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Phone-2-PC is a smart phone app that will enable the smart phone users to use their smart phones as personal computers.

This is my smart phone.
This is my smart phone.
This is my laptop.
This is my laptop.
This is my smart phone connected to my laptop via WIFI.
This is my smart phone connected to my laptop via WIFI.
This is the screen shot of my laptop once the smart phone is connected to it. I can now run my apps on my smart phone using the keyboard, mouse and the monitor of my laptop.  :)
This is the screen shot of my laptop once the smart phone is connected to it. I can now run my apps on my smart phone using the keyboard, mouse and the monitor of my laptop. :)

Visualize having an ability to seamlessly connect your smart phone to a laptop or a personal computer, and run all your programs that you normally run on your smart phone, on the pc instead.  Actually, all the programs will still be running on your smart phone, however the smart phone will echo the images to the pc screen and will allow you to use the keyboard and the mouse of the pc to perform work in a more efficient manner.  Have you ever tried to type a paper using the keyboard on the smart phone?  Wouldn't you agree that the keyboard on the pc is much more convenient to use for that purpose?  The phone and the personal computer will be interacting in the client server mode, where the personal computer is the client and the smart phone is the server.  The smart phone is doing all the work, and the pc is just echoing the screens and taking the keyboard and mouse commands.

This arrangement allows me to utilize my smart phone as a computing platform, allowing me to carry all my essential files and applications with me wherever you go.  In addition, I have all my cookies and passwords always with me, so wherever I go, it is like being at home.  Sometimes I forget that the smart phone is being used as a computing platform to run my applications.  It is like I always have my pc with me wherever I go.

The ability to use one's smart phone as a computing platform utilizing all the peripherals of a laptop or a desktop offers a slew of benefit.

1) I am able to use the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse to quickly and easily compose and edit word and power point documents.

2) I am able to connect to the web using my smart phone's internet provider.  Why have two different internet providers, one for the cell phone and the other one for my home, when I can seamlessly use my cellular internet provider to surf the web at no additional cost?  I just link my smart phone to the pc or a laptop and open my browser to get on to the web.  My home internet provider charges me $59.99 per month for high speed internet access.  This is $720 per year.  Now, having this capability of being able to surf the web using the my cellular internet provider allows me to save $720 per year.  I know that cellular internet providers offer tithering services where one can use his smart phone as WIFI hot spot, however all the cellular providers I spoke to, want $20 per month for that service.  That is an expense of $240 per year. The Phone-2-PC app delivers this functionality at no cost.  I just open the browser and I am on the web.

Double Click on the Chrome Browser icon to get on the web.
Double Click on the Chrome Browser icon to get on the web.

3) If one's pc or laptop is older than one's smart phone, chances are high that one's smart phone has a faster processor than one's laptop or pc.  My four year old Dell, I have several laptops at home, has a single core 1.2GHZ Pentium processor.  My new LG Optimus Pro smart phone has a quad core 1.7GHZ processor that is at least four times faster than my laptop.  It literally screams as I use it.  Why would I want to do my computing and web browsing on the slower platform?  Once I link my smart phone to my Dell laptop, I am processing with the speed of the LG smart phone.  :)  In addition, my smart phone gets automatically upgraded by my cellular provider every two years, once my contract runs its course.  I don't upgrade my laptops every two years.  Having the capability to compute and surf the web at higher speeds, I see no reason at all to upgrade my laptop to a faster model.  It automatically becomes faster once I link it to my smart phone.

4) Most software packages I purchase today are licensed for a single work station.  If I want to use the software on multiple machines, I need to purchase multiple copies of the software.  MS Office suite is a good example.  MS Office can be installed only on one machine. However, if I install MS Office on my phone, then wherever I go, once I link up to the laptop or a desktop computer, I can do all my work like I am at home.  I no longer need to purchase multiple copies of MS Office for every machine in the house.  

5) In my earlier years, I used to travel a lot, and I had to lug my laptop everywhere I go.  Today, most hotel have PCs in their lobbies for the guests to use.  With the cost of hardware going down almost on daily basis, I would not be surprised if in a year or two, there will be laptops in every hotel room in the world.  There will be no need to travel with one's laptop.  One will simply connect/link one's smart phone to the laptop in the hotel room, and do all one's work as if one is at home.

6) Convenience of knowing a familiar desktop landscape.  Wouldn't it be an ultimate time saver if one didn't have to get use to the desktop's landscape of every different laptop of desktop one encountered?  I know it takes me time to find the programs every time I am on the new machine.  With the Phone-2-PC app, every time I link my smart phone to a laptop or a desktop, the familiar screens make me feel right at home.  I know which screen contains which app and how to short cut right to it.

7) I have several bank accounts, Ebay and Amazon user ids, and other passwords that I keep as my cookies.  I rarely remember my user ids and passwords, and I NEVER clear my cookies.  Every time I use my phone they pop up and all I have to do is press OK to log on tho the site.  When I am on other people's laptops I have to enter those user ids and passwords manually to enter the sites.  That is a drag!  I don't always remember all the passwords and often resort to calling my wife to find out what they are.  If I use my smart phone for all the web activities, then my cookies are reused to get me logged on to my favorite sites without any interruptions.

8) During the day I visit many web sites.  Some of the web sites that I like, like Kikstarter for example, I bookmark. When I browse the web using my phone I always have my bookmarks at top of my finger tips.  When I am on a foreign computer, my bookmarks are not available and it takes me longer to get to my favorite sites.

9) Browsing history is another feature that I often rely on.  I bookmark only the web sites that I find fascinating, however sometimes, I want to return to previously visited web sites that I have not bookmarked, and having all my browsing history with me all the time is very convenient.  I can quickly check my browsing history to find the sites I would like to revisit.

10) There are many applications out there that take a long time to set up.  I am referring to the ones that have a long preferences list in order for them to behave in a matter acceptable to one.  If I am using my smart phone as a computing platform and all my applications are behaving in a familiar manner, with all my preferences setup just the way I prefer them, it makes my life a lot easier and less frustrating.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Phone-2-PC app is a handy tool designed to deliver the ultimate computing experience.  It is like having your home PC with you wherever you go. 

The Phone-2-PC app will be available on all three smart phone platforms:

1) Android

2) Windows

3) IOS

The client version of the software will be available on two platforms:

1) Windows

2) Mac OS X

The Phone-2-PC app is designed to create a paradigm shift.  The app is designed to create a 'Carry your PC with you wherever you go' capability.  People carry their smart phones with them everywhere they go.  Smart phones today have extraordinary computing capabilities. Newest smart phones are now faster than desktop computers sold just a few years ago.  Why not utilize the smart phone as a computing platform of choice and take full advantage of the hardware that is always with you? 

The beta versions of the software should be ready for deployment in December of 2014.

Questions And Answers


We receive a lot of questions to why we don't offer more rewards to increase the volume of pledges.  There are actually four reasons why we are not offering more rewards.


1) We are developing a smart phone app, and as a reward we are offering a copy of our product.  We really have nothing else to offer because we will not be developing anything else in this project.  We could offer a cup or a t-shirt with the logo of our company, but will this reward really be relevant to what we are trying to bring in to this world?  Pls. let us know what you think.  If we get enough requests, we will consider adding more rewards to the list.

2) We did not think that offering cups and t-shirts with our logo on it will encourage kickstarters to pledge.  In our opinion, we felt that people will pledge when they see the value in our product and they want to have a copy of our app.  Once again, if you feel differently, pls. let us know and we will definitely consider adding more trinkets/rewards.

3) We really did not want to trick the kickstarters in to pledging to our campaign for all the wrong reasons, because of lavish rewards.  We want you to hear what we have to offer, get excited about our idea and then pledge.  We really don't want you to pledge because you get excited about the cups and hats.

4) For us to succeed, we need capital, $1.5M USD to be exact.  If we start introducing other rewards such as hats, cups, t-shirts, ...etc., we will be diluting the pledge amounts.  It will look like we raised enough capital to succeed, however half of the funds would be spend on mailing out the rewards.  Insufficient funding will result in a failure of our project, and we want to be successful in this endeavor.  Once again, if you feel differently, pls. drop us a note and we will be happy to reevaluate our position.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

1) Failure to raise the required capital to fund the project will result in the failure of the project.
2) Another software developer can develop similar software
3) The resources needed to develop software may cost too much (over 100K each)
4) Marketing cost could be high
6) Tech support cost could be high


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