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Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
5,423 backers pledged $221,833 to help bring this project to life.

November 5th Status Update & Patch Notes...


Here is a quick video status update on TAKEDOWN, and following is our current patch release notes:

Patch #5 20131105

New Content 5 New Cargo Ship “Firefight” Maps, utilizing new blocker system for smaller gameplay spaces - Available in Team Deathmatch and Last Man Standing

• Cargo Ship - Bow: The front section of the ship.
• Cargo Ship - Superstructure: The full superstructure.
• Cargo Ship - Stern: The rear section of the ship. • Cargo Ship - Midship: The outside of the Superstructure.
• Cargo Ship - A Deck: The interior and exterior of A Deck.

New Features

• In-Game Player/Team List Added (F1)

• Teammate ID Popup when pointing at Teammate (1 second delay, 5 meter limit) • “Killed By” Notification displayed to dead player only (Versus Mode) • Added in-game messaging when kicked from a game by the host 

Fixes/Gameplay Additions

• Improvements to Quickmatch Searching / Joining. Now when a game is located, the ‘Searching’ prompt changes to a ‘Joining Game’ prompt
• Extended life of blood spray
• Flashbang effect detection improved to help prevent small objects from blocking effect
• Added additional AI coverpoints in Biolab, Radar
• Removed several AI coverpoints that conflicted with doors on HQ, Radar, Biolab
• Fixed Facility doors not being closed in some “Firefight” map variants
• Fixed AI surrender animation not correctly playing on clients
• Fixed sun in HQ from appearing to have two light sources
• Fixed error in total Grenade/Flashbang count in HUD
• Players can now correctly pick up dropped grenades
• Fixed sprint animation sometimes incorrectly playing on clients
 • Reduced timeout for clients when host quits game
 • Fix for Host being unable to kick a player in lobby after returning from game.
• Functionality improvements to Spectate and Switch Team buttons in Lobby.
• Fix for Cargo Ship mission not failing when team killed after hostage secured
• Fix for Cargo Ship hostage guards consistently missing Hostages when engaging
• Adjusted Cargo Ship & Radar TH & BD spawns to eliminate spawning in LOS to tango      

Patch #4 20131024  

New Features:

• SP & Co-op Mission Objectives now include objective indicators to more easily locate.
• Lean Added to Toggle Alt-Options (Toggle Lean, ALT-L, Toggle Zoom, ALT-Z, Toggle Run/Walk, Swap Run/Walk, ALT-T).
• Steam Server Browser now supports launching and joining a game directly when game is not already running.
• Changed Team Indicator icons to Red Sabre and Urban Camo to better inform players of their friendly teams.

Gameplay Updates/Fixes:

• Adjusted chat log to not conflict with team indicators in versus mode
• Fix for Red Sabre sometimes displaying "tango" arms when picking up weapons & spawning
• Adjusted in-game messages to display lower to not interfere with ADS
• Fix for music playing at beginning of Versus match
• Removed Mission/Win from in-action and added to AAR Screen
• Fix weapon selection sometimes not functioning correctly for clients
• Disabled bad Tango spawn on Radar Station Tango Hunt
• Added audio cue when ALT toggle keys are used

Patch #3 20131018

New Features 

 • Support for Steam Quickmatch, allowing you to quickly hop into games utilizing NAT traversal - More info HERE http://www.serellan....ervers-and-you/ 
• Support for Valve Anti-Cheat
• Added “Team Messages” VO & Text Hotkeys (Z + Number Keys) 

Online & Steam Functionality
• Steam/UE3 Authentication Updates to improve connectivity 
• You will no longer be required to be logged into Steam to save your Loadout settings
• Fixed insertion point selection when not logged into Steam 
• When playing against someone who has not yet installed a patch (or if you haven't installed the latest available patch yourself), you should now have a more accurate message (instead of referencing a "downloadable content" mismatch) 
• Steam language selection should now function correctly 
• Removed Router message when unable to locate server 
• Player Servers now correctly display numbers of players in games Gameplay Updates & Bug Fixes 
• Fix for camera collision in spectate mode in certain areas related to relative Z position of map • Many doors have been closed in various locations 
• Players joining a co-op mission in progress (after 1 minute) will be set to spectate
• Named Loadouts “Recon, Assault, Breach, Sniper” 
• Provided a suppressor to Squad Mate Charlie 
• Team AI accuracy and response time increased 
• Increased Grenade Damage Range 
• Added audio indicators (beeps) to bombs in Att/Def to more easily locate them 
• Modify Loadouts button changed to “Save Loadouts” 
• UI no longer shows incorrect player counts in Last Man Standing 
• In Radar Base in Last Man Standing game mode, missing doors have been fixed 
• Body Armor mismatch fix for some characters 
• Fixed Audio Call for MP5SD that was causing it to sound unsuppressed 
• Fix for several Tango Hunt & Bomb Disarm Player Spawn points 
• Double Door Spawn on some Facility variants fixed 
• Updated several mis-translations in the Spanish version 
• Bomb in Biolab: Lab now properly lit 
• Misc. Localization fixes. 

Hotfix - 15 October 2013
• Server list fix for 'No Servers' message displaying before loading the list 
• Fixed spawn-points in ATT/Def HQ Alley. 
• Fixed Cargo Ship spawn points for Tango Hunt & Bomb Disarm. 
• Fix to introduce better exiting from the Quickmatch lobby. 
• Fix to resolve Quickmatch "Searching..." cancellation issue. The searching prompt will now cancel immediately upon clicking Cancel, or pressing ESC. 
• Countdown timer added to briefing videos in Single Player, alerting the player that a video is about to begin.
• Fixed Controls Menu from reordering incorrectly. 

Hotfix  17 October 2013

• Fix [Numpad 1] from getting bound to back button, causing Join IP screen to back up to the main menu
• Fix to disable player Team Communication (Z) when player is dead.
• Fix for enemy AI getting shoved up onto a door in Biolab.
• Killhouse Tango Hunt - Support for co-op spawns, added second insertion point.
• HQ & Radar map Design Fixes
• Fix to kill all sounds at end of round - eliminates the issue where players hear continuous firing, etc. between rounds.
• Fix for Attack/Defend clients appropriately playing relevant intro VO to team position.
• Fixed map listing order in UI
• Localized ‘Disarm All Bombs’ in French.
• Increased flashbang effect time 

Patch #2 20130927

• LOD’s and supporting code adjusted to resolve the odd eyeball/hand stretching issues with dead bodies.
• Implemented fix to reduce single player games abruptly ending with message prompt “Your connection to the host has been lost.” after attempting to join an MP game issue.
• UI fix for loadouts displaying options in their inappropriate slots.
• Fixed DLC bug related to players unable to join servers due to DLC mismatch.
• UI Fix for debug text “null’ displaying on the AAR screen.
• UI Fix for “AAA:BBB” being displayed on waiting to load screen.
• UI fix for server browser (lobby) games not refreshing upon clicking refresh button.
• Single Player extraction zones increased and should now properly complete while playing with Squad AI.
• All HQ extraction zones near all gates properly function.

Patch #1 20130923

  • The correct exe will now run automatically depending upon your windows version (Win32/Win64) 
  • Servers will be displayed now in the Steam list to enhance visibility of games being played, plus accuracy of information being shown. 
  •  TTS/Text to speech feature has been removed TAKEDOWN process now ends properly which will alleviate some server conflicts. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      UsF on

      Thank you for your continued support and not dropping the game. :) I am still hoping for the tactical shooter genre to make its comeback with your support and that after the patches maybe with the first expansion that builds upon the game and gets good exposure helps with that.

    2. Brian on

      good work even though I probably won't have time to play until xmas