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We are a Permaculture Farm, wanting to become a Non-Profit so that we may teach small-scale farming practices. Read more

Bodega, CA Food
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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2012.

We are a Permaculture Farm, wanting to become a Non-Profit so that we may teach small-scale farming practices.

Bodega, CA Food
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About this project

Help Us Become a Non-Profit Educational Farm, So That We May Always Give!

The Story Goes a Lil Sumpin' Like This...

We started this farm March 9th of 2012 with just a dream, and a couple of shovels. When we first leased the acre, the grass was touching the SKY! With a lot of hard work and being here morning to night, we have created a farm in just one month. (Yet, our backs need hinges now to function, but what the HAY!)

In California, and in most of the nation, a majority of farmers are 60 years and above. With this, we have high hopes in bringing the youthful hearts back to the soil, and roughing up those fingernails! 

We have been farming for some years, bringing together knowledge of Permaculture, Animal Husbandry, Beekeeping, Composting, & Plant Cultivation. Basically, just pure love and passion for the Earth and what is within it.

Did You Know...

. Duck eggs are a good source of Vitamin B12, & Stay Hoppy Farms has 12 Khaki Campbell Duck friends!

.Most vegetables contain the nutritional values of fiber, potassium, & iron. 

.Topsoil. It's arguably the most precious stuff on Earth, sustaining all land-dwelling animals, including humans. It takes nature 500 years to make an inch of it

. Everyday in the United States, we drink about 110 million gallons of water. We are designing our farm to where it catches and stores the rain.

Where Are We?

We are located in the heart of Sonoma County in a town called Bodega, California.  Lush green pastures, hawks, blue skies, wild flowers and great days are some of the many perks of this county.  Stay Hoppy Farms main focus is striving to become a Non-Profit Organic Educational Farm with a wholesome cultivation of the finest vegetables, hops, medicinal herbs, and duck eggs on the market. We plan to create our own seed-saving company, so that we may grow a kinship with nature, and provide what has been so giving to us. Seeds! We will strive to create a distinct loyal product that will redefine the farming community. Wanting to be a Non-Profit, we wish to hold educational tours on our farm, and Permaculture Workshops. Our motto is, “When we grow it, it will grow beautiful within you.” Stay Hoppy Farms, we’re here to stay, just to make sure it’s being done right. 

Where Will The Money Go?

* Kickstarter has an  "all or nothing" policy. Meaning, if we do not make our goal, we don't gain the donations. We want this project funded for the following items:

. Become a Non-Profit Educational Farm. This includes filling the papers to the state & IRS.

.Small Classroom Construction, so that we may hold educational tours, and Permaculture workshops.

. Basic Farm Supplies. Straw, pots, trays, wood, tools & tool repair, green house maintenance.

. Duck supplies/ vet/ maintenance. 

. Build a Farm Stand! We wish to keep it super local! Selling our food straight from our hands to the customer! The farm stand location will be here, at Stay Hoppy Farms!

Thank you so much for your support & the best way to teach about farming is to spread the word!


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    Blueprints for your own garden, designed by Permaculture Consultant. (Jordan Vermillion)

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