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Welcome on Manami Island ! Tiki is a strategic boardgame for 2 players designed by Nicolas Sato and illustrated by Pauline Amelin.
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Welcome to Manami Island !

Tiki is a strategic boardgame for 2 players, designed by Nicolas Sato (Kenjin, Lutèce) and illustrated by Pauline Amelin.

In the game, you incarnate a divinity of Manami Island.

Your passion : the succulent pineapples that growth there !

But you’re not the only one on the island. Another divinity shares your passion.

You don’t have the choice : you need to show him your power to get more fruits before the end of pineapples harvest.





*All leftover copies of KS exclusive content may be sold via our partners, at events or appear in contests run by Ôz Editions. This material will not be reprinted and it will not be available in stores (except for stores which pledge the Manami Island Shop reward).


*All leftover copies of KS exclusive add-on won't be sold. They could be offered at events or appear in contests run by Ôz Editions. This material will not be reprinted and it will not be available in stores (except for stores which pledge the Manami Island Shop reward). 

For retail shops which have selected the reward Manami Island Shop, there is a special offer for these add-ons. Please contact me to have more details.

Set up

Mix and randomly install the 9 village tiles to form a 3x3 square. Place the fruit on the side to create the reserve. Choose your divinity and place the 8 tikis of your color in front of you.


Choose between two actions :

  • Create a new totem by placing one of your tiki on an empty village


  • Move one of your own totems (a totem belongs to the owner of the tiki on top)

Then, resolve influenced villages

How to move a totem

Take the whole totem and move it a number of villages equal to the number of tikis which form the totem.

The move is always vertical or horizontal (diagonal is forbidden), without going back and forth between villages.

You MUST leave the lowest tiki in the village that you cross and pile it, if necessary, on the top of the tikis already there.

Resolve an influenced village

A village is influenced if there is a totem made of 3 tikis on it. If you own the totem (you have the tiki on the top of the totem), apply the effect indicated on the corner of the village tile.

Then, remove the 3 tikis from the tile and give them back to their respective owners.


There are four types of villages :

One village allows to win 2 fruits

Another one allows to win 1 fruit

The marshlands doesn't bring any fruit. The 3 tikis are just removed from the tile and given back to their respective owners

The cursed villages causes the loss of 1 fruit. If you or your opponent don't have any fruit, a fruit from the reserve is removed from the game.

End of the game

If you own 4 fruits, you win the game. If the fruit reserve is empty before this happens, the victory goes to the player who has the the most fruit. In case of a tie, return any fruit which was destroyed to the reserve and keep playing. The first player to win this fruit or make is opponent lose a fruit wins the game.

Shaman variant

When you'll be an expert, you can play with the Shaman variant.

At the beginning of the game, place the Shaman near the fruit reserve and put the marshlands on the Shaman side. When you influence a Shaman marshlands, you CAN place or move the Shaman between two villages. In this case, all the moves between those two villages are forbidden.




Explanations in french on TricTrac
Explanations in french on TricTrac



A game in french on Tric Trac
A game in french on Tric Trac


 Download the rules :



















And try the game on BoardGameArena :






"At first sight, Tiki attracts the eye with the beautiful illustrations of Pauline Amelin.

Once the rule is read, we would tend to say that the game is childish, but think again, the appearances are really deceptive. We imagine a strategy, we sneer low blows and we are disenchanted with every turnaround of situation, the whole with a rule admittedly slight but which imposes a true thinking. The game has a great depth of play with simple mechanisms but for which there are innumerable strategies and the variants would be almost infinite according to the random positioning of the tiles.
Tiki is one of those truly addictive games for which we "chain" the games. Note that the game presents an undeniable learning curve in the approaches of the strategies and with the positions of the totems.
What a potential this game !"

Le Grimoire de l'Alchimiste
Le Grimoire de l'Alchimiste


"Beautiful and intelligent, this game can delight lovers of abstract games. It is also ideal for couples looking for small games to play together and even, why not, children who will appreciate his visual. I had a crush on Tiki."

Les 1déludiques
Les 1déludiques


"I really liked Tiki, which is a simple game, interesting, tactic and fun. The games are fast and the revanches numerous. You have to think a lot about what you're doing and the slightest mistake can not be forgiven. If you like more or less abstract thinking games, Tiki will make you happy, I can only recommend that you bend over it, you will not be disappointed." Vianney, les 1D Ludiques


Furthermore, the prototype of Tiki was nominated in several game contests in 2014 (Paris est Ludique, FLIP, Boulogne-Billancourt)


  • The manufacturing costs for Tiki are high because of the 16 painted miniatures. We need your help to make the game as we dreamed it. 
  • Depending on the success of the campaign, some additional contents may be unlocked in order to improve the components
  • During the campaign, some exclusive contents will be unlocked only for the backers


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Jeux de NIM (Enghien)
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Megaland sprl (Tournai)

(06) JSST Jeux (Nice) 
(17) Ika Ipaka (Royan)
(17) Sortilèges (La Rochelle)
(22) Le Temps d'un Jeu (Langueux)
(30) La Casa'Jeux (Alès)
(31) Jeux du Monde (Toulouse)
(33) Entre-Deux-Jeux (Langon)
(34) Lud'm (Montpellier)
(35) Terres de Jeux (Rennes)
(35) Sortilèges (Saint-Malo)
(37) Sortilèges (Tours)
(42) La Taverne du Gobelin Farci (Saint-Etienne)
(44) Sortilèges (Nantes)
(44) Sur la Route du Jeu (Sainte-Pazanne)
(49) Passion du Jeu (Cholet)
(49) Sortilèges (Angers)
(54) La Caverne du Gobelin (Nancy)
(56) Sortilèges (Vannes)
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(59) Le Village du Jeu (Bailleul)
(59) Rocambole (Lille)
(66) Sortilèges (Perpignan)
(69) Trollune (Lyon)
(72) La Boite à Jeux (Le Mans)
(72) La Guilde des Joueurs (Le Mans)
(75) Robin des Jeux (Paris 11ème)
(76) Le Décalé - Café Ludique (Le Havre)
(76) Sortilèges (Rouen)
(78) Wilbox (Sartrouville)
(79) Sortilèges (Niort)
(80) Librairie Martelle (Amiens)
(85) Sortilèges (La Roche sur Yon)
(87) Gorakou (Limoges)
(87) Sortilèges (Limoges)
(88) Lutins Malins (Epinal)
(91) Les Ludovores (Palaiseau)

Suisse :
L'épée à 2 nains (Genève)
L'Astuce-Jeux (Carouge-Genève)
Pinocchio Spiele und Spielwaren (Wädenswil)

Si vous être une boutique située en Belgique, en France ou en Suisse et que vous désirez être partenaire, contacter Atalia ou Ôz Editions.

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Tiki is the first boardgame illustrated by Pauline Amelin. She made a great job and she managed to find the atmosphere we wanted for the game. You can find below some sketches and final drawings.




Masumi Sato is Nicolas Sato's wife. Apart from her culinary talents, she spent a lot of time to create the design of the Tiki miniatures in polymere clay. You can see some examples of her work on these pictures.



François Timon worked on the miniatures designed by Masumi to create the final version of them. Molds for the final miniatures are made from François's work.



Thomas Delgado made the video of Tiki. He made a great job in a very short time.




Ôz Editions is a new boardgame publisher managed by myself : Florian Corroyer. I’m located in Switzerland, near Neuchâtel.

I’m working on Tiki since 2014 and I already published 3 games through an organization called IF Association (Pitch’n Dunk, les Souris Gourmandes and Pitch’n Goal). A version 2.0 of Pitch'n Dunk was also published thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Tiki will be the first game published by Ôz Editions.

The next one will be a new edition of Funny Zebras by Bruno Cathala.

Nicolas Sato is a french game designer. He already designed Kenjin and Lutèce, two great games published by Superlude.

He designed Tiki in 2014 and presented it in a lot of contests and fairs where the game had a lot of success.






Risks and challenges

Tiki is almost ready to be produced. The game has already been play-tested, he was finalist of several contests and the design is almost finished.
I already have all solutions for the manufacturing and the fulfilment of the game.

I made an estimation for the delivery date : December 2017. This estimation includes : end of design, manufacturing, shipping to fulfilment platforms and shipping to you. I include a safety margin in case of I come across any unforeseen circumstances. It is in my best interests to get the game to the backers as soon as possible and I will do my utmost to ensure that there are no delays, however, it may be that a situation arises that is out of my control, such as issues with shipping, customs or problems at the factory. Should anything cause this date to change, I will of course keep you updated.

If, for any reason, I am unable to produce the game, I will provide a full refund to all backers.

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