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A film about how ten moms, one dad, eight children and one sperm donor are re-imagining family.
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Update #12: Meet Belinda's son, AJ

Posted by Stephen Lee and Susan Czark (Creator)

Tonight's update features another of the eight children participating in An Extended Family. As with our previous video updates this clip simply featuring portions of our interview with AJ. This is not a section of the film as we have just begun editing.

This segment features AJ, the son of Belinda.  AJ is a character. Quick-witted and inclined to photobomb at any opportunity, AJ seems to develop easy relationships with the other kids and the adults. A self-described "band geek," AJ has shown exceptional musical talent.  

Even when he is home AJ often is hanging out with the other donor siblings via texting and FaceTime.

This update also continues the reflection about language that I raised in Update #11. In this interview with AJ we talked at some length about what he calls the other donor-conceived kids. At one point in the interview I referred to the other kids as his "half-siblings." In a followup question I used AJ's language of "brothers and sisters." And still later I referred to the children as the " donor siblings." All of those different terms are represented in this clip, primarily because it suggests how all of us in this "group" are still trying on terms and negotiating meaning. Just as some of the terms used to describe the mothers were not viewed as helpful, the language the children use to describe the each other is still very much up in the air. Technical accuracy does not make the terms meaning-neutral.

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