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Posted by Christian Allen, Serellan LLC (Creator)

Hello TAKEDOWN supporters.  I thought you would be interested in this postmortem I put together for you.  As always, thanks for your support.


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    1. mrwakka on

      Thanks for the postmortem, it was a nice inside look at what went on. I can't say the game was entirely what I wanted, but I didn't regret backing it. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

    2. Alexander Muscat on

      Hope your recovery is doing well and thanks for the video man. It's a shame about the troubles but I don't regret backing the game, best of luck on future endeavours!

    3. Runar Jenssen on

      I was one of the many who were left sorely disappointed by Takedown at launch, and I really appreciate this honest video. I'm sorry about all the bad luck you guys ran into. Best of luck with future projects! Don't let a single failure hold you back. :)

    4. Eric Greenwood on

      Thanks for the update. I'm sorry things didn't work out quite how we all wanted, and I know it wasn't due to a lack of effort on your part. Best of luck on future projects--I'm still rooting for your success.

    5. Missing avatar

      jezcentral on

      This was brave and honest (although I'm sure even 30 mins of insight barely scratched the surface). Good luck in future!

    6. Steve Reinhart

      I very much appreciate the postmortem. With the honesty expressed in this video, and the fact that you never did run from the criticisms/feedback, I'd be willing to entertain purchasing future titles from Serellan. Good luck and thank you for standing front and center through the whole process of this release.

    7. M.A. on

      Totally appreciate you doing this.

    8. Jedra7609

      Posted the following in the forum as well...

      This must have taken a lot of courage to do. It was just about the most honest producer/developer video I have ever watched. You are correct, the internet has changed these last couple of years and is becoming a place of vitriol and hatred - the Steam Forums especially.

      I pledged at $100 and although the game did not turn out to be what I expected I don't have any real regrets about supporting it. At the time Kickstarter was about helping people get things done who could not do it any other way. It came with risks and I pledged with my eyes wide open. Also, although I said the game did not turn out how I expected, over the period of development my relationship with gaming changed anyway so I moved the goalposts!

      I would imagine that your folder marked 'lessons learned' is now somewhat fatter than it was when you started and whatever you do next will benefit.

      I wish you and the team all the best and I hope that you Christian recover from your ordeal with power tools quickly - I can't believe after watching all those videos of you testing firearms that you ended up nearly killing yourself with a black and decker! Maybe it should be a bonus weapon in your next game!

      Lastly, thanks for making the video - much appreciated.

    9. Brendan on

      Thanks for the video and transparency.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tomba on

      Thanks for this update, very informative to listen to the story. I never got around to playing the game again after the rough launch, as most people I imagine. It does seem you went above and beyond your responsibilities to finish the game in the end, even discounting the game heavily on Steam to get people to populate the servers. I hope most backers understand that the perfect game everyone had in their mind, was very unlikely with such a limited budget anyway. At least it has sparked some interest from bigger companies in the genre, which I guess is something everyone can be happy about.
      The only thing I'd like to add is to be careful on how you proceed, both financially and personally. Don't sacrifice money on a game that will most likely never be a financial success, and don't put your physical and mental health at risk for this project. If the new game prototype doesn't have a high chance of making money, maybe just put it in the cooler and have people find some more stable jobs for a while to recover, as far as that's possible in the game industry.
      But however you proceed, I wish you a happy future.

    11. Rocky on

      Very honest, and I imagine difficult, update. You've still got my respect Christian, you did stay true on many levels.