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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $10,515 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .


 In Forgotten Fight you have to make your team of heroes, so e will review a few combo an explain their strength and weakness. Also keep in mind that YOU choose your starting hand, those aren't pick up at random and can be pickup in any deck.  

The "Vanila" combo would be the warrior , the sorcerer and the priest. That give you a Tank , a Healer and a DPS. On paper that is one of the solid combination but their weakness is each character have their own card, the sorcerer could not play any warrior card or priest card outside of control magic and we could say the same about any heroes on that team. Also that team is VERY vulnerable to the amnesia spell.  

To have a proper tank, the Warrior should opt for a shield and a one handed weapon. For his artefact he should get the Taunting horn and another one of your choice. You should also give him more protection skill card instead of the offensive one.  

The Sorcerer should be given a staff to increase his armor save. The artefact is up to you because you could give him more power with his magic but a stone necklace would make her survive longer.  

The Priest should get the staff as well & for the artefact is up to your preference.  

The starting hand:  

Taunt: Would give the chance for your warrior to protect his teammate.  

Blizzard: A spell for your sorcerer to damage all the other team.  

Cold Hearted: That buff will make sure that the blizzard spell cannot miss and your opponent cannot use his magic save.  

Silence: That spell will help you to cancel spell done by your enemy, but the main reason to choose it would be to silence his silence to make sure your spell go thru.

Cure: You never know what your enemy will put on you, to have something to cancel the debuff he put on you is always a good choice.  

Enchanted: Enchanted increase the spell power by 20 for the character under this buff. The priest play before the sorcerer, so if the priest boost her , her blizzard spell will do 80 dmg, instead of the usual 60 dmg.  

The sorcerer could choose to go with fire magic instead and try to kill a character as fast as possible. The choice is up to you, but that only one of the many different combo you can choose.


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