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FOR 10 DAYS I WILL DRINK ONLY CAMEL MILK >> subscribe to my video experiment as I explore how this traditional medicine affects my body


>> It is a food experiment + must-see TV! Why?

  • I live in Kenya where I not only have access to plenty of camel milk but it is common cultural practice for people to do camel milk detoxes for different reasons: illnesses such as tuberculosis, cancer, HIV/AIDS or rejuvenation of a weak system.
  • I will test what this traditional medicine will do to my body, blood levels (protein, calcium, iron, glucose, vit C, cholesterol + more)* and my general self.  
  • Your contributions will cover my travel costs to the Spectacular in London. I will present my findings along with the screening to promote the benefits of camel milk to food industry giants and food artists. 
* This is not a medical study.

>> Please pledge 20 USD so that you can be subscribed to the video blog I will produce of my 2-week camel milk experiment. (The pledge covers blood work, milk and travel.) I need 70 pledges to reach my $1,310 goal so that I can get to London by October 21st. 

>> The video blog will include: 

• PRE-DETOX research >> WHERE >> will I get the milk from the supermarket or the guy with 50 camels? WHO >> has done this before? >> what do I expect to happen? HOW >> will I drink 3 or 5 liters a day?

• DETOX >> meeting the camels >> following the process of the milk >> picking up the milk >> tracking the changes in me >> exploring the absence of food and presence of camel milk >> finding Kenyans and Somalis who use camel milk for healing >> seeing if I will lose it and pick up a banana

• POST-DETOX >> More blood tests to see what happened in my body over 10 days >> I will go to London and present myself and my findings at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular! What will the reaction be?

>> Be the cheese you want to see in the world >> 


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