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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, September 25 2016 9:59 PM UTC +00:00
BOLD Security TechnologyBy BOLD Security Technology
First created
BOLD Security TechnologyBy BOLD Security Technology
First created
pledged of €120,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, September 25 2016 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Missing avatar

      Torsten Armbrecht on

      I am not sure if it was really the price because comparable products are in the same price range. I assume different reasons:
      - Not enough advertising for the product. It didn't spread enough. Also many people are still conservative with such products and maybe a big portion of the market already bought a lock from one of the competitors who were earlier
      - Also the should be a solution for an empty battery. I saw a nice one at enough product who added some solar cells so that it had enough power for one locking or opening. I am sure there are other option to generate a small portion of energy like piece elements or classic dynamo with turning it or maybe even a simple option to hold a battery from outside to some contact areas.

      I hope the second round is more successful.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      I think the targeted price for the Bold lock is far too high.. This is the main reason of not reaching the kickstarter goal..

    3. sliso on

      I could cry. how to proceed?

    4. Michael H. on

      Unfortunately it indeed looks like it won't be funded. Maybe you'll have to come back with a lower funding goal, like "The Bowley Lock".
      And maybe you want to consider a lower price point, too - the remotes are kind of expensive, as is shipping. My package costs 208 EUR (with only one remote; in the long term, I'd need at least two) - and apparently there aren't that many people in Europe who want to pay that kind of money for promised high security from a startup company. Maybe they take a cheaper BurgWaechter instead, or they pay 100 EUR more for a well known ABUS SECCOR.

    5. Sebastiaan Bakker on

      I'm sorry, but I really think a lack of communication, updates about the product, and major press coverage failed this kickstarter. It's definitely got the potential, and I'd be sad when it fails because I really wanted this lock. Go bold!

    6. Justin Kieft

      @Bold sorry as the description on the page was not very clear that it was not keys but 2 factor authentication keys that make a bit of a difference. So my bad. Still keys only is already really really hard to get hacked (it is easier to get physical keys then digital ones) this is just a whole lot better. I can always make a actuator to press the button via Ardoino ;)

    7. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Justin Kieft (and everyone else): Ruud is right, if it were as easy as creating a Bluetooth dongle, installing some scripts and copying keys (which would simply serve as the equivalent of traditional mechanical keys) our Lock wouldn't be as safe as it is! Luckily our system architecture is a lot more complicated than just installing keys on a bluetooth device.
      More on the subject of general smart lock security will be discussed in one of our updates soon! For now: Please check our partner Ubiqu's website on digital security: www.ubiqu.com

    8. Ruud Noorhoff on

      @Justin Kieft Sounds very unsafe. If it is really that easy to copy the keys there is no security at all.

    9. Justin Kieft

      @Ruud you can take a normal bluetooth dongle and put some scripts together put the key on there and you good :) But you need the keys still so not broken different way of doing things. The key only accepts valid keys so if you send (by any means) a valid key it should work fine. But it is just me thinking aloud . Anyways I would not use it but I like to have a possibility to monitor the device that open the lock that is it. A read database only db.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cooper on

      @Ruud Noorhoff

      From experience there are two kinds of burglaries.
      1.) You have something specific they want. Your car and they want to break in for your keys for example. These guys will get in no matter what. They've learned your routine, they've found the weakest entry point into your house and you can't really stop them.

      2.) Opportunistic burglars. They're looking for the easiest target. You have a plastic front door? They'll kick it in. An open window? They'll climb it. You have a good quality front door, an alarm, and no key. They're going to find somewhere easier!

    11. Ruud Noorhoff on

      @Justin Kieft It seems to me that if you can connect it to a domotica controller just like that, security is broken. Can be done right, but would have to be designed to support that use case.

      @Kevin Cooper As for more secure, I worry that having it look like there is no real lock will invite more tapering. They will not be able to open your door, but will damage or break the lock trying.

    12. Justin Kieft

      @Bjorn you can always hock the lock to a domotica controller with bluetooth and go from there.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cooper on

      @Michael H.

      The 3 years @ 10,000 per day is listed as a guaranteed battery life. 3 years @ 25,000 is exptexted battery life.

      Guaranterd vs marketing terminology.

    14. Michael H. on

      There's currently conflicting information in your campaign description where the battery life is shown as "25.000 activations / > 3 years, 20 times a day" and the FAQ page, where you wrote "designed for a 3 year battery life at 10 activations a day."

      Can you please state which one is correct?

    15. Steve Guns on

      In all the projects I've backed, the ones that failed are usually the ones that don't try to keep the hype alive. There haven't been updates yet, you guys don't seem to do/get any press. So how will people find their way here? Promote this thing! I'd love to be able to install 2 of these in my house.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cooper on

      Unfortunately it doesn't look good according to Kicktraq but you're not helping by removing your pledge.

      Not having a key is part of what makes this so secure. ANY lock can be picked. Remove the key and it's far more difficult.

      I'm not sure how IFTTT integration is going to work. The lock doesnt have WiFi or any way to connectivity to a cloud service. This is why the battery lasts 3 years. All the lock does is wait for the correct unlock code/key/certificate to be sent over Bluetooth. It has no concept of time so doesn't understand that Sarah the cleaner is allowed in between 1 and 2. But the cloud service does. The phone app is crucial as it links the cloud service over WiFi/cellular with the Bluetooth lock.

      This is also the reason why the lock can't report when it's opened or closed. The cloud service could report if a key was issued and the app could say if it was sent to the lock, but that doesn't mean the door was opened or closed.

      I personally don't see any of this as faults with the product. They're necessities in making a secure product with a long lasting battery. If it were to have WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, constant connectivity to IFTTT, and any other services that pop-up in the future. The battery would last days not years.

      I really hope this kickstarter is funded. No one else is trying to make such a secure, simple, and effective smart lock.

    17. bjorn Venema on

      @Ruud, They told this: "We are looking into the compatibility as a future feature." for IFTTT, homekit etc integration. I hope they will do this. That's why I pledged. I am also in doubt, but the security they offer in the first place is more important then fast implementation with IFTTT etc I think. I hope this project will be totally funded, and there will be some extra's added in a later stadium!

    18. Ruud Noorhoff on

      Looks like it's not going to happen.
      I pledged because it looks great and works with my door.
      I downgraded my pledge to €1 because it's not something I will want after all.
      No remote unlocking or notifications of status. No fall-back to using a key. No integration with IFTTT, HomeKit or similar.

    19. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Andy, Yes that is certainly the idea! The current design already has a loop, but its a bit wide making it not perfect yet. With the next prototype we will make the loop end a bit narrower and better suited for being connected to a lanyard.

    20. Andy Taylor

      Will the remote have a loop so we can connect to a lanyard?

    21. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Michael H. We have come across the patent you mentioned and we are aware it's a crowded intellectual property space. Nevertheless we're confident not to infringe this and other running patent applications. We're still in the first priority year and therefore can not disclose any details from our own application.

    22. Michael H. on

      Regarding the patent pending DURACORE concept, have you considered https://patents.google.com/patent/US6865916B2 (the Knock'n'Lock cylinder)?

    23. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @ Kevin Cooper: Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. It's great that the point of not relying on motors to open the door lock has come across. We will be discussing and planning way's to integrate BOLD with other smart home hardware and software platforms. Going open source and growing a community is definitely one of the favorites!

      @ Michael H.: Great advice to let lock (picking) experts go wild on our lock! We have been talking to the chairman of Toool and went to a meeting in Eindhoven. We really enjoyed the thrills and frustrations of lock picking ourselves and thoroughly discussed our product.
      It was a great and learn-full experience! For us it was very important to get all that knowledge and experience into our development process as soon as possible. Two of them were also involved in digital security as their day job. They invited us for Garderen so definitely one of us will be there. So meet you there!

    24. Michael H. on


      As they say "Any fool can design a lock that he himself cannot circumvent" - here's what you should do: Take it to the number one world meeting of lock experts - LockCon, which will happen very conveniently for you in Garderen, NL on 30 Sep - 02 Oct 2016 (see https://toool.nl/LockCon ) and put your concept and prototype under the scrutiny of all the experts there. They will tell you if it will be opened in seconds by vibration, high speed turning, etc, and you'll find a lot of people with cryptography experience as well.

      See you there hopefully,

    25. Missing avatar

      ab on

      Thanks guys for the nice deal. Lets make Holland safer:)!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cooper on

      Hi Bold,

      This lock sounds great. I love the approach you've taken of letting the user open/close the lock rather than using a motor.

      Have you thought about open sourcing the platform and mobile app? This could greatly reduce the development costs and give the community confidence in the longevity of the product. It would also allow peopke to develop apps for other mobile/desktop/consoles etc.

      I'm assuming your revenue stream is from selling the physical device so with my minimal business knowledge this could be beneficial to you. It would allow this product to become a community.

      Good luck with the project. I'm looking forward to receiving mine.

    27. Andy Taylor

      @BOLD, thanks for answering the questions and so promptly :)

    28. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Andy: No, BOLD does not know if the door is locked or unlocked - it only knows if it is activated or not. BOLD does record who changed its state and when this can be downloaded by the owner/administrator. The owner/administrator of the lock can change the timer settings and the light settings.Tamper could be a future feature but also depends on connectivity to be useful... There is no electronics on the outside of the door therefore if the battery is out of juice, you can't charge it from the outside. We trust that accepting this will make you change the battery on time when BOLD starts to indicate that the batteries are getting low (See the FAQ). if someone removes the knob they can, but they can't get in the door BOLD is super strong!

    29. Mike on

      @creator sorry, but I don't understand your answer regarding the shipping. Your pledges do not include shipping costs, they are added during checkout while selecting the country. So you could have set shipping costs per country. (see https://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/creator%20questions#faq_63034 )

      What about giving EU bakers cheaper remotes as alternative?

    30. Andy Taylor

      Does the app have the option to send notifications or SMS when the door is in an unlocked or locked state? Also state "who" unlocked the door?
      How about battery notifications?
      Can the application be used to change the timeout on the lock?
      Can we change the lights effects or turn them off?
      Is there a tamper alarm if someone fiddles with the knob or tries to remove it?
      Any fail safe for if the battery goes dead (for instance, my Yale keyfree had two battery points that I can touch a battery to allowing it power to work in an emergency)?

      Sorry for all the questions! Just trying to decide if this is the lock for me.

    31. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Stéphane, yes the knob wil have a little screw, just like how normal knobs and handles are placed on door furniture (We didn't show this as it takes the speed out of the video).

      @Kristaps 1) If the batter runs out of juice the cylinder will remain in the state it is in at that moment - so either activated or de-activated. 2) The door can be opened from the inside by removing the smart engine compartment, and using a pen/pencil to couple the knob. You will need both hands to be able to remove the smart engine compartment (it is impossible for someone who is outside). 3) That is indeed a case we do not want to have happen, to prevent this we require a sustainable business. We also have other business models in mind for other markets (business) to cover the costs for upgrading the app for newer versions of iOS and Android.

    32. Stéphane Biguet on

      Hi, in the video, I see that the outside knob is just put but not fixed. How does this work? Could anyone get the knob out or will it be screwed?

    33. Kristaps Peļņa on

      I think this is a really great project, but I have some concerns/questions about some worst case scenarios.
      First, if the battery dies (even if unlikely) will the lock be locked or unlocked?
      Second, if the hardware/software stops working or malfunctions (technically thats possible) then there is no possibility to open the door from the outside or inside. And only way through would be ruining the lock or the door? And if the key is so well made, then it would be really hard to ruin the key and get in?
      Third, what if the app would be removed from the appStore or the app would not be updated for new iOS version, therefore would not work if the phone was upgraded?

    34. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Sander and Mike: We expect(ed) the majority of our pledges to come from outside the Netherlands. From our pre-live kickstarter page viewers/testers we got the feedback that the rewards were unclear, so we made it simpler, including the shipping (knowing that those in NL would not get such a good deal on the shipping). Now the way we filled the Kickstarter reward system works, we can no longer change it anymore. For two or more BOLD locks shipping is free within NL.

      @Jan: Please support us (even if it's just a euro) and your are on the mailing list!

      @JOSE: BOLD can be paired with up to 100 smart phones (free). One smartphone can be paired to an infinite number of locks. The exact workings we cannot disclose, but this is possible due to the hardware.

      @JOSE: BOLD Remotes have to be paired with the specific lock. This is done when both the owner's phone and the Remote within bluetooth range of BOLD through the app on the owners phone. A paired Remote has permanent access to that Door. An unpaired remote does not have acces.

    35. Michael H. on

      Hi @BOLD,

      I read through the description again - it sounds like I have to push the button on the inside of the BOLD cylinder before I can turn the inside knob to operate the lock, correct?
      Will this also activate the outside knob?
      Can I tell the cylinder that I want to use it on the inside (e.g. to lock the door), but don't want the outside knob to be active?
      I'm thinking of a scenario with a threatening person outside, where the user wants to lock the door from the inside.


    36. Sander van der Velde on

      Hi JOSE or is it MIKE MICHAEL ARTHUR JOHNSON??? Why do I feel so much frustration in your messages? You're asking for a link to a FAQ page but you already posted questions 5 days ago on the FAQ PAGE?!?

    37. JOSE on

      QUESTION ??? If I am a "bad guy" can I buy a basic BOLD SMART lock and a REMOTE - THEN use this one remote to go around and open many different doors with BOLD locks installed ? OR, are the remotes " paired" somehow to a single BOLD lock?

    38. JOSE on

      QUESTION ??? How does one smartphone and one APP handle several different BPLD Smart locks?

      Please add this answer to your FAQ

      Do you have a FAQ Page? WHAT is the URL LINK?


    39. Mike on

      @creator please check your shipping costs. DHL from EU to EU is around 10.- for a package small + large side < 50cm for consumers. So you should get even better prices.

    40. Jan Plewa on

      Great technology. Is there a mailing list one can sign up to?

    41. Sander van der Velde on

      @creator, why is the price of national shipping that high? I mean if I ship something it cost roughly €6,75

    42. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Andy, Shipping will be from Europe.
      @Andy, The remote can be used on an infinite number of BOLD Locks. Each BOLD lock can have up to 100 free users (remotes or mobile devices).

      @Bjorn, We have received questions about HomeKit, IFTTT and other system compatibility. At present the lock is stand-alone. We are looking into the compatibility as a future feature. Our initial focus is on bringing a very safe and perfectly performing product onto the market on time as promised. We have no definite plans with regard to the HomeKit, IFTTT but will keep all our backers informed as we progress.

    43. BOLD Security Technology Creator on

      @Mike, Sorry for the delay, there were multiple miscommunication errors on our side most notably that we replied to a wrong email address. If yo have any other questions please let us know.

    44. Robin van Dienst on

      @Mike Michael Arthur Johnson (or something) I think you need to have a little patience. Don't push the creator this way. I'm irritated by the way that your comments are written.

    45. Andy Taylor

      Another question, if i had a back door and front door fitted with these locks, would one remote be able to be used to unlock both?

    46. Andy Taylor

      The question was asked earlier but I didn't see a response,

      Are you shipping from Europe? Otherwise we need to factor in extra costs for import duties etc.


    47. bjorn Venema on

      20 dollar shipping from Rotterdam to Groningen? ;). You will bring it personally? Will there ifttt support? So when the lock will be opened, my lights will switch on?

    48. JOSE on

      HELLO ????? I have POSTED a list of reasonable and in my opinion related questions about your product on the Kickstarter BOLD Security Message area. SO far it has been a week with no attempt to answer any of my questions. I am a serious potential backer but not if no one cares to engage my issues.

      I don't believe this Comment area should be a Q@A location or a place for any form of constructive analysis of the product.

      I believe any such discussion detracts from the professionalism of the campaign.

      Therefore, I respectively ask the campaign managers to address my questions on the message board or even better directly by sending me an email reply.

      Still waiting.....


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