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Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
5,423 backers pledged $221,833 to help bring this project to life.

Patch 8, Free DLC, XBLA & More! To the presses!


Hello Kickstarters,

In this update:  Xbox release, PC Patch &, Free DLC, Steam Sale, Physical Copies, Mod Tools, and more!

PC Updates & Steam Sale

With Patch 8, we addressed the last major issues with Steam Integration, implementing friends joining and NAT traversal.  We also released a major DLC pack, with new maps, weapons, and more.  Along with this release, we launched an aggressive Steam sale, which had a result of a 1000% increase in concurrent players online.  We did this so that folks will be assured that there are people to go play games with.  Please take a moment and check out all of this content on our Steam page here:

AG Bullpup Series
AG Bullpup Series

Xbox 360 Release

TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre released on XBLA on February 21st! We have incorporated all of the relevant updates from PC, as well as the Free DLC released on PC over the past months. A few folks have asked about XBLA codes, and as I've previously mentioned, we are unable to provide them. Xbox codes do not work the same as Steam codes, and we are unable to simply generate them as we can for Steam codes.The response from Xbox gamers has been largely positive, and we are attempting to get some gaming sites to take a look at the Xbox version, as well as take a new look at the PC game, now that we have released 8 major patches, many hot-fixes, added bunches of new features and content based on your feedback.

Mod Tools 

Mod Tools are still a WIP, but we are getting VERY close.  I apologize for the delay, but creating a clean package with mod tools was not as simple as we thought it would be, and have been actively working with Epic on working through technical issues.  We don't want to release an editor that takes forever to load or that constantly crashes.  Because of licensing requirements with Unreal, we can't just release everything, because our game contains source code for Unreal 3 (not UDK).  Terry has been working long hours on this, and we think we now have a solution that we'll be sending over to Epic in the next few days for verification that it meets our licensing requirements for release.  This will of course be free.  A few people have asked about modding on Xbox, and unfortunately this wont be possible.  Miscrosoft does not have a built-in infrastructure for this support, and we simply do not have the ability to build the kind of back-end support that this kind of feature would require (most console games are the same).

Physical Copies  

Terry, Mark, and I have been working to get all the assets together for our print run of physical copies & art rewards for those Kickstarters who qualify. We are working with a "one stop shop" out of Florida, and have recently submitted all of our proofs. The physical copies of the game will include a Steam installer & code for ease of install. This will be in addition to the Steam code you already received. In addition, the disk will include a standalone copy of the game that can be copied over and run without being installed, for those of you who do not want to run Steam. There will be some features that will not function without some tinkering, due to the Steam integration we implemented that the vast majority of Kickstarters & fans have asked for. If you have changed addresses, keep an eye out for an upcoming survey email. If you do not fill out the survey, we will assume your address has not changed and ship to the original Kickstarter address provided. We cannot afford to re-send out returned items or replace items that are sent to outdated addresses. More details about the survey will be released shortly.

Thanks for your support!

We hope that our dedication to continue to improve and add to TAKEDOWN shows our passion about this game and this community.  While mistakes were made during development and launch, which I take full responsibility for, we continue to thank you for this great journey you have helped us experience.




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    1. Jacob on

      hey christian, glad to see that you and the team are still breathing life into this game, and wanted to say to don't give up on takedown

      re-launches are always a possible (final fantasy 14 did it when the original was a huge flop) and if its one thing serellan does, its make things shit the first time,then come back and do it right (kickstarter video)

      run another kickstarter i say, at the very worst it is unsuccessfull, at the very best we give takedown and tactical shooters another chance it deserves

    2. Scott Woodbury on

      Looking forward to the DLC, Wish you success on the XBL. Tell Jeff Rubenstein I said Hi ;)

    3. Christian Allen, Serellan LLC Creator on

      @James, not currently.

    4. James Dalley

      Are there any plans for a mac version?