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The KB Mount allows you to securely fasten a GoPro camera to almost all wakeboards and some makes of kiteboard. Read more

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The KB Mount allows you to securely fasten a GoPro camera to almost all wakeboards and some makes of kiteboard.

About this project

Product testing - Kitesurfing

#{project_title}'s video poster

 Product testing - Wakeboarding

Product testing with Chad Sharpe
Product testing with Chad Sharpe

 Product testing with Jack Hammersley

 MK2 Design

The MK2 now offers a fin less solution aimed at cable riders who ride without fins. The solution allows you to insert an M5 screw through the board, fastened topside with a wig nut. Both A2 grade stainless steel for added quality. This solution offers a secure fixing with minimal drag allowing you to capture footage without interfering to your ride.

Story to date

I'm a Product Designer and wakeboarding enthusiast based in Cornwall, UK. I bought a GoPro back in the summer of 2013 and I was surprised to find no mounts available to allow you to securely fasten a GoPro to a wakeboard. This problem lead me to design and prototype the KB Mount for GoPro.

What's great about my design is it's:

  • Quick & easy to fasten
  • Durable & lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Allows you to capture unique footage

The funds raised will allow me to get a tool produced so I can injection mould the KB Mount and produce a first batch of products. I could seek funding myself but I wanted to be sure there was a viable market before committing to this capital expenditure. Therefore, I felt Kickstarter would be a good idea to see if there was enough interest internationally for such a product. 


Prototype: Having now prototyped the KB Mount, I believe I have a great product which will be highly useful for riders wanting to capture a unique angle from the board, whilst knowing that their GoPro is safely secured to the board.

Mounting versatility: The diagram below shows the vast array of board manufacturers this mount is designed to work with. One of the three main Countersunk slots will always require a screw to be located; then depending on what board you have, the second screw will be located as shown below.

Supplied screws: Each KB Mount will be supplied with two high quality fasteners.What screws you require, depends on what board you have. It will be either of the following:

  • A2 Stainless 10-24 UNC Phillips Countersunk Screws (Length 1-1/4")
  • A2 Stainless 1/4 UNC Phillips Countersunk Screws (Length 5/8, 3/4 or 1")

Leash option: As seen in the image below, I have used a standard GoPro surfing leash. This is possible for added security, however it does make it more time consuming to fit the bracket. The Leash will be included with the product.

Changeable viewing angle: This can be changed by moving the screw between the three main CSK slots. The maximum angle you can film at is either 10 or 20 degrees depending on what board you have. For example if you have a Slingshot board you can have 20 degrees maximum. If you have a Ronix board 10 degrees is your maximum angle as the increased distance between screws limits your viewing angle.

#{project_title}'s video poster

Project time scale

As you can see from the plan below I'm hoping to release this product early into the 2014 wakeboarding season. I believe these timescales to be realistic and achievable.

Personal Statement 

By backing the KB Mount for GoPro you are showing me that it's a product that boarders want, enabling me to have confidence that there is a valid market. 

On top of that you are allowing me to take my first product to market which is incredibly exciting and I'm keen to make this happen.

Thank you for your support,


The Rewards

Design protection

Patent pending No: 1319026.9


Marcus Hayward for production of the intro video. Polly Money and Tom Haigh for music. Craig Smith for kitesurfing testing. Chad Sharpe & Jack Hammersley for wakeboard testing.

Risks and challenges

Manufacturing Risks: There is always a risk with manufacturing, however having worked with Mastars for a number of years in my current day job I have built up a good working relationship with them. Mastars are a reliable company that specialise in the manufacture of plastic components to a high standard, and deliver on time.

Prototype Risk: Having just been through a second stage of prototyping and focus groups, I will be making a number of small tweaks. I'm happy to continue prototyping till I get this right, within the time scales available.

Capturing actual footage: I have ordered a second batch of prototypes which are being shipped around the world for testing by both Pro wakeboarding and kitesurfers. Stayed tuned for demo footage coming soon.

Research Challenge: I've had to try and find all the different types of boards available. After extensive research and as far as I'm aware I have covered almost all the wakeboards currently available.

Alternative Kiteboard GoPro mounts available: I am aware there are a couple of kiteboarding mounts currently on the market. I believe these to be more expensive and less versatile than the KB Mount.

Some boards have integrated fins and some have no fins at all. Although a small minority, its inevitable my product won't work on these boards.CTRL, Nobile & New Schnitzel boards CAN NOT be supported.

Correct screw required: Depending on what make and model of board you have, you will require a certain screw type. I am currently keeping a record of screws needed but it may grow over time.

Another scenario may be the user might have several different boards and require different sets of screws. This is all feasible providing I know which screws to send. An added charge for extra screws and postage may be required.

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  • No, I have now come up with a solution to mounting this mount to a board without fins. Details to follow in an update shortly.

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