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You let your brain do the thinking for you. Now imagine letting your phone to do the thinking for your car.
You let your brain do the thinking for you. Now imagine letting your phone to do the thinking for your car.
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QLYX app is now available

Posted by Artemiy Shvedkov (Collaborator)

Dear friends,  

We are happy to announce that you can already download QLYX app on App Store and Google Play:  



We’ll continue working on functionality and usability of our application.  

Right now, QLYX APP is about 3 things:  

1. It auto-launches desired application the moment you place your phone on the mount;  

2. It collects your driving statistics;  

3. It drops parking pin on the map.  

How it works:  

1. In the QLYX app you choose an app you would like to auto-launch from the list. In the settings, you can set auto-start time (2sec / 5sec / 10sec) or disable this function.  

2. QLYX collects following driving statistics: average speed, distance covered and time spend for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days.  

3. QLYX pins your car on the map, so you always know where you've left it. QLYX app has a dashboard with widgets: traffic data, driving statistics and weather forecast.  

More exciting news are coming...  Stay tuned ;)

Your QLYX Team <3

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X-Connect: World 1st Cross-Device Magnetic Adapter


The world's first magnetic adapter that converts your USB cable including, Apple (Lightning) or Android (micro USB or Type C) into a magnetic cable that will be compatible with all modern mobile devices. Finally only 1 cable is all you need for all your modern mobile devices. 

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 ZUS Connected Car System


Our friends over at nonda just launched the ZUS Connected Car System, a line of the most advanced, affordable and easy-to-use devices to upgrade your car. If you have a car (or know anyone who has a car… do I hear #gifting?) this nifty gadget will keep you safe on quick grocery runs or long road trips. 

The best part? They’ve rolled out a secret perk just for us HERE.


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    1. Artemiy Shvedkov Collaborator on

      Do not worry. We received feedback from backers, and now we are running some tests with the app.
      In few days, it will be back and available for update :)
      It isn't connected with the Dutch app store.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ivo on

      It is not available in the Dutch app store (ios)? Please help...

    3. Artemiy Shvedkov Collaborator on

      @S Smith
      Thanks, for your message. QLYX app was supposed to set Celsius/Fahrenheit by its own. In order to avoid problems you faced, we will add an option to set Celsius/Fahrenheit manually in the next QLYX app update ;)

    4. Artemiy Shvedkov Collaborator on

      First and foremost, thank for your feedback. We will work on static background and 'stop' button in further updates.

    5. S Smith on

      My phone is a Samsung S6 Edge Running Android 7.0 Nougat

      I'll message you privately about the settings...maybe it's because I'm not a millennial, but I don't see anything regarding the settings. I do have accuweather installed and found those settings and they are (and always have been on degF).

    6. Hoze on

      Installed some days agi
      Fixed background please
      Possibilité to stop it (stay as active in the notification zone)

      Look great

    7. Artemiy Shvedkov Collaborator on

      Thank you, we'll think about it :)

      Thank you for the feedback! Would you be so kind to answer following questions:
      What operating system your phone is running?
      Which way did you try to sign up?
      Thank you in advance!

      Thank you. You’ve got it right, QLYX app is designed to run in the background. It won’t affect phone’s battery much. And, it will consume less with each new update ;)

      @S Smith
      Thank you for the feedback.
      Could you please tell us what operating system your phone is running?
      1. The QLYX app takes info from your phone settings about what system to use (Metric/Imperial and Celsius/Fahrenheit). Please, check out your settings and write us in case it differs from the one in QLYX app.
      2. Thank you for the error report. We highly appreciate your feedback and we’ll fix this bug.

    8. S Smith on

      Installed, haven't played with the app too much, but first thing I notice is the weather in Celsius. Would be nice if we could change this between Fahrenheit and Celsius displays. Also when I click on the "+" for app, and it gives you the option to "Propose" a new widget, the screen it goes to says "Failed to get tickets" with a "Retry" button. Not sure if that's an unintended but or just not a complete part of the app.


    9. Mervin on

      Nice work guys! Question. For the iPhone, does the app have to be running in the background (at all times) in order for it to activate once you stick it on the QLYX mount? If so, how will it affect the phone's battery life?

    10. David N. on

      Tried to download and sign up. But can't sign up, because I got a request time out error...

    11. Matt Pepe

      Hi. I downloaded the new app it looks great, congratulations.

      I have just one comment, the moving background that looks like you're driving is very distracting. Would like an option to change background or at least disable the moving background.

      Oh and add Sirius XM as supported app :)

      Congrats again looks great !