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A self-published (print and digital) novella companion to my second book, THE BROKEN LANDS. Both will be released in September.
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Nearly there, nearly there!

Hello, friends. Sorry for the long time in between updates. I have been keeping busy, both with Kairos-related stuff and a few other writerly obligations I owed (chief among them: getting some pages clocked for Greenglass House, which I owe to my editor at Clarion in October--yikes). 

I also (drumroll) worked up the nerves to send Kairos to the copyeditor at last. I'll be honest, this might have been the hardest part. I did several rounds of editing during May and June and one last revision at the beginning of this month--all things that needed to be done, but I think I dragged them out a bit for fear of letting go. But on July 3rd I finally sent it to Adjua, who is now going over it with a fine-toothed comb. Because I sent it to her a bit late, we've revised her deadline and I expect to have the copyedited manuscript from her by the end of this month. I may, therefore, need to ask your forgiveness if the digital edition comes to you at the beginning of August rather than in July (although I should be able to ship all your other goodies out on schedule). 

But speaking of the digital edition: I have news. In addition to making the book available through Google Play, I'm going to be using Vook to create iBooks, Nook, and Kindle-compatible editions, as well as a PDF edition, so backers whose rewards include a digital edition will be able to choose your preferred format. 

In other digital edition news, the reader artists have begun their work! I'm still waiting to hear from some of them (kids on their summer breaks are elusive critters when they choose to be, and this is just fine), but an enthusiastic group of early-responders has already leapt in with pens, watercolors, and airbrush pens. I cannot wait to see what they come up with. Plus, one of them signs her emails, "Always and forever, Lily the Great." I am loving this part of the project. 

And, possibly most exciting of all, the staggeringly brilliant Andrea Offermann is putting the final touches on not only the (omigosh, you guys, BEAUTIFUL) front illustration but also a matching vignette for the back, and our genius designer, Lisa Amowitz, is hard at work turning Andrea's art into a cover. When it's ready, you'll be the first to see, I promise. Andrea has also enthusiastically offered to do cover art for Arcana #2, which I have given the working title Bluecrowne

Speaking of Bluecrowne, here's what I can tell you about it. Firstly, it's scheduled tentatively for release in summer of next year. As far as the story goes (although this is all subject to change), it's going to be a point of connection not only between The Boneshaker and The Broken Lands, but the two books I have coming out in 2014: Greenglass House (Clarion, spring) and The Left-Handed Fate (Holt, fall). If nothing changes from my current plan, it'll be set in 1812 or 1813, approximately a year and a half before the events of The Left-Handed Fate. The protagonist is twelve-year-old Lucy, one of the main characters of LHF; she'll be joined by her little brother (one of the supporting characters of The Broken Lands) and two villains: the returning antagonist from Kairos, and a dubious fellow mentioned in The Broken Lands. As for how it relates to Greenglass House...that would be almost impossible to explain without diagrams that I don't have the visual artistry to draw for you online, but it does. 

So I guess that's what I have in the way of updates! I hope the summer's treating all of you well, and thanks again!