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Set in an alternate version of modern-day society, Continuum is a journey of consequence and sacrifice, with justice as the main theme.

Set in an alternate version of modern-day society, Continuum is a journey of consequence and sacrifice, with justice as the main theme.

Set in an alternate version of modern-day society, Continuum is a journey of consequence and sacrifice, with justice as the main theme. Read More
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About this project

The Goal:

The ultimate goal of this project is to achieve a life-long dream of mine; the completion and publication of a 100% original work of fiction.  

This particular work, The Continuum, is set in an alternate (yet very familiar) version of modern-day society.  It delves deep into the characters as they struggle to cope with their own morality, beliefs, and decisions as they occur throughout the story. 

While you could best classify this work as science-fiction, it certainly has roots in both fantasy and superhero genre's as well.  At it's most basic, it is a story about a man who is torn between good and evil - yet sworn (and at times, forced) to uphold both.  His mysterious past, coupled with his struggle to understand humanity forces him into quite a few dilemmas.  While struggling to understand just who he is, and why he has to hold the forces of Hell and Heaven accountable for their actions, he also faces his own humanity as an equally challenging opponent. Why is he struggling with his own humanity?  This man is an Immortal, a normal human infused with angelic(or demonic) powers, and granted extraordinary gifts.  He bears no memory of his life before being granted such powers.

If you're into Angels and Demons, good versus evil, and the idea of Heaven and Hell trying to wage a war behind the scenes of our daily lives, then this book will be right up your alley.  Even if you're not into generally-religious themes or morality tales, don't worry - this novel is filled with plenty of superhero-esque action.  Not the typical comic book heroes either - these characters will be fully developed and live in a world where their is real consequence for their actions.  Global consequence.

And if the word 'religion' scares you, don't worry, I'm not out to answer any questions.  While the topic itself is unavoidable when you start throwing concepts like Immortality, Heaven, and Hell around, I don't plan on making this a philosophical debate on who is right about what, etc.  The over all tone of religion in the book will be respectful without being overbearing or dull.

I'd love for you to read more - if you'd like a much broader synopsis of the story, please scroll to the bottom section and give that a read - I promise you won't be disappointed. 

What's your writing style like?

As my bio will also indicate, I'm hugely into character development.  I want the reader to have a sense of who these characters are, what they're going through, and why they make the choices set out in front of them throughout the story.  I want people to feel attached to the characters in my story.

That being said, I also have a penchant for detail, and really love being able to paint a picture verbally.  To me, its not only important that the reader understands what is happening in the story, but where. 

The world I hope to create for my readers will be an eerily-familiar version of the lives we all live every day.  I want readers to put my book down and think, "What if that happened tomorrow?"  That's the kind of immersion I'm going for - the blending of reality with fiction.

I like where you're going with this, but where is my money going to be spent should I decide to back this project?

The main focus of the money invested will be editorial services and Illustration.  The need for an editor is paramount.  While I have been a non-fiction journalist and writer for the better part of a decade, this is my first attempt at a novel and the guidance of a professional will be extremely helpful.

As far as illustration goes, my goal here is for the readers of my novel to feel immersed, and even a part of the story as they experience it through my words.  In that attempt, there are a few key scenes and moments that I feel would greatly benefit from some form of imagery.

I've decided on an editorial company to work with, and as you can tell from the cover image of this project, my illustrator was equally well-chosen and we've been working brilliantly together for weeks now.

What are your publication plans?

As indicated in the rewards section, I'm looking to finish the book and have it ready for the public no later than April, 2013.  At that time, the book will be available digitally via Amazon, and the paperback versions will be available through me! 

If you scrolled this far, you must be thirsty for more.  Thanks for taking the time to read into my work just a little more - here's the more in-depth summary I promised:

Heaven and hell have been empowering humans with extraordinary powers since the dawn of time.  Immortals have been working behind the scenes to guide humanity through its brightest days and darkest hours. Some have kept a lower profile than others; indeed, some very prominent historical figures featured in this story will be seen in a new light... or shadow.

While their efforts have been shrouded in secrecy for millennia, that is about to change.  After all, it's the digital age and one can barely walk two blocks in a major town without somehow being recorded.

The first evidence of this behind the scenes war is caught on the phone camera of a reporter who just happens to be in the right place at the wrong time.  Two Immortals of opposing factions square off, and this time good doesn't triumph over evil.  The reporter is discovered by the Evil Immortal just after the fight ends.  He isn't very happy to see her.

Her life is saved however, by a mysterious stranger who appears just in time.  After checking to make sure she is unharmed, he vanishes in a burst of energy before she can thank him.

Her footage floods the internet, giving new meaning to the term 'viral'.  Before long, the "Protectors of Humanity" divulge themselves as Immortals sent by God to protect us from the soldiers of hell.  Ironically, the protectors are anything but good, but rather the Evil Immortals using centuries of influence to their advantage.

The Good Immortals are in a tough spot.  They've been losing this war, and their numbers are severely depleted - as a result, they can't appear to refute the Evil Immortal's claims.  

Having infiltrated nearly all levels of society, and with the backing of the majority of the world's governments, the Evil Immortals begin a witch hunt for the remaining crusaders of the light.  

The forces of Good eventually convene in secrecy and decide they need to make a stand, and they do so in the central chamber of the United Nations.  It's only obvious that the Evil Immortals, masquerading as do-gooders, show up to refute the claims, and fighting breaks out.

Evil would have triumphed that day, had the same lone warrior that saved the reporter not shown up and put a halt to the combat.  This lone arbiter, backed by both Heaven and Hell, will put fourth a set of rules (The Continuum) for the Immortals to adhere to - otherwise risking  punishment from his wrath.

There is peace, for a brief time.  Eventually, Heaven and Hell grow tired of the Immortals' sole focus being elimination of each other, and strip them of their limitless powers, leaving them only with a fraction of the capability they once had.

Taking advantage of the situation, the governments of the World begin hunting the former Immortals with the sole goal of eliminating their influences once and for all.  Left with a fraction of the power they once had, the majority of the remaining celestial forces of Heaven and Hell go into hiding.  Those that choose to take their chances publicly are met with swift opposition and are quickly deprived of their new-found mortality.  The rest... well, the rest is in the book!

So, you've got some obvious questions here, like why would heaven and hell bother sending Immortals in the first place, why not just directly interface with humanity?  Why/how did the forces of good become so outnumbered?  Who were the figures in the past that influenced humanity so greatly?  And why is just one arbiter sent to keep the Immortal factions at bay?  Who is he?  And why did he wait so long to get in the middle of things?

You've also got some not-so-obvious ones, like what figures in history were secretly Immortals - and what did, or didn't, they accomplish during their lifetimes.  Or are they still around, and in hiding?  How old is the oldest Immortal, anyway?  How do they kill each other?  What kind of powers do they control?

All these questions and many more will be answered inside the novel.  I really can't wait to spring some surprises on my readers - but for now I suppose I'll have to.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and consider funding this project! 


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