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Gaming Gun 
Compatible with: XBOX, PS3, PC, VR, AR, PS4, XBOX ONE .
Gaming Gun Compatible with: XBOX, PS3, PC, VR, AR, PS4, XBOX ONE .
979 backers pledged $198,185 to help bring this project to life.

All Delta Six Backers

Posted by David Kotkin (Creator)
Hello Kickstarter Backers, 

The Delta Six Team would like to update you all on the business of Delta Six and how the shipping of your products is being facilitated. 

As you may have heard through multiple reports, Kotkin Enterprises creators of the Delta Six is under all new management. They have done a complete overhaul of all staff, stepped back to let a new team run the company to make it successful and profitable for the years to come. The owner is very passionate about making his Delta Six dream come true of the most realistic first person shooter product on the market today. He is also very dedicated to finding ways on fulfilling all of the orders that were backed on kickstarter as you are the people who believed in The Delta Six from the beginning. 

The new management team has been working tirelessly on every aspect of the business from manufacturing, funding, marketing and most importantly getting feedback from the customers on how to better the product for their gaming experience. In doing this overhaul the management team has found some faults in the Kickstarter fundraising campaign leading to long lists of disgruntled customers and product not being fulfilled. 

We the management team want to fix this and give all of our backers the opportunity to enjoy our great product. All in all we have over 800+ backers who were promised a Delta Six for their contributions. In looking at the pledge amounts from the backers and the cost of goods on our end we found HUGE problems in the management of the Kickstarter process. It was very very poorly managed from the start. 

Based on this here is our solution to the problem we have of fulfilling thousands of orders in a timely manner. What the Delta Six Team has done is set up a link for all 800+ Kickstarter backers to get their product shipped out. 

What you will find on this link is a portal to purchase shipping for your product. USA customers a $30 charge and International customers a $70 charge. Once the shipping purchase is done on the backers end we will cross reference it to your pledge number, name, order and ship out the product within 3 days as we have it in stock. Keep in mind if you pledged a higher amount for 2 Delta Six Products you will need to place double the shipping for both products to be sent.

We understand that this is not the most ideal situation for our backers but it is the only way we will be able to fulfill these orders as we are still a start up. We will be eating the cost of the manufacturing of the Delta Six which for this many backers is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Backers must understand that when they back a project, they're helping to create something new which takes a lot of time to develop and bring to market. We hope that you all will understand and work with us on receiving your Delta Six after such a long wait. 

We look forward to you joining the Delta Six Team and are excited to finally getting these products shipped out to our loyal backers.

Thank you and Happy Gaming 

Delta Six Management Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mahdi Hedhli on

      Hey guys... how am I supposed to get my Delta Six if the link is dead?

    2. Missing avatar

      John Hsu on

      this link doesn't work

    3. Mark Farrell on

      Hi David,

      Here's my first demo video. It's a bit dark but any brighter and you can't see the crosshair. Also I kept getting interrupted by people talking in the background but on playing it back I kind of think it adds to it. Let me know if it works for the US sense of humour. Another one to follow imminently...…

    4. Nathan E. Herschbach on

      The link doesn't work, does this mean I am screwed again. Dammit.

    5. Steve Stromberg on

      hey guys, I just got the gun today. Made a quick unboxing video. Gave my honest opinion on what I saw. Hope it helps you guys out! ( vids still processing, might take a bit longer)

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Meyer on

      Just wanted to leave a note that I received my Delta Six today--paid the $30 ransom when this update went out, and it looks like it's arrived in good condition. I backed the no-frills package, though--no hydro-dipping, no hard case, no nothin'--so I can't vouch for what backers at those levels might be receiving. But at least they're good on their word in one case (if you take a very liberal interpretation of what their word is/was).

    7. Missing avatar

      Sarah Tuck on

      I am backer #526 for this Delta Six project. This is extortion, as the shipping was already included in the original $160 I paid. When I clicked the link to investigate the additional shipping costs, I was taken to David Kotkin's website and given a 404 message. I cannot even pay the shipping costs, even if I wanted! Which I don't!

      I honestly just want the game controller I ordered in June 2013. It is against kickstarter's policies to demand more money for an already successfully funded project. I am moving in April this year and am worried that I, like everyone, will be denied customer service and won't even be still living at my address when/if it arrives! Please help me get my controller or a refund of my $160. I would rather have the product I funded in 2013, that is why I paid for it.

    8. Zhongyang Liu on

      I can't even pay for the $30 if I want to! I didn't receive any link and the link provided in the post doesn't work... Anyone who has paid can tell me how did you pay $30?

    9. Coastal Pete

      I require a refund!

    10. Coastal Pete

      Justin Allen on February 16
      Who else is feeling like it's about time for a class action lawsuit? We funded the R and D of a device that is already shipping out to people who are buying them today, and yet we have not received our promised rewards. It would seem that Delta Six is the one with a liability to spend some money here, not us. I don't care how mismanaged the project was, that is not my fault. We are already over a year late on the rewards and quite frankly this is insulting.
      I won't give you more money to spend on providing a product to people who bought it a year after I did. If you guys are eating 100 Gs in cost of the controllers, is 30 dollars shipping really going to break you? If so, then you should file for chapter 11 restructuring, not come back asking your customers for more money for a product we already purchased.Justin Allen on February 16
      Who else is feeling like it's about time for a class action lawsuit? We funded the R and D of a device that is already shipping out to people who are buying them today, and yet we have not received our promised rewards. It would seem that Delta Six is the one with a liability to spend some money here, not us. I don't care how mismanaged the project was, that is not my fault. We are already over a year late on the rewards and quite frankly this is insulting.
      I won't give you more money to spend on providing a product to people who bought it a year after I did. If you guys are eating 100 Gs in cost of the controllers, is 30 dollars shipping really going to break you? If so, then you should file for chapter 11 restructuring, not come back asking your customers for more money for a product we already purchased.


      Totally agree! I would require a refund for the controller, metal case + shipping already paid.

    11. Ikalios

      I'm just asking what are his plan (if he's working on a solution to make everyone happy) and he's clearly ignoring me. David is a kid, can't stand for himself here, post what he wants without any form of respect for his backers and at the first sign of opposition, disappear. Being from the man who thought until yesterday that leaving backers in the dark was better. Now, it's not that he's not here, he just don't care. If he was a man, he would have answered something like : "I'm looking for a cheaper alternative for the resistant ones." No, he decided to hide. I can't understand how someone like that can still own a business and have clients. He doesn't work to arrange things, he just waits for them to pass. And I can't stand that. I won't give him an inch of space. Already started to make contact with a friend that works for a journal. That will be my gift for the 180$ I paid.

    12. Missing avatar

      Al on

      David, enough of this. I, and many others, have pledged initially at the $225 level plus shipping with expectation that there would be AN hydro dipped cameo and engraving. The product now offered and being shipped is the basic kit for 159.00. This means that there is already 66.00 that you have recieved in addition to those who pledged 159.00. Including the pledge 20.00 shipping (intl), it means we already have provided you with an extra 86.00 - wich is more than the shipping costs that you are asking for.

      So, am I to beleive then that we are to pay twice as much shipping as those who pledged the lower tier and get absolutely no benefits above?

      If you are asking an extra 20 (70) for those who only pledged the basic kit, and shipping the same kit to all pledgers, then why are we asked to pay twice as much shipping?

    13. Mark Farrell on

      I find the Delta Six team's approach here utterly baffling. A few honest, carefully chosen words at the right moments would surely have resulted in them retaining a modicum of respectability but whoever is responsible for their PR could hardly have done a worse job.

      I think it's a shame that a project which started with so many ardent followers has needlessly torpedoed its own reputation and even when they've fulfilled all the backers and reached the stage of being able to stock supermarket shelves they'll never retrieve it.

      Anyway, it just seems pointless at this stage for people to be demanding refunds; if they had that sort of money kicking around, they wouldn't have needed Kickstarter in the first place, would they?

    14. Sean Concannon on

      I'm not paying an additional $173.39 CDN for shipping especially after friends I genuinely referred to this campaign received their D6's a while ago with free shipping simply by filing a BBB complaint. After a year and a half of multiple email and message requests, none of them have ever been replied to. I will be filing a complaint regarding the Delta Six/Avenger controller with the Better Business Bureau, specific gaming forums, the OculusVR developer community and my website if I don't receive shipping confirmation within 5 days to my Canadian address.

    15. Sean Concannon on

      It seems David Kotkin believes the bad publicity that helped sell the Delta Six originally will work to his advantage again by ripping off the same people who actually invested in this project and brought it to light to get him where he is now now. There's a HUGE line between viral marketing and flat out scamming of customers and he just crossed it. Fact, he has our products and refuses to send them to us based on the EXACT terms set out by the campaign. Kickstarter is fully impeaching on their policies here.

    16. Minoru TODA on

      Now that my delta six has actually been shipped (as per USPS tracking), I expect everything that they carefully chose not to mention are shipped together (brief case, hydro dipping and swag).

      If they make substandard delivery, I will do my best to get the extra money back.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Meyer on

      (Minor mistake in my earlier post: it's USPS, not UPS. D'oh.)

    18. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Sum on

      With all this information about the BBB and state attorney generals does it mean that international customers have to either pay the ransom or lose their initial investment to limbo? Does anyone know if you need residency to file with the BBB in the state where D6 is in? I am sure all the international friends here would appreciate some advice.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Meyer on

      Another confirmation for others--I paid the ransom (only $30 for me) when this update was posted and just now received an email with a UPS tracking number. UPS says the number isn't live yet, but that's pretty standard for shipments that have been created but not yet handed over to UPS. Hopefully this means I'll actually have a controller soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael du Bruyn on

      @Brian Reyes thanks for the info although with our exchange rate (11.6 to the $ at the moment!) its not an option. Will be stuck with the incomplete covered stock. Cant get the gun to run properly unless I boot windows to ignore driver signing to get motionjoy to work and haven't really had time to spend getting it working properly. At least I got mine I guess. a part of me is still positive I will get it working properly when I spend some time with it.

    21. Phillip Hanson on

      Just so those that paid are aware. I just got update on mine. It's 2 hours north of me with expected delivery Monday for both of mine. 2 separate tracking numbers.

    22. Missing avatar

      Wesley Semrok on

      Just wondering why shipping would double for two Delta 6 controllers. Wouldn't it be approximately 1.5 the amount (at most)? Also, when ordering they also slip in an additional cost for shipping $71.30 for International ( Canada ) orders, in addition to the two 70.00 shipping charges. Why is that. I won't place any additional orders till at least the that is rectified.

    23. dunc on

      So... Kickstarter just confirmed that they are indeed *not* a serious platform.

      With regards to the negative response I got from the Kickstarter support team regarding their involvement (see some posts down below in this thread), I sent back the following - rather pointy - question:

      "I am puzzled.

      Are you telling me 'yes, Kickstarter has Terms and Conditions for project creators, but if they are willingly violated, we don't do anything about it'?"

      And this is their response:

      "Here at Kickstarter HQ, we expect creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds if they’re unable to complete their project, and communicate with backers at every step along the way. While Kickstarter is the platform for this agreement, we are not a part of it. We do not investigate a project creator’s ability to complete their project, nor do we facilitate refunds or the fulfillment of rewards. While in most cases you’ll find that rewards are delivered as promised, it’s also important to realize that some projects might not fulfill as planned.

      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:

      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn’t fulfill their obligations under the agreement. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill."

      In other words: Kickstarter is fully aware that the platform can be abused, and if that happens, bad luck for the backers, deal with it.

      I am appalled.

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      @Josh - oh you found the original KS project. If you had backed it back then you would already have ill feelings if the project could be handled properly or not. Some of us still took a chance though the 2nd time around with more reasonable goals, yet still the goals to backers still can't be accomplished within the framework.

    25. Missing avatar

      Joel Oré Arriola on

      Good morning.
      I have made the payment of $ 70 for international shipping to Spain and I have not received my tracking number D6. I have read that others have already received your email shipping. I hope prompt hear.

    26. Mathew Bitner on

      Kotaku just posted an article explaining more about our situation. Unless your states has specific consumer projections against crowd-funding, you're pretty much up sh*t-creek with Kickstarter. I'm paying the $30 to get my D6 and put this whole horrible mess behind me. I guess this peripheral will go into "the drawer of forgotten gaming stuff" along-side my Avenger controller. Kotkin sucks.

    27. Missing avatar

      Al on

      I feel sad for Kickstarter's hopeful - as seeing that their terms of services are more or less lip service - I will no longer support any more project through this service, be it software or hardware, as this program appears to take no consideration nor precautions on fly by night scammers.

      It's one thing, and understandable to invest in something that fails but something else altogether when the kickstarted product is made and withheld from the very people that help fund it, with the Kickstarter staff aware of same and not implementing their agreed terms of service.

    28. Brian Reyes on

      @Michael du Bruyn

      I got an email from Chan that said this: Yes, all new D6's use the final stock design. You would need to send both the barrel and stock back as the new stock requires extra pins between the barrel and stock to send the signal of when to engage the motor.

      I am clarifying now if when I pay to send those items back to Florida (Why I have to pay to send an Item back a I didn't ask for in the first place is beyond me.) But lets just say I DO pay, I am checking to see if they will also hold my Deltasix hostage and ask me to pay the shipping to have it sent back to me or not. I will update once I hear back.

    29. dunc on

      As there has been no reaction from the D6 team, I've officially requested a refund now.

      Unfortunately, the D6 team does not seem to see a need for providing information about a proper refund process, hence I used the only two email addresses that are known:

      Furthermore, as the Kickstarter team does not seem to see a reason to act either, I will abandon Kickstarter as valid crowdfunding platform.

      This is a sad day.

      And all this because people on both sides seem to have no interest in proper communication. They seem to trust that these are "isolated cases" that can not hurt them in the big picture.

      Spread the word!

    30. Daniel Åkesson on

      I don't get it. So, some early backers got it, but the rest of us have to pay this hostage fee?

    31. Minoru TODA on

      So, I paid my $70 and I got my tracking number.
      They are sending via Priority Mail International, which takes 6 to 10 business days to Japan and costs about $60 or more (depending on actual sizes), so the shipping costs are fair (excluding the fact that I paid $110 total for shipping).

    32. Daniel Åkesson on

      Sorry, should be @Jonathon

    33. Daniel Åkesson on

      @Jonaton. The point of those links is to become informed and collect information about those devices. I would really hate it to see that whoever should get the credit for their work don't get it because a copycat happen to have better marketing and show up first on google search... Now, I don't know all the facts, I'm just putting what I find out there.

    34. FR3D on

      I paid 520$ for receiving two engraved hydrodipped d6 before all others ... that was the deal !!!
      But you shipped to lower level backers first.
      And now i have to pay again ?
      I don't trust you and I don't trust kickstarter anymore.
      I will never back anything - I'm from germany and I don't know how to deal with this situation.
      But I will ask my lawyer what I can do now.
      Shame on Kotkin, Shame on D6 and more shame on Kickstarter who does nothing for it's reputation !

      worst regards

    35. Missing avatar

      Shannon Moon on

      Those of us in Florida can file a complaint with the Florida BBB here:
      and with the Florida Attorney General here:…

    36. Daniel Åkesson on

      @dunc: Also, what I find suprising is given the amount of money Kickstarer have earned, I'm supriced how lacking and bad the interface and platform is for creators. One really wonder why it's not better as it really is a core part of Kickstarter. The text editor is a joke really. I could do a better one over a weekend by just utilising some great open source ones.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael du Bruyn on

      @Brian Reyes, I received the half made foam covered stock. Haven't purchased a scale down transformer to test it with yet. had a lot of issues getting it to work and stay calibrated but got it working properly once. Not much time to play games lately but will get around to it at some point. Hopefully by then there will be proper drivers and software available.

    38. MayoikondaInu -迷い込んだ犬-

      Mail of the same content is back.

      Kickstarter also do not forget that is taking a commission.

    39. Js Wells on

      @dunc I can see this as an exploitable platform for future scammers. I think my days of backing Kickstarters are done.

    40. dunc on

      Looks like the Kickstarter team surprisingly does no need to get involved here. I opened a support ticket with them, explaining the situation and the fact that a project creator is *willingly* violating the Kickstarter Terms of Usage. All I asked for was that the Kickstarter team gets in contact with the project creators in order to advise them to setup a proper refund process, as of today, there still is no official info about how to properly request a refund.

      Here's what the Kickstarter staff replied to me:

      "hanks for reaching out about this and I'm sorry to hear about this situation. We encourage creators to research all costs involved in completing their project prior to launching; however, sometimes the scope of a project can change and result in unexpected fees for the creator. We know that this isn't an ideal situation for backers or creators, but hope that everyone involved can work together to understand and overcome these obstacles when they come about.

      That said, this is something that you'll have to work out with the creator directly. To message a project creator, visit the project page, and click on the "Contact me" link under the creator's name in the bio section.

      Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We hope that you and the creator are able to work out a resolution soon."

      I actually replied to that support answer and asked them to re-think that answer, because it would translate to "yes, we do have Terms of Use, but if they are willingly violated, we don't do anything about it".

      If that's the official Kickstarter view on that matter, Kickstarter just disqualified itself as a serious platform. Hence I REALLY hope that there will be a follow up on this.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jonathon on

      Below is what I filed with my attorney General, feel free to use it:

      The Delta Six controller was offered as a Kickstarter crowd funding project.

      The estimated delivery time was Aug 2013. For over 2 years they posted updates saying that, the project was on course but taking longer than expected, but to not worry that all rewards for support would be delivered.

      Feb 16 2015 they released a statement saying, that though they have all of our rewards produced, but are refusing to ship them unless you pay an additional $30 for shipping, even though shipping was included in the original purchase price. This statement can be seen below:

      The kickstarter terms of service located here:
      states that

      "A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward."

      They have our products but are "unwilling to fulfill the reward". They are also refusing refunds so are in clear breach of the terms of service.

      This is blatant extortion. They are refusing to send our products unless we pay more than was originally asked.

      Please advise.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jonathon on

      @Daniel Akesson, no I had not. Thank you for the article. I guess they may just be a storefront then, regardless they are still profiting from the sale of them.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathon on

      Washington backers, please reach out to your Attorny General. This violates your states Consumer Protection act, and they can be fined $2000 per order for not fulfilling it. There was a similar case to this already:

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin Allen on

      After seeking some advice (though with the disclaimer that it "is not legal advice") and the same disclaimer applies here, it would appear that our best bet is to all contact our State Attorney General's office.

    45. Daniel Åkesson on

      I'm just putting the information out there. Up to you to decide what is true.

      Also, this is crap. What does a bad management team has to do with paying extra for shipping?

    46. Missing avatar

      Al on

      Mark, This still does not addresses points that they are offering to ship only a basic pledge level, with none of the upper tier rewards, without taking into account the pledge difference nor the previously paid shipping in the pledge.

      For example, (Canada) - I pledged at the 225 level, + 20 shipping. Now this update essentially states that I will get a $159 pledge level item, foregoing the $89 difference and that I have to pay another $70 on top of that?

      Plus, if this thing is shipped UPS I'll have to also absorb their customs and handling costs of $50+

      So in the end I am expected to pay more for shipping than the product that was offered in the KS? Does it really cost them $169 to ship 12lbs ?

      I don't believe that.

    47. Mark Farrell on

      I lodged a complaint with the BBB a couple of weeks ago and today I received this response from KE:

      Kickstarter is something funded and was a very early investment. Since then, the company is under new management. For that reason, the shipping cost was in not correctly calculated in the pledge. The weight of a package is approximately 12 pounds. We may ship immediately if Kickstarter backer will pay for shipping cost for each package. Once payment is made, we will be able to ship reward packages as soon as we can

      So that's a bit more direct than the update here, which uses linguistic chicanery to try and avoid stating the plain facts: they have the products but they don't have the money to ship them. I replied that I'll consider paying the extra shipping if they swear in writing through the BBB process that they'll post my order the same day. As for their new management, maybe paying someone will get quicker results than using volunteers? Who knows.

    48. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      I'm a $500 backer and I got one of the two guns back in August/September. The reason for the delay given by them was the Hydrodipping wasn't ready yet for the other one (Carbon Fibre). I agree, none of us as backers should be paying extra for the shipping as it was included. If it wasn't enough, then that's not the KS backers fault. I'd rather pay for another Cronus for the 2nd gun then pay extra for the shipping. Missed out on the original discounts on the Cronus back in Aug-Oct period, that I do regret.