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You play the role of an evil mad scientist controlling a horde of blobs set to take over the world.

You play the role of an evil mad scientist controlling a horde of blobs set to take over the world. Read more
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Post-Campaign Updates

Stay up to date with the project after the Kickstarter campaign by heading to:

or by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who backed us! We will continue to work on the game and we will complete it, just at a much later date. Your support has been amazing!


"AOTGB shows enormous potential to be a fun and intelligent game" - Blackman 'N Robin

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob is a hilarious real-time strategy/tower assault game where you aim to take over the world with the mighty power of hungry blobs.

You play the mad scientist, Dr. Blob, who uses his evil genius to create an army of ravenous blobs who eat everything in sight: and we do mean everything. Depending on what they eat, your blobs will mutate and gain amazing new abilities, changing their attack types, damage, speed, you name it. And better still, you can combine blobs to make them bigger and nastier, working towards your greatest creation: the uberblob!

It won't all be sunshine and lollipops though. You'll have opposition from the pesky human race who want to thwart your grand plans. The humans will arm themselves with every weapon at hand, dispatch first police and later soldiers, even building turrets in a futile attempt to stop the mighty blob onslaught.

The question is: Will you let them defeat you, or will you stand strong and follow your dream of remaking the world into a shiny, perfect blobosphere?

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob is the Indie Game of the Week! Check it out!

Let's Look At Attack of the Gelatinous Blob with Flik: watch it here!

Give it a try! Sure it's buggy and missing some polish. But who cares! At least you know there is actually a game here.

Windows Demo

The game is a cross between a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and Tower Assault. You, as the player, are invading cities and to do so you must build a base and amass an army. The defenders will also build up their defenses, and they will attack you as well if provoked enough. Each city or town will have its own unique layout that presents different challenges to the attacker and the defender. The defender AI is dynamic, so depending on how the player attacks or what the player builds, this will determine how they defend.

The design goal is to be a bit more of a casual RTS game that most people can pick up quickly without worrying about clicks-per-minute skill requirements prominent in the genre. But still keeping it challenging and dynamic with different strategies available to the player.

The blobs are the core unit available to the player. They are made out of radioactive slime that can respond to its environment and whatever it ingests. Eating various types of objects changes the composition of the blobs allowing the player to combine and stack abilities to create new blob types.

The base attack for the blobs is to bite or bash a target. However if they eat some organic material they can emit a nauseating spore cloud that not only damages the enemy, but also makes them ill. Other materials can convert the blobs into ranged attackers.

The core structure of a blob can be changed in the research facility and by the blob converter: a high powered laser that will rearrange the molecular structure of the blobs to give them different base abilities and stats.

These are some of the available base blob types.
These are some of the available base blob types.

In this video you can see the current blob types being converted and animating:

You wouldn’t be a mad scientist without doomsday weapons! Oh and what lovely ones we have in store. Ranging from slimy cyclones, to earthquake generators.

Doomsday weapons can be researched at the science lab and constructed. They will take electricity to recharge and will be quite expensive as they are very powerful.

We wanted unit supply to be handled a little differently. You can go over the supply limit, however some of the blobs will not listen to orders as well as they should. They might ignore them, wander off, or take their sweet time performing them. If you build way over your limit, the blobs will begin to rage: attacking anything in sight.

The humans know this and will attack your supply crystals. So you need to be on guard!

Each level presents different obstacles and opportunities for the humans to defend their precious towns. As the levels can be created by the players using the level editor, the Human AI needs to be dynamic and able to adapt to any scenario it is presented with. The AI can figure out the areas that need to be defended the most as well as the most vulnerable or the most highly-attacked.

Debug info for the human AI
Debug info for the human AI

With this figured out, they can proceed in building defenses. At first the blobs might not seem like a great threat, and in that case they will send the police after them. However as the blobs ramp up their attack or begin to frighten the civilians, they will begin to arm themselves at gun stores and mount coordinated defenses and assaults. To assist in defense, checkpoints will be constructed as well as gun emplacements, artillery, and walls.

Much of the game code is already completed and we have a working demo. Here are some of the features already completed:

  • The blobs: Spawn, combine, transform, and morph blobs to create a customizable army.

  • Build a Base: Construct a base to gather resources, increase your army, and defend yourself.

  • Dynamic AI: The opponent AI will react to how you play and learn from it. They build turrets and send soldiers and police to thwart your attacks.

  • Mad Scientific Research: Experiment with new materials and technology to improve and change your blobs.

  • Modding capabilities: Change the game however you want! It also has a level editor and easy scripting built in.

  • Commands: Efficient mouse and keyboard interaction.

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • Updates: Automatic and frequent.

Beyond what we have implemented, there are several features we need before the game is complete. And that is what we need some funding for.

  • Doomsday weapons: Something only a mad scientist can dream up.

  • Unique Levels: 7 more levels (to make 10 total) that present different challenges to the player and the computer. You and the AI will have to adjust your strategies accordingly!

  • New Blob Abilities: Harder, faster, slimier! Split into multiple slimes when killed? Why not!

  • Human Army: Tanks, jeeps, and artillery to battle Dr. Blob and his horde.

We take a very open approach to development. Not only is our issue tracker available for anyone to see, but we also release code and write ups on various techniques we use in the game.

Kickstarter is the ideal community to work with to not only achieve some much-needed funding but to also leverage the great ideas and enthusiasm that the community has. We want to work with you while creating this game.

We are asking for a relatively small amount of funding since the bulk of development is already complete. I, Brent, have been self funding the game for two years now and have completed most of the core mechanics of the game along with much of the assets. But it has come to the point where I need to raise more funds to finish the remaining work.

I want to produce a game I am proud of and that you will thoroughly enjoy and feel like you were a part of its creation.

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob is created by Paper Machete Games, owned and run by Brent Owens. Paper Machete Games has only one employee but leverages this flexibility to bring in talented people, when we need them, who will be passionate about each project we are working on.

Brent Owens

I have been working on games for 10 years now. From mods to game engines.

In 2004 I created a mod (Field of Fire) that made it into the grand finals of the Make Something Unreal contest.

I am also an experienced game engine developer and one of the core devs for jMonkeyEngine: the open source Java counterpart to Unity.

This intimate experience with the engine, as well as leveraging open source libraries, has enabled me to develop Attack of the Gelatinous Blob relatively quickly.

Chris Tihor

Chris Tihor is a writer and game designer with lots of experience making games. He's worked on projects with GameHouse Canada, Kano/Apps, Radial Games and most recently, Tap Tap Tap. Besides game development, he's worked on a number of other writing projects including writing a regular column for the satirical newspaper "The Other View" and writing the humorous cyberpunk web-comic "Pre-Apocalyptic Blues" where he also contributed artwork. Chris has an intimate knowledge of blobs and has always been a big fan of the gelatinous cube, so this project is a natural fit for him.

And finally, thank you! With your support we can push through and complete the game so everyone can enjoy it.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, and let your friends know about the project!

Video music courtesy of of Kevin MacLeod

Risks and challenges

We have worked hard to limit the scope of the game so we can release it on time and within our budget. Our experience has pointed out where software development can go wrong and how to avoid it, and we are applying what we have learned in the past. The technical hurdles of the game have already been passed and largely what remains to be completed is extra content for the game. The largest risk to the game is a delay in the release date.

Funding will ensure that full-time development can continue on schedule and we can deliver all the features we have planned.

The other risk is getting onto Steam through Greenlight, and this is where the community comes in. When we apply for it we will need your help to get us there! However even if we do not get onto Steam, we will still release the game through other digital distribution services.

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  • For this demo version, Windows Vista or greater with:
    CPU > 1GHz
    Video card: AMD/ATI Radeon 9500, NVIDIA GeForce 5 FX, Intel GMA 4500, or better
    supporting OpenGL 2.0 or better
    1GB ram
    400MB disk space

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