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MidNight FistFight's video poster

Possession. Control. Surrender. Alec and Gev meet for the first time this fated night and test each other's grit, spirit, and manhood. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on March 15, 2012.

Possession. Control. Surrender. Alec and Gev meet for the first time this fated night and test each other's grit, spirit, and manhood.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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Zhamo [zha-moh]


1.            Also known as a razbirat, a zhamo is a ritualistic meeting conducted by predominantly Armenian males at a specifically set time.  Meetings generally take place, at night and in an isolated location, in order to solve a dispute amongst individuals or whole groups, be they problems of verbal abuse, physical and/or bodily harm, or matters of pride.  The word zhamo is derived from the Armenian zham, which literally means ‘hour.’  :  We have to go to a zhamo with the guys tonight.

MidNight FistFight is about Gev, a 25 year old Armenian who loves going to zhamos.  It is also about Alec, a 22 year old Armenian who’s never been to a zhamo.  Despite this difference, they share a common bond: Alina.  She is Gev’s sister and Alec’s girlfriend.  After word of her ex fiancé’s constant rumor starting and name calling gets back to Alec, he arranges a zhamo in order to protect Alina’s honor and put an end to the problem, despite her pleas against it.  To complicate matters, Gev decides to tag along.  On this night, Alec and Gev meet each other for the first time and are forced to test each other’s grit, spirit, and manhood.     

Hey gang,

Robert here.  Thanks for watching the video!  I hope you enjoyed it.  There's not much else I can add to that except to honestly let you know that any contribution you make is going to bring us one step closer to making this film. Your support adds strength to the project.  As I said, everything you donate will go to

  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Lights
  • Sound
  • Makeup
  • Craft Services

Finally, the $3, 000.00 goal is not the entire budget, it's just one arm of everything else we're trying to collect, so please give as much as you can and let's pass our goal!

Once again, I thank you deeply and truly.  


Robert Nazar Arjoyan


David LafianGev

Movses KarapetyanAlec 

Lena KayAlina 

Clayton McCurdyRick

Haig DarakjianRuben


Robert Nazar Arjoyan - Co-writer/Producer/Director
David Lafian - Co-writer
Ehssan Barkeshli - Director of Photography
Nare Mkrtchyan - 1st AD
Habib Tannous - Production Sound

Ehssan Barkeshli as Director of Photography

Ehssan and I met during our time as students at USC and have worked twice together.  MidNight FistFight will be our third collaboration.  Over the short time I've known him, his presence on my projects either as DP or someone lending an idea has been so fruitful that without him they would not be the same.  His keen visual sense and expert craftsman knowledge will elevate MidNight FistFight to an exciting stratosphere.  

Here is our latest work: a commercial for an international bread company based out of Los Angeles.


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    Oh man, thanks, that was a close one! You prevented a zhamo between me and my cinematographer. That 5 bucks went to his preferred brand of tea for on-set catering and a SPECIAL THANKS during the closing credits for you!

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    Stand up guy. You'll see your beautiful name under the SPECIAL THANKS credits AND you get a copy of the DVD! Thank you so much! You're the best, seriously.

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    10 backers

    Baller! Not only do you get SPECIAL THANKS and a copy of the DVD, you also get a digital download of the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK. Some awesome tunes for an awesome person.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    You're now officially on my list of people to back up at zhamos in case you're ever pulled into one, or if you set it up yourself! I'm a call away. Along with that, you get SPECIAL THANKS, the DVD, the SOUNDTRACK, and a hand-drawn STORYBOARD autographed by me and the actors!

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    You know what? You're a prince. Or a princess if you're a lady. Either way, may you live a long and healthy life. For this generosity, you get ALL of the above PLUS an autographed POSTER, which is actually a beautiful oil painting! Perfect for the royalty you are.

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    There's a saying in Armenian that, roughly translated, means, "Let me take your pain away!" Said often with great emotion and me take your pain away! Man, you ROCK! For being this generous and wonderful, you get ALL of the above plus a PHOTO ALBUM of production stills, and an INVITATION (+1) to the premiere screening in Los Angeles! Reserved seats, WHAT? Ya. (Premiere invite limited to LA residents, please. If you want to give 500 and DON'T live in LA, we can totally think of another cool gift for you)

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    Alright, everybody make way, the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER just walked in. That's right. You're an exec now, baby. That's what everyone's gonna know when they see YOUR NAME on the film as Executive Producer. So since you're the EP, you get ALL of the above rewards, too, with one slight modification: your name WILL BE PRINTED ON THE POSTER!

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