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pledged of $10,515 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $10,515 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

The Battle Mage

 The Battle Mage is perfect if you ant some spell caster in your team but don't want to deal with the fragility of the other caster.  

He is as solid as Viking but he is quite slow. The Battle Mage is an expert(Lv3) with Fire magic, a veteran(Lv2) with Life and Control magic and a novice with Curse magic and Combat skill. Here a few skill the Battle Mage can use.  


Lv 1 Power Attack Deals 10 extra physical damage on top of your weapon damage. (OS)  


Lv 1 Fireball Deals 60 fire damage to 1 enemy. (OS)  

Lv 2 Firestorm Deals 45 fire damage to all enemies. Roll 1 dice for each opponent for miss or crit roll. (OS)  

Lv 3 Fire Shield Deals 25 fire damage as counter to any attacker that uses a combat skill or a simple attack against the character under this buff. (BO BUFF NS)  

Lv 3 Innerfire The caster receives +1 to crit on all his fire damage. Can only be self cast. (BO BUFF S )  


Lv 1 Heal Heals 50 HP on yourself or an ally. (BO/OS)  

Lv 2 Blessed If a player is under this spell, each time he loses his turn chip, that player will get heal for 20 HP. The effect of this heal cannot be boosted by anything or in any way. (OS BUFF S)  

Lv 2 Cure Removes curse, poison or magic on yourself or an ally. It also restores speed if it is below its original value. (OS)  

Lv 2 Revive Casts on a fallen ally. Revive an ally with 100 HP. (OS)  


Lv 1 Dispel This spell removes all buffs on a character and also restores speed if it was above its original value. (OS)  

Lv 1 Fog The character under this buff will get + 1 Evasion. (BO BUFF NS)  

Lv 2 Invisibility The character under this buff cannot be targeted by other player, but can still be dispelled. If the invisible character does an action other than pass then the character will become visible again. (OS BO BUFF NS)  

Lv 2 Sleep Puts an enemy to sleep. At the start of the player's turn, he has a 50% (4+) chance to wake up. Any damage received will wake him up. If awakened, he can move normally. If he is still asleep, he loses his turn chip. (OS DEBUFF NS )  

Lv 2 Silence Casts on an enemy after he reveals a magic skill. His card cannot be played in the meantime and will return to his hand. The cancelled attack still counts as an action. A silence can be silenced to negate the effect.(DS)  


Lv 1 Slow This curse inflicts a -4 speed to an enemy as long as it is active. (BO DEBUFF S)  

Lv 1 Affliction This spell inflicts 10 magical damage every time the affected player loses his turn chip. This spell ignores miss or crit roll and cannot be boosted. (OS DEBUFF S)


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