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Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
Join the game designer of GRAW and Halo Reach to help create the spiritual successor to the original Rainbow Six and SWAT4.
5,423 backers pledged $221,833 to help bring this project to life.

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Take a look at Epsilon, a game you will get for free!


Hello TAKEDOWN supporter.  Just wanted to let you know that we will be giving you a key for a free copy of Epsilon when it is released as a thank you for supporting us in the past.

First Epsilon Screenshot
First Epsilon Screenshot

We will post an update when we are close to release details on how you can request your copy.  As always, please come over to the forums at to check out weekly updates on Epsilon and give us any feedback you have.  You can also follow Epsilon on twitter @epsilonthegame.

Thanks again,


Future Times

Hello Serellan Community,

Serellan is at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to start a new project, but it is not without personal risk. A key component of our decision to move forward will be your willingness to continue to support us in the future, so we want to reach out to you and get your opinion. Please be frankly honest. If you aren’t already up to speed, please watch the TAKEDOWN Postmortem Video, and read more about Project Pi (here) before submitting the poll. We can’t thank you enough for your feedback and support, and we hope to make awesome games with you moving forward!

What is Project Pi?

In the TAKEDOWN postmortem video, I talked about a project that we prototyped (after TAKEDOWN) in Unreal3 for a major publisher, as part of our plan to move forward and continue to support TAKEDOWN. After that publisher pulled out, we explored different avenues, and considered early access as a backup option since we already had a Steam APPID for it. We decided to hold on the early access model because new engine tech (Unreal4) was on the way, and the early prototype didn't fully contain the features we felt would fully demonstrate it's scope, and we had to dedicate the majority of our resources to TAKEDOWN patches. As of right now we have a playable SP prototype in Unreal 3 that demonstrates the art style, a vertical slice of basic gameplay, a small numbers of different enemy AI, and a sample of tools for the player.

[Example of our Unpublished Pi Early Access Page]

Since I posted up the TD Postmortem, many of you have asked what this project was, so we thought we would show you a taste of what it is. 

We are now prototyping on a different unannounced title in Unreal4, but would love to hear your honest feedback on this concept.  Maybe we’ll dig it up again down the road. 

 We want to make games that you, the community, want to play. So moving forward, we want to continue on our track of “No BS development’”, and remain as transparent as possible with you. 

What is Pi? (Project Independence) 

Co-op, Non-Linear, Hybrid FPS that marries tower defense and FPS elements together with a short & long reward loop.

Back Story 

In the year 3141, the humans disappeared. Hundreds of years later, you awake. You are a "S.A.M.", a Semi Autonomous Mechanoid. But you are different than the others, you are self-aware. The planetary A.I. recognizes this, and seeks to eliminate this "aberration" in the system. Fight to stay alive, to upgrade yourself, and to learn the truth of what happened to the human race. 


Pi provides a unique Co-Op Shooter experience, utilizing non-linear spaces to provide a range of tactical options for up to 8 players. Players capture and defend “quantum control points”, earning resource points to upgrade their uplink capability (levels) and gain parts for crafting S.A.M. upgrades, which they can share with their friends to affect core gameplay. 


Clean, Modern, Bold. Edge Detecting material effect layered into global post-process chain with bloom, DOF, ambient occlusion. 

Screenshots & Concepts 



Hello TAKEDOWN supporters.  I thought you would be interested in this postmortem I put together for you.  As always, thanks for your support.



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