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£763 pledged of £4,000 goal
By Tomas Hein
£763 pledged of £4,000 goal

Recent updates

Only a few days left.

So far the race to the goal has been slow but steady.  I want to thank everyone that has pledged, but I know many have also spread the word, and this in turn has helped a lot.  Hopefully the urgency to reach the goal with only a few days left will motivate others.  

I would like to share a short film with all of you. The monologue from the film will be included as text in the newspaper to be published and sent to everyone who's pledged £15 or more.  It was showcased last year at the London Surf Film Festival.

Enjoy !

Amazing Start

It's only been two days since the project went live, and already you have all contributed beyond my expectations.  I'm happy that the first print reward was also backed, and it feels good to know that my work will be hanging on some of your walls.  

Thanks again, and happy weekend to all.