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We are creating highly detailed 32 mm scale fantasy miniatures.
138 backers pledged £4,736 to help bring this project to life.

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The Stone Golem for the dwarfs is done!!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)
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Hello all! And happy christmas! Today we can finally show you the Stone Golem.

This thing will be HUGE !!

We are still on the queue for printing process of this one and the Demon , seems to be very hard to find a good and "fast" company for printing these days....

Shipping costs!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)
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Just a reminder , remember to add the shipping cost to your pledge.

Its flat rate of 4 GBP for orders up to 49 GBP and 5 GBP for orders of 50 and above.

This is for standar shipping. If you want recorded , registered or priority or any other "special" shipping method , just let us now on the post campaign survey.

Thanks so much to all for a great campaign and support !!


Volker,Diego and Ana.

Butcher Demon is up!!!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)

Last hours bring our last model , the BUTCHER DEMON!!

Another demon from the Hellborn  Hordes , and this one come with a pair of deadly huge blades instead of hands , thats all he need to cut down those who dare to stay on he's way.

With more than 5 cm tall and a powerfull hulking body this is another great and very visual attractive miniature for you all! ;)

Take advantage of the special campaign prices on this last hours!

(This miniature is not finished yet , you are seeing a work in progress pic?

Last hours!!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)
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Hello all! We are on the last day of the campaign , its been a very nice success for us , and on a last effort we will put 2 more items up in a few hous.

Those will be a Two Headed possessed troll and another Helborn demon with deadly blades as hands.

Those items are at about 60% of completion , so what you will see on the pics is a work in progress , NOT THE FINISHED miniature , but it can be enough for you to pull the trigger on them  , and now that you know our models you can imagine what can be the final result.

There will be just a few hours to get them at the special kickstarter campaign price , so if you like them better get them now!

Stay tunned for them in a few hours.

Cheers .


Forest Troll!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)
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Yes ! The Forest Troll  is unlocked!!

A heavy creature option for the tribal orcs!