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A story about bears on bicycles and haunted food.
A story about bears on bicycles and haunted food.
A story about bears on bicycles and haunted food.
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Week 2 of Production

I think we're done.  
Principle photography of Same Ghost Every Night finished up yesterday, (May 10th)!

Tuesday, April 30th, we came back to the set after a break for the weekend.  We filmed scenes with Sawandi in the morning, and scenes with Sophia and Yamma in the afternoon.
Tommy Colangelo and Tierney Wiles stopped by the set that day, to visit, and lift our spirits.

The next day found us doing some guerilla filmmaking on the streets, with me in a bear costume.

On the next day of shooting, we completed a short scene featuring my younger brother, Carl, and a dog named Pepper.

Sunday, May 5th, we filmed at the Hanover Market in Hanover, MI.  Though it was a difficult shoot - between the setting sun, street traffic, and men from the bar across the street hounding Yamma for her phone number - we still got many of the shots we needed.

Thursday, we met with the very talented photographer, Nick Azzaro, in Ann Arbor, MI for a photoshoot to promote the movie.

Our intention was to have Sunday be the final day of shooting, but we weren't able to cover everything, so yesterday we picked up everything we missed.
C'est la vie.  C'est cinéma.
Now, I'll be working away at editing all the footage, and animating the ghost.

Thanks so much for supporting this movie.  It seemed like almost everyday I was telling Robert, (the film's executive producer and DP), that this is the craziest movie I've ever made.  It was bizarre to see the script becoming fully realized so easily, and I have nothing but everyone's support to thank for that.


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