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Seeking funding to complete post-production on a video documenting a journey across Africa, telling the stories of unsung heroes.


We traveled over 16 countries in 11 weeks,
living with and learning from 22 NGOs,
and recorded 65 hours of High Definition Video Tape.

We went on buses, trucks, lorries, canoes, boats, bush taxis, motorcycles, carts, and trains.
The people sitting next to us were locals
we shared bread with, sang songs with
and drank from the same water container.

We arrived at a new place almost every 3 days,
welcomed by a community eager to learn what we were doing
and to share what they were doing.

We listened and talked
sitting in interviews and walking the streets.
From projects that have worked and why or how
to cultural practices and present and past issues.

We reached our goal in South Africa
and stayed there for one month to edit.
But we had so much good stuff
we couldn’t get it done.
We need more time.

- finish editing the feature length documentary using the facilities
at Mirror Productions in Hong Kong.
-distribute the video to the people who were featured in Africa and who are supporting us
-enter into festivals, market to TV, present at development symposiums, human rights and advocacy conferences, and get it into the hands of donors and decisions makers

Creates publicity for grassroot projects and a movement for young people
to get involved and do something.
By raising the voice of youth activism
we are shining a light on these unsung heroes.
The future is coming.

Andrew in Mauritania,
Working at Doulos, a small NGO doing community development work in the slums of Nouakchott. They live, dress, and speak the language with and of the people.

Caitlin in Mali,
An inspirational young woman working with slums on the outskirts of Bamako, and developing innovative new ways of helping the communities including a radio programme and compacting trash to create bricks.

"Uncle" Barnaby in Burkina Faso,
A charismatic Frenchman who founded and runs an orphanage in Bobo-Dioulasso providing young children with a safe, stimulating home environment, including handmade life-size puppets.

Travels through thick mud in Cameroon,
from Mamfe to Ekok

Father Teh in Belo, Cameroon,
A completely grassroot and Community Collective started by Teh, the resident village pastor, who saw a need and brought neighbors together, pooling resources from bananas to carpentry skills to create a Vulnerable Children School and Women's group.

Ryan in Yaounde, Cameroon,
An enthusiastic American who created his ideal environment for children in need. Struggling to maintain his house and equilibrium he helps families and individuals sustain households and learn dance.

Pastor Allen in South Africa
A unique individual who provides moral and spiritual support in Black and Coloured townships. Despite being unaccepted by the religious sector, he preaches with style and spirit.

The What Took You So Long Team


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