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$9,892 pledged of $16,000 goal
By Anton Orlov
$9,892 pledged of $16,000 goal

4 Days Left - Action Needed

Hello dear friends.

We are on the final stretch of the fund drive - only 4 days to go! We have raised just under 1/3 of the full goal and, as you may know, if we don't hit the goal the project will not be funded, your pledges will not go through and I won't have the pleasure of sending out all the wonderful rewards (I don't know if You really know how much I am looking forward to that part - having my art in people's homes is one of my highest pleasures).

There are 87 of You, out supporters - I can feel a personal connection to each and every one of You!  I would like to encourage all of You lovely folks to give it one (or maybe two or three) more final push on social media and through Your personal networks.  Let people know that YOU care enough about this to have supported it. Remind them that the Arts and Artists throughout history have always depended on the support of greater public (unless like Michael Angelo they had the Medichi family to back them or in the case of Prokhudin-Gorski a Russian Czar) in order to continue to enrich the society and culture they lived in.

Once again I would like to restate my complete and utter commitment to this project. Follow the progress - follow our blog - we will be posting many updates on there as soon as I join Ryan and the conversion begins at full pace.

Thank you All once again.  I still feel that we have a chance - I am a hopeless optimist? Perhaps... But then again, that's the way I like it - creating positive energy. Someone once said - 'build it and they will come'.  I hope they were right because I'm building something very special :)

Anon Orlov


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