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ShutterStories is a project geared toward fostering creativity through photography. 10 Cameras 10 Kids 1 Mission: Give photography
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April Update

Posted by Parker Reposa, Sage Hill (Creator)

Today, we went to El Sol and picked up the photos. The kids really enjoyed having their photos hung up for showcase at their school. We also picked up the last camera and are ready to return it to Mrs. Reposa. We planned on showing the kids' photos at the Art Show on April 9th, but some miscommunication lead to us picking up the photos today and not showing it at the Art Show. We might try and make a separate gala for our project a little later on in the year. 

This was the last day of service learning this year and it will be up to Chloe to choose whether or not she wants to take over the project next year.

The biggest challenge this year was getting the kids to really focus on taking good photos using the techniques we taught them. They would usually just take the cameras once we got there and not really listen to the assignments we had for them. This years biggest success was that we were able to start a project at a new school and have it run even smoother than the project last year. 

In regards to next year, I hope that Chloe does take over the project and has someone help her out. She would be a great asset to the project and I think she will be able to continue it further and make it even better next year. I think she should look at the rubrics we made this year and last year and also to find a system that works for her. I wish her the best of luck.

March Update

Posted by Parker Reposa, Sage Hill (Creator)

Today, Chloe and I went to pick up the kids' photos that we printed out. We also framed the photos and prepared for our last visit with the kids. We will bring the photos to the kids on March 14th when we go visit the kids. We'll showcase the photos and have a final activity with the kids to say our goodbyes. We'll pick up the photos at a later time and present them at the art show at Sage in early April. More information will be posted about the show in a few weeks and all backers are invited to come. 

Chloe will be in charge of the activity on the 14th while I take some of the kids to help me hang their photos. A positive for today was that there was no problem getting the photos and they turned out really well. There were no negative aspects of today, which was great. 

February 3rd update

Posted by Parker Reposa, Sage Hill (Creator)

On Monday February 1st, we visited El Sol and we taught the kids a more creative exercise to inspire them to take great photos. We asked them to take photos of objects that started with each letter of the alphabet, and then asked them to take pictures of items that look like each letter of the alphabet. The kids loved to run around and take pictures of everything and it seemed like they really enjoyed the exercise. The kids got used to seeing multiple shapes from one object and taking pictures without thought. 

Chloe and I both spent equal amounts of time with the kids; we split them up into pairs and we went around helping them with anything they needed. I spent some time uploading the pictures that the kids took to my computer. Chloe rallied the kids and helped the kids figure out what to take photos of and how to recite the alphabet. 

We'll be going back to El Sol on the 14th of March to bring the kids their photos and do one last lesson. Today we will be planning out the March visit and picking out the photos that we will be printing out. We will also calculate the costs of printing out the photos and how long we will hang the portfolio at El Sol and Sage. We are thinking of hanging the photos at El Sol in March and put them up at the art show in April. 

The kids were cooperative and tried really hard to create amazing pictures. It was challenging for them to figure out how to imagine and identify different shapes and letters in objects that they see everyday.

January 13, 2016 Update

Posted by Parker Reposa, Sage Hill (Creator)
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This past week we visited the kids at El Sol. This week's focus was on portrait photography. We brought a bear costume that let the kids explore different techniques of taking photos with people. The kids loved working with the costume so much that it really helped them get into character for their photos. Here are some examples of the kids' work from this past week:

 Chloe was sick this past week and wasn't able to join us so I did the lesson alone. One positive of the day was the enthusiasm the kids had when I pulled out the bear costume and how excited they were to be assigned the task of taking photos of each other. However, some of the boys were distracted by the passing cars and payed more attention photographing the cars instead of taking pictures of their friends. 

Today we plan on making our March lesson plan for when we visit on the 7th and we need to email Mr. Sanchez to see if we could hang some of the kids' photos at El Sol. Chloe has emailed Mrs. Okamura asking if we could hang some of the kids' photos at the art show at Sage on April 7th. This being said, there won't be a gala like last year, but we will let the backers know how we will show this year's work. 

Prep for December 7th Visit

Posted by Parker Reposa, Sage Hill (Creator)
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Today we spent the day prepping for the next visit with the kids on December 7th. We made the powerpoint on John Morro's product photography and emailed our El Sol contact to see if we could share the kids' photographs through El Sol's social media. We plan to teach the kids about product photography and lighting on the next visit. We're excited to teach the kids how to make a picture more than what it seems using light and shadows. The kids are excited to start shooting with the cameras, but we need to keep them focused, which shouldn't be a problem.