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We are creating highly detailed 32 mm scale fantasy miniatures.
138 backers pledged £4,736 to help bring this project to life.

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Iron Orc painted sample

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)

Hello , just a quick one here.

I just recieved some nice pics from a backer and I thought I will share with you.

Its the Iron Orc champion being fantastically painted (despite the pic quality)

by one of our backers. It looks really cool with that pale skin, what do you think?  ;)

Golem Printed!!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)


Finally the Stone Golem is printed! And what a quality and size!

Take a look by yourselves , I hope you like it as much as we doo :)

All production molds done!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)

Hello , after some time we finally have all our sculpted models molded , casted and shipped or in the process.

Only the 2 digital models and the late added butcher demon left , we will just mold this last butcher demon with the digital ones once they be done.

So if you are not recieved your order yet , it must be really close.

I encourage you all to go and share your experience on the comments section once your order arrives , it will be  nice and also hellpfull for those who didn't got theirs yet.

I hope to have some pics of the Stone Golem soon.

Till then one piece I didn't saw yet in resin , the HUGE scenic base for the Faceless Greater Demon ;)

Thats a BIG Ogre !!

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)
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Just a preview of the resin casts of The Ogre.

As you can see the detail is simple great! We was just in the need of fixing an issue with one of the horns. Its already fixed and getting back into production.

Packing and packing and packing....

Posted by Ana Izquierdo,Volker and Diego (Creator)

As I promise , here you can see we are starting to pack all the minis we already have done and casted. So just a few more models left, Anyway we will start sending out the orders that can be fullfilled by now as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!