. We will find earth's alphabet shapes and make a new font and dataset for you!
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    1. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Karen: Depending on what operating system you are using (e.g. Mac or windows), there will be different pathways to installing the fonts.

      Mac: these videos seem to do the trick - OR you can use Font Book -


      If you are using another system, you can doing a quick web search :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Karen Scott-Martinet on

      Thanks for sending the fonts to me. Now what do I do with them? How do I use them? Help! :-)

    3. Hannah Kosuge on

      Come one guys! Any update?

    4. CFloden on

      Could we please get an update on the status of this project? If it is "nearly done" a month ago can we expect to see a response any time soon? I am hopeful that this is done sooner rather than later, and don't understand what the delay could have been that would put us into February???

    5. Missing avatar

      David Gonella on

      This project is matching the bs delays that are becoming Kickstarter's signature. No updates for two months? How does KS even allow this?

    6. Daniel Leonard on

      What's going on? Is the stuff from the second-to-last update almost done?

    7. MAAZIK

      What is the current status? Where's my font?

    8. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Eduardo: We hear your frustration and we are very sorry for the delay. As you can imagine we're also really keen to finish up and are doing as much as we can to wrap things up ;) Please do bear with us as work together with our collaborators to deliver a polished product. Thanks for your understanding!

    9. Suzanne Melton

      OK, I know it's not in "Aerial Bold," but your email this morning came right after the email from the Demolition Depot.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Mendez on

      Hi there! When are you supposed to be done with this project? I can't even remember when it was its due date. Why don't you release to us what you've got till now as a compensation for the huge delay?

    11. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Wesley: Thanks for reaching out! Benedikt and I will release a quick update this weekend. We're nearly close to finishing things up, but are still doing data processing and some web development. In the meantime we've been arranging as much of the reward packages as possible. Keep your eye out for the update and thanks for your patience!

    12. Missing avatar

      Wesley Norris on

      I have not heard anything in a long time. What is the current status? Thanks

    13. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @ChistopherFloden: Hi! Thanks for the inquiry. We expect the fonts to be finished by the end of June/Early July, but because of the way that Kickstarter structures the reward survey, our understanding is that we can only send out one survey for our entire campaign. While the fonts will be ready, we will still need to hash out the details of how to deliver the other rewards. Once we figure out how we will package the other rewards, then sending the font will be no problem. We hope you can expect this in the next two months or so. We will be sure to keep you posted on the developments. Thanks for understanding.

    14. CFloden on

      When do you plan to deliver the font to backers please?

    15. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @julian: This might have to be for the delux edition ;) Thanks for sending!

    16. Missing avatar

      Wesley Norris on

      When do you plan to deliver the font to the backers? Thanks

    17. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Nikita: Great question, but we're not quite sure to which print you are referring. We do plan to make some fancy visualizations and maps and some other related work, but for now nothing in print... only time will tell!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nikita on

      When can I expect the print?

    19. Missing avatar

      Nikita on

      When can I expect the print?

    20. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Julian: At the moment we'll go through the English A-Z, but depending on our success and a bit of luck, those characters might emerge. We'll keep you all updated as the project progresses. Fingers crossed!

    21. Kalisaya on

      Happy that we helped by backing. Would you back us? you'll appreciate the aesthetics...

    22. Missing avatar

      Julian Goy on

      Great news about you getting your funding - any chance that you can look for the three Swedish letters å/Å, ä/Ä and ö/Ö ?

      Best of luck. J

    23. Ryan Semendinger on

      Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely pledge $5 for a sticker R.

    24. Kai Vincent on

      Can't wait for the font!

    25. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Kathleen: Apologies for the late reply. We’re handling the usual chaos and trying our best to get back to everyone with reasonable speed :) To answer your question, we certainly are playing our cards with an open hand. We would love to have a full set of upper and lower case letters and basic punctuation, but it all depends really on the availability of those features on earth and how well our image processing algorithms interpret those shapes. So, at the moment, we can’t confirm or deny anything, but we will begin to get a better idea once we start the letterform search. Thanks for your support and your question!

    26. Kathleen Yacio Sargent on

      Are there plans to include lowercase letters and punctuation? Thanks!

    27. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @ChrisConroy: Thanks so much! Your feedback has been super helpful. We're lucky to have your support through this process!

    28. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @RyanSemendinger: We've received a few requests for stickers and it is certainly not impossible, however we haven't ruled it out completely. Stay tuned! Thanks!

    29. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @FrankLaughlin: Thanks for your question. Please see our updated FAQ under:
      "What do the tools/code/algorithms package ($70) look like? Is it a cloud-based tool? Is it a tool packaged in an .EXE or .DMG?"

      We hope this is clear and understandable. Many thanks for your support!

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Conroy on

      Congratulations Benedikt and Joey! I'm so glad the project got funded. Your previous collaboration was so cool I can't wait to see how this turns out.

    31. Missing avatar

      FrankLaughlin on

      A question about the $70 pledge with access to the tools. Would this be a downloadable EXE to open a local image on my computer to extract shapes of letters to create a usable font or would it be a log in to a cloud-based tool of yours to perform the same task of creating our own usable font by uploading our own images? I'm also guessing this isn't restricted to just satellite images but any random image we take (i.e. ground level of the backyard or a random wall inside of a building, etc)

    32. Ryan Semendinger on

      Would you consider making stickers a prize for a $5 pledge? I would love a sticker "R" from this font.

    33. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @ Michael: Thanks!
      @ Kevin: If all goes well, then shouldn't be a problem!

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      From one mapniac to another: Great project. Love it.

    35. Kevin A Swartz, MD PHD

      I want to see you spell out Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    36. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Berke: The goal is to have it as an openfont/truetype format so that it can be used in any program that accepts a normal or general font. Please see here for more info: - We'll post an update to the FAQ soon to make sure everyone has the same understanding as well. Great questions! Thanks!

    37. Berke Yazıcı on

      Can i ise these formats on photoshop or illustrator ?

    38. Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee Creator on

      @Berke: Yes! the $10 pledge includes your name (in PNG format) and the Aerial Bold opentype font. Hope this okay!

      @ Everyone: Thanks for your support! Fingers crossed!

    39. Berke Yazıcı on

      Hi does to 10$ pledge includes the letters in high definition png or JPEG format ?

    40. Missing avatar

      Fred Armstrong on

      I've always loved typography and maps. This is a wonderful idea. Good luck with the project!

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Conroy on

      Good luck with the kickstarter!