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Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
5,423 backers pledged $221,833 to help bring this project to life.

This game has been reloaded: TAKEDOWN!

Posted by Christian Allen, Serellan LLC (Creator)

Thanks to all the great feedback from you and the community, we have an all new site with concept art, a more detailed description to answer your questions, a new video (which you gotta check out, although be warned there is some harsh language), and more!  Please check it out and spread the word.  Thanks for your support, we have a few days left but there is still time to make it!

You can also watch the video on youtube:


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    1. ET3D on

      Like Jonathan Krarup I just pledged a dollar just because it's nice to see the new video and improved descriptions. Not my kind of game, but I hope you get to make it for the people who love it.

    2. Christian Allen, Serellan LLC Creator on

      We added a second version with the cursing bleeped. The final game may have cursing, but will have options to turn it off. As a former Marine, I curse in my everyday language, and since I went with the flow, the cursing was natural.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Roberts on

      If the final game would have swearing then you don't need to censor the promo because thats your audience. If, on the other hand, you will not have swearing in game then don't utter one syllable that could be perceived as such.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. John Alvarado on

      Or post a bleeped version on Youtube and link to it from here.

    6. John Alvarado on

      If you bleeped over the f-bombs in the video I'd be happy to share it on Facebook. I'd also love my kids to see it (and they'd tell their friends about it), but my wife would be upset at the un-bleeped f-bombs so I can't.

    7. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      oh please please PLEASE let this happen!

    8. Peter C on

      All the memories of Rogue Spear some flooding back. When this takes off I wish you all the best.

    9. Tom Neudorf on

      Glad I just heard about this game. I'm onboard. Just hope 5 days is enough time.

    10. David R on

      $100 000 by the end of the day, keep it coming guys. Its gonna happen!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tazin on

      Another raised pledge for such an awesome video

    12. Missing avatar

      threetoz on

      Wow, there is actually hope now. Yesterday when I looked it was 70000 something, now its in the 90's. Fucking awesome!!
      The reboot worked wonders apparently.

    13. Jonathan Krarup on

      Hi guys. I had looked at your kickstarter before and didn't really see anything that struck me as interesting. Your reboot REALLY helped there, so I'm dropping a dollar in the tin in support of your efforts and goal.
      The reason why it is no more than a dollar is simply that I dislike first person shooters personally - not my type of games at all. But if I *did* like playing them, this would definately be one I'd be interested in seeing.
      Keep up the good work, I hope you reach your goal :)

    14. Missing avatar

      moela on

      There are very few moments in vidya that left me with such a feeling of accomplishment as co-op in the original ghost recon. I hope this ends up being made.

    15. Missing avatar

      bmo on

      Just pledged. I've been waiting years for a game like this. The original rainbow six games were some of my favorite shooters ever. Hell, one of only two games I think of at the moment that actually reloaded guns realistically which says a lot lol. Hope this one continues the tradition.

    16. Missing avatar

      =SEALZ=MATRIX on

      I am in for few dollars on this. Glad to see someone getting back to the OGR/RB6 style

    17. Missing avatar

      Swarmtek on

      Great logo choice. I figured it would be used as soon as I saw it on the forums. Lets make the game happen!

    18. Missing avatar

      jh on

      Upped my pledge because of this update. Looks pretty awesome!

    19. Matt Braunwart on

      I miss games like SWAT, I would very much enjoy this. 25$ to you sir.

    20. Missing avatar

      Azmi Azahari on

      Semper Fi!

      I hope all of you have faith, because I certainly do :)

    21. David R on

      Man... We have to make this happen... Damn, I'm raising from 50 to 100! MAKE US PROUD MAN!! Semper Fi!

    22. Jedra7609

      Good luck with this. I'm a big Arma 2 fan and hope you can bring the realism and hardcore nature of that but with the CQB that Arma 2 lacks. I would love to add Takedown to my collection. I backed you and will keep my fingers crossed.

    23. Jonathan Jones on

      Love the brand redesign... what do I think will make this happen in six days? A slick video of a team stacking, breaching and then clearing, CQB-style. With appropriately loud weapon reports, as in the movie "Open Range"-- yes, that loud and realistic. Okay, so it might be flashy, showy and, dare I say, cinematic... but that would sell so well... Then again, what do I know? It's great to see the increased focus, and the passion... Let's hope the Internet can make it happen.

    24. theAnton on

      Awesome video, the end is the best part. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Zoog on

      Great video Christian, great video :)

    26. Missing avatar

      NDscham on

      FANTASTIC VIDEO!!!! I will raise to 50 bucks!

    27. Samu Aapa on

      Raised my pledge from 15$ to 25$! Let's do this!

    28. Missing avatar

      Sambesi on

      NOW, this is a great video. That's more like it, Mr. Allen. I increased my pledge from 15$ to 25$. Go for it!

    29. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Phenomenal relaunch. :)

    30. hachre on

      Great relaunch!!

    31. Ben Gordon on

      At the trisk of a ban ( meh ! ), I'm posting this on the larger " community " forums. Here's hoping that it all comes good.