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Photography series of best-selling fantasy authors in custom fantasy costumes, turned into a 12-month calendar.
533 backers pledged $21,538 to help bring this project to life.

Coming soon!

Posted by Lauren Zurchin (Creator)

Hey All!

Quick update. I am getting the last signed images this week to mail out, so if you got a photo prize, and you're waiting on it still, the wait is nearly over.

As for the signed calendars, they're still coming. We're waiting on two more signatures, and as soon as the authors get them to the printers, they'll bind them, send them to me, and I'll mail them out. Again, this has all been totally out of my hands. I know most of you are aware of this, but author schedules are rather hectic, and with book tours happening, they do the best they can. This project isn't their top priority all the time, and though everyone has been more than amazing, I totally understand. So I will send them as soon as I get them. I know I keep saying this, but people are still curious about the delay. But believe me, when I send them out I will also send out an update to let everyone know.

Until then!



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    1. Raphael

      I'm confused. Does this apply to the personalized calendars ($75 rewards), too? Or have these been sent out already?

      (Your reasoning makes perfect sense for the $100 reward, no argument there.)

    2. Lauren Zurchin 2-time creator on

      The signature calendar is in pieces. It was sent out to the authors to have them sign and then send back their pages, wherein it would be assembled into a calendar and mailed to me for shipping. There are two authors who have yet to sign their pages, so pages are missing from the calendar and it cannot be assembled until all of the signatures are back. I can't control when they'll come back, and I refuse to bug the crap out of the authors. I have sent nudges, and they're aware, so hopefully it won't be much longer.

    3. Raphael

      To be clear: are *all* signed calendars on hold because *two* of them are delayed?

    4. Jared Hasaname on

      When I got the print of Pat Rothfuss, I wondered what the big tube was until I opened it; it looks *GREAT*, and I can't wait until the calendar gets here. Really looking forward to it. :-)